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    Editorial on Vermont Governor Shumlin and his failure to implement single-payer.

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    If this was an initiative in good faith, restrictions on U.S. tourism in Cuba would be lifted, and they haven’t been.

  • Interesting that normal tourism from the U.S. to Cuba will not resume.

    In other words, the U.S. gave as little as it could in this deal but for some reason, the U.S. government felt it had to give something.

  • Why is the U.S. government doing this now? The embargo against Cuba seemed to be set in stone, and defy all rationality. Maybe the aging Cuban exile population no longer has clout against multi-nationals seeking to move into a lucrative market next door. Very likely that this is part of some bigger realignment and/or deal by the U.S. foreign policy establishment. Given the state of the news media, insightful analyses will be hard to come by.

  • Breyer, Kagan, and Ginsberg, all part of the 8-1 majority, have lost any claim to be “liberals” on the Court.

  • Sotomayor is now the only Justice who can even remotely be called liberal.

  • I am white. I got the smallest of tastes of the new police militarization a couple of days ago. I was going through security at the Cook County Building in Chicago (Richard J. Daley Center) where you are required to remove your belt, your jacket, and everything in your pockets. I took my two cell phones out of my pocket but carelessly left in a few coins. The machine buzzed as I went through. A cop started almost screaming at me to stop. I tried to figure out what had made the machine go off, and reached in my pocket to take out the coins. The cop menacingly said, “get your hands out of your pockets!” I went behind the machine to deposit the coins. The attendant there then said in a somewhat threatening voice, “I told you to take everything out of your pockets!” If I had been black, I honestly don’t know what would have happened. This police militarization has become universal and gone absolutely out of control.

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    Based on Congressional debate broadcast on MSNBC last night, however, it seems that a real Democratic opposition to Obama is finally forming (now that he is a lame duck). Elizabeth Warren made truly blistering remarks against the bill. And as you said, Pelosi did vote “no” although her comments were weak.

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    When you consider whom the United States has ruthlessly prosecuted–such as Aaron Swartz, John Kiriakou, and Bradley Manning–and whom the U.S. would never prosecute–such as Dick Cheney–it’s clear that, as Bob Dylan said in his song “Hurricane,” this is a “country where justice is a game.”

  • If NSA is on hostile terms with the CIA, that is a good thing. It means there is a major crack in the security state. Compared to what’s revealed about the CIA in the Senate report, NSA is almost a breath of fresh air. You can joke about NSA surveillance in a sort of macabre way but there’s no way of making light of the CIA atrocities. NSA engages in dreadful surveillance but they do seem to be within the realm of humanity, while the CIA operatives who carried on this torture are beyond the pale. It’s analogous to the difference I always felt between the Soviet Union (at least post Stalin) and Nazi Germany.

  • I would like not to believe these polls. I noticed a very clear trend after the Senate report on torture was released. The day of release, the media for the most part spoke very strongly against the revelations (I don’t watch Fox). The next morning, on Morning Joe and CNN, I saw mostly CIA people and CIA supporters being interviewed. Clearly, something was happening under the surface.

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    This is a critical question I have not seen an answer to: Did Obama really stop the torture?

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    Big loss that Udall isn’t coming back to the Senate.

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    Remember that a candidate (at least on the left) always backs down from his or her broad policy positions. They represent the outer limits of what he or she hopes to accomplish. Sanders will not expand these positions, he will only contract them.

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    The idea that “free trade” is beneficial is a prime article of faith of all mainstream economists, even supposedly liberal ones such as Krugman, despite much empirical evidence that it is wrong (for example, the results of NAFTA). There is a huge need for studies by those economists who have a respect for truth instead [...]

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    President Obama: “It is somewhat challenging because of a factor that I mentioned earlier, which is Americans feeling as if their wages and incomes have stagnated.”

    No, Americans are not feeling AS IF their wages and incomes have stagnated. Their wages and income really have stagnated, if not gone down.

  • Looked at most charitably, Obama’s presidency has been a test of the proposition that if an African-American is elected president, but continues policies that reinforce the class structure, the scourge of racism will diminish simply because a black man has cracked the ultimate glass ceiling. Outside of being the first African-American President, Obama has done [...]

  • Are these NYPD police complete sheep that none of them can ever can go against the herd? Did one police officer, even a retired one, speak out against the outrageous police brutality against Occupy? Is one police officer now speaking out against the grand jury and on behalf of Eric Garner? What is wrong with the mentality of these police officers?

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    With constantly developing technology, the gap between the work that really needs to be done and the work that is demanded of us grows greater and greater. So does the gap between the universal prosperity which is possible and the omnipresent poverty and near-poverty, even in developed nations. So does the gap between the leisure [...]

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    I understand that Grayson is a Congressman who makes political statements as part of his job, but how exactly living in today’s United States like winning the lottery? Even within today’s neoliberal order, there are countries much superior to the U.S. in nearly every demographic and quality of life indicator–Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia and [...]

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