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    Stop blaming the Republicans for attacking Social Security! Obama has been the prime attacker of Social Security since the beginning of his Presidency. It was the Republicans who, by refusing to go along with the Grand Bargain, stopped the Social Security cuts. Likewise with Obama’s latest plan to gut 529 college savings plans, which he and the mainstream press such as The New York Times, falsely characterized as plans for the wealthy, whereas they fact benefit the middle and working class It is Republican opposition which forced Obama to withdraw his 529 proposal. Other Congresspersons such as Pelosi and Chris Van Hollen then joined the Republican bandwagon against Obama.

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    Although its founders were oblivious of the fact, this event was built into the very DNA of the EU. The EU was premised on:

    -A single currency, depriving member states of real economic dependence.

    -Austerian fiscal policies rigidly enforced by the more economically developed north European states, particularly Germany, to the detriment of the more underdeveloped south of Europe.

    -Formal political independence for each member state, which mainly governed through formally democratic systems with free elections.

    Come major recession, the inevitable result was the victory of Syriza.

  • “Liberals” on the court should be only an identifying term. None of them are really liberals.

  • We do not know for sure if Aaron Swartz committed suicide (look at the case of prosecutor Alberto Nisman in Argentina).

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    I am very familiar with Dylan’s work, and actually a huge fan of his music. His latest comments in Rolling Stone are almost the definition of an economic right-wing viewpoint–government can’t do anything, we have to rely on the beneficence of the rich. And comments he has made in interviews make it clear that he [...]

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    Bob Dylan says “the government doesn’t have to create jobs” and “I’m not talking about communism.” Well, in any moral state, the government should provide jobs. That’s what FDR thought. And why shouldn’t he be talking about socialism, at least? He came out of a leftie folk singing milieu in Greenwich Village, which included singers [...]

  • Better to make all college free, but 529 plans are one of the few ways parents who are not well off can provide any college to their children. And Obama wants to tax them. Even Forbes sees the inequity in this.

    This is the truth about Obama’s speech, admittedly one of his masterful efforts in terms of technique. He throws in a few proposals, TPP and taxing 529s, that can pass in this Republican Congress. You can add to his list of real proposals the XL pipeline, which I am sure he really endorses, and his old standby of cutting social security. This is his real agenda.

    He embeds hese real proposals in a lot of semi-populist b______t consisting of proposals that cannot pass and that he has no real interest in passing, but which he knows are popular. It’s like putting the medicine (his real agenda) in flavoring.

    And once again the press and much of the public buys it! Obama has finally turned the corner! Obama the leader of the people! Obama the visionary!

  • Obama wants to tax 529 college savings plans. Conservative business journal Forbes condemns this as an attack on the middle class:

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    On your point, it would be interesting to trace the graph back to the 19th century, to see if the extreme concentrations of wealth around the time of World War I might have been related to the start of the world wars.

  • How can anyone be fooled by this b______t?! The man is a complete phony. He was a great liberal in the 2008 campaign (but always careful to use weasel words so he could tell us later that we weren’t really listening to him). He deliberately blew the historic opportunity given him in his honeymoon period as president in 2009, when Democrats not only held the Presidency but 60 Senate seats and a big majority in the House. He acted as a Republican reactionary during 6 years of his presidency, with his chief of staff Emmanuel calling liberals “f______g retards,” and his number one policy item being to cut social security. Now, with overwhelming Republican majorities in both Houses thanks to the incompetence and nefariousness shared by him and his party, he suddenly proposes a liberal agenda to make community college free and redistribute the tax burden. He knows that these items have the chance of enactment of a snowball in a furnace.

    Obama is representative of the entire contemporary Democratic party, albeit an particularly egregious example. Using exactly the same tactics, Illinois Democrats last year refused to pass a minimum wage when they had legislative majorities and a Democratic governor, and now that a Republican governor (Bruce Rauner) has been elected, they will use this issue against him. How can you, D.S. Wright, fall for these “Lucy Kicks the Football” tactics after so many years of being fooled?

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    Please don’t equate liberalism with an anti-Israel stance.

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    I’m not accepting for a moment the U.S. government’s statement today that the non-attendance of at least a cabinet-level official at the great rally in Paris was merely a minor, well-intentioned mistake. It was a horrendous diplomatic faux pas (viewing it generously) or worse (and in my view more likely) an intentional action whose reasons must be probed. The Obama spokesperson’s statement today was an unprecedented admission of error from an administration which, until now, has operated under the fiction that it does nothing wrong. This gives some idea of the severity and intensity of the criticism, both public and confidential, which has been directed against Obama. This matter should not be allowed to pass, as the Obama administration no doubt hopes it will.

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    Agree. Absolutely no doubt who they were. (My #11 above was meant as a reply to you.)

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    Agree. Absolutely no doubt.

  • How fascinating that people ice skated for pleasure in 1565!

  • Obama is a right-wing Republican masquerading as a Democrat. Part of his cover is that right-wingers attack him as a “socialist.”

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    SAme with Sanders, he says the middle class is being hurt but then says he admires Obama. Very frustrating. Sanders and Warren are still a huge amount better than Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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    Contrary to some of the commenters here, it’s almost inconceivable that this could have been a false flag operation. According to comments I’ve been reading from French citizens, the satiric magazine Charlie Hedco has held an iconic place in French cultural life since the 1968 uprisings there. The magazine lampoons everything and everybody. It is an institution of a progressive, tolerant, democratic France. This attack killed half of the very well known cartoonists and journalists who work there. No sane government (which is what the Hollande government is, regardless of its centrism) would ever countenance such an attack.

    The left needs to acknowledge that radical Islam is a major threat to civilization. Not the only threat, but a threat. They and right-wing fascists feed on each other. It is necessary to be opposed to both.

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    There may be more than one reason for the drop in the price of oil. First, it should be recognized that Saudi Arabia cannot be doing this on its own. The oil majors (Exxon, Chevron, Conoco Phillips etc.) have to also be accomplices if not the primary actors. So too must be the U.S. government, [...]

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    The trend line is very revealing. As noted in my comment above (#30) the Reagan counterrevolution really began during the Carter administration with such actions as deregulating telephones and air transportation. The first deregulation, that of airlines, was enacted in 1978.
    U.S. prison populations began swinging upward dramatically at exactly the same time (beginning of prison-industrial complex).
    Also at exactly the same time, union membership went into a tailspin.
    These charts show that on many fronts, 1978 was a cusp year. Modern America really began at that time.

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