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  • caleb36 commented on the diary post Secession in Ukraine Accelerates: Ukrainian Army Units Refuse Orders from Kiev by Ohio Barbarian.

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    Assuming that what is linked to below is a provocation cooked up by John Brennan in his visit to Ukraine, there is absolutely no low to which the U.S. government will not sink.

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    The strategy of the PTB is evidently a uniparty State run entirely by “Democrats” who are RINOs. This will be accomplished by ensuring that Republicans stay on the wacky fringe, forcing reasonable people to vote for candidates such as Marc Levine and Obama. This strategy, however, will not work. The U.S. population, a large portion [...]

  • It’s part of the the design of Obamacare that there will be many winners as well as losers, that good features will be mixed with bad. The mixed bag of results is intended to decrease the likelihood that the public as a whole will rally against the legislation.

    The correct questions to ask when evaluating Obamacare are the aggregate, not individual, effects of the legislation. These aggregate effects have two parts, those relating to public health and those relating to the economy as a whole.

    From a public health perspective, the aggregate gains are a reduction in the number of uninsureds and improved coverages for some policy holders. The aggregate losses consist of, first, reduced coverages and higher premiums for some policy holders and, second, the (usually overlooked) OPPORTUNITY COSTS of indefinitely delaying the needed transition to a Medicare for All or fully socialized health care system. When these opportunity costs are taken into account, Obamacare is pretty clearly a huge aggregate loss from the public health point of view.

    From an economic perspective, there are also pluses and minuses. Some individuals will be able, through their improved health care, to continue working and earning income. On the other hand, the tax penalties imposed on tens of millions of others will tend to depress the economy, as will the excessively high deductibles and co-payments. The lower income people who cannot afford to purchase insurance and will consequently incur tax penalties typically spend every dollar they earn. These dollars will no longer be contributed to the economy except as paper gains for insurers. Thus, with respect to its economic impact as well as public health, the aggregate effect of Obamacare will again almost certainly be a loss.

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    The U.S. government and what have become its puppets in the EU and NATO just will not let up on this crisis. NATO today has characterized the totally unsubstantiated (and almost certainly false) reports of Russian troops in eastern Ukraine as “a grave development.” EU policy chief Catherine Ashton called on Russia to “call back [...]

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    Republicans are open about it and Democrats are hidden but there is no longer any real difference in their agendas. The two parties are synergistic, by design. Remember, this policy happened under the presidency of Obama and the IRS is an executive branch agency.

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    Recommended. So now the Putin counter-offensive against NATO expansion has moved out of Crimea to engulf all of Ukraine–all without a single Russian soldier being involved! Next stop the EU countries themselves, where major popular protests against the brutal capitalism in place there can be expected in the near future. Post-Soviet NATO is collapsing like [...]

  • What does it matter if Kathleen Sebelius screwed up the implementation of this cynical, deceptive and ill-intentioned piece of major legislation? The ACA has a few good provisions that were used as cover for its backers to achieve passage in Congress. On a macro level, however, the outrageous deductibles and limited coverages provided under the new policies will likely lead to an aggregate reduction in the quality of health care for Americans, and will certainly lead to reductions in aggregate income levels as people are forced to switch to the new policies or, alternatively, incur the high tax penalties for non-compliance. Aggregate demand will fall and the ongoing economic recession worsen.

    The American people are rapidly learning how bad Obamacare is. The Democrats will pay dearly in the 2014 and subsequent elections. Obamacare will be for the Democrats what Herbert Hoover’s failure to adequately confront the Great Depression was for the Republicans–a memory that may harm the party electorally for more than a generation.

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    These anti-Russian stories are getting more and more far fetched. 40,000 Russian troops would be a ridiculously small number to invade a giant country such as Ukraine. (Plus, the Russian troops have every right to be stationed on their home terriroty). And the allegation that Russia withheld information about the Tsarnaev brothers to the FBI contradicts every previous news account stating that the FBI ignored Russian warnings about the brothers. (The issue of the brothers’ actual guilt is an entirely different matter.) Just hope the American public is smart enough to reject this b——-t.

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    Not far fetched at all to believe that this was the plan from before the Ukraine crisis erupted.

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    OT but related, the United States PTB will not stop beating the war drums against Russia, using their cheerleader The New York Times to drum up scare headlines about Russia’s massing of 40,000 troops on the Ukraine border. (Is 40,000 troops even so much in such a vast area and within Russia proper, where Russian troops have every right to be)?

    Guys, it’s over, Putin won this round, whether this fact is mentioned in the major U.S. media or not (it isn’t). Keeping the war drums beating is compounding your (so far) still limited defeat in a most serious way to your own interests. Already, the U.S. stock market is crashing.

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    What you say has the ring of truth to it. The cynicism of the PTB literally defies imagination.

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    I agree fully that the occupation of the West Bank should be ended. I do not agree that the independent state of Israel should cease to exist except as part of a bi-national state. After the Holocaust, it became absolutely evident that the Jewish people needed a homeland that could be a potential place of [...]

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    It may very well be that Putin is seeking to form a Eurasian coalition to challenge the U.S. empire. The key word here is “coalition.” Russia itself cannot possibly achieve sole dominance over the Eurasian land mass. It would have to act in consort with China, India, and other European nations. I, for one, do [...]

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    Putin in no way has shown the makings of a world conqueror. His move into Crimea was brilliant, precise, and devastating to the U.S. empire, but its brilliance was defensive, not offensive. (It is often forgotten that Crimea is comparatively tiny, only 10,000 square miles within a Russia of more than 6.5 million square miles.) [...]

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    Pinning the blame on Sebelius won’t help Obama or the Democrats one bit in the 2014 elections. Sebelius isn’t a household name and her leaving means nothing to the vast majority of the public.

    As an Illinois resident, I’m not saying this with any happiness as a truly horrendous Republican candidate for governor, Bruce Rauner, a mega-millionaire in the mold of Scott Walker and Mitch Daniels, stands a very good chance of beating incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn. Even many lifelong Republicans are appalled by him. I’m just hoping that the huge amount of money being poured into the Illinois governor’s race, and the Illinois tradition of insularity and focus on local issues despite the state’s central geographical location, can overcome the national trend against the Democrats.

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    Preservation of the Union and slavery were inseparably linked during the Civil War. It was not an either/or situation. The nation broke apart over the issue of expansion of slavery, something the slave owners were aggressively pursuing at the time. The 1857 Dred Scott decision legalized slavery in all of the territories and there was [...]

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    The U.S. population can be deceptive. It is one of those populations, like the Russian and British, which is very slow to arouse and appears passive, but once aroused is a formidable force. See the American Revolution, U.S. Civil War, and 1960s Civil Rights movement.

  • caleb36 commented on the diary post New big Ukraine lie: “Russia amassing troops at the border!!” by fairleft.

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    It goes even beyond this. On many threads in the New York Times and CNN, individuals have written that those posting comments opposed to the U.S. policy are Putin agents. There seems to be a move to cast critics of the U.S. government as traitors.

  • caleb36 commented on the diary post New big Ukraine lie: “Russia amassing troops at the border!!” by fairleft.

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    If those who direct U.S. foreign policy are against war, why did their policies have the very probable result of starting a war? Using Occam’s razor, to me it appears that they actually wanted to start a war. Or are they that stupid and blind?

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