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  • CalGeorge commented on the blog post Timing of Obama’s Speech: Incompetence or Pettiness?

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    I don’t care what Obama has to say about jobs. He can give his speech whenever the hell he wants; I won’t be tuning in because I don’t believe anything he says anymore.

  • CalGeorge commented on the blog post #WeAreAllFirebaggersNow

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    Obama deserves the lousy approval rating he’s getting now.

    I’ve listened to snips of Obama’s jobs tour on NPR. He’s is not inspiring me. He sounds like he’s bored and itching to hit the links, frankly. This man is NOT engaged with the issue of jobs!

  • If it’s a choice between listening to Paul Krugman, political rookie, and Ray Sandoval, political non-entity, I’ll take Krugman.

  • CalGeorge commented on the blog post Obama’s 2008 Hope Morphs Into 2012 Slash-and-Burn

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    Destroy Romney? Well, Obama is good a destroying things. Like equality. Like jobs. He’s especially good at destroying hope. So his campaign tactic will probably work.

  • CalGeorge commented on the blog post House Debt Ceiling Watch Party: One Whole Hour of Debate

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    In C-SPAN now: blah blah blah. Blah blah. blah blah blah.

    F. you all.

  • CalGeorge commented on the blog post Grand Bargain Talks Break Down

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    I find myself rooting for Republican intransigence. No way do I want Obama to achieve his grand bargain sellout.

  • CalGeorge commented on the blog post Please Don’t Call It Justice

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    Good post. Well said.

    “Justice has been done,” proclaimed President Obama last night.

    The American brand of justice, maybe, but it was not real justice.

  • CalGeorge commented on the blog post The Big Lacuna

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    I’m tired of government by extremists. It’s sad that the helping hand of government is going to be withdrawn from a vast number of people before this madness plays itself out and the pendulum swings back the other way (which it must).

  • CalGeorge commented on the diary post Government Shutdown 411 by Gregg Levine.

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    I don’t suppose the military shuts down?

  • I will be investigating alternatives to Democrats and Republicans, to Obama and to all the other major party candidates. That’s going to be my approach to voting from now on.

    The major parties have unfairly monopolized the political process and its past time to undo that unhealthy dynamic.

  • Stephen, what’s your all-time favorite baseball book?

  • CalGeorge commented on the blog post Best Rebrand of the Year: War

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    “Cruise missile liberals” – it’s truly sickening. And the spectacle of Juan Cole saying he would go and fight if called is just plain sad.

  • CalGeorge commented on the blog post Mark Bittman: “I stopped eating on Monday”

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    Good to hear. Bittman is as close to radical as the N.Y. Times is going to get. I wonder how long he’s going to last there.

    How long will the N.Y. Times put up with stuff like this?:

    I can put around 200 million male chicks a year through grinders (graphic video here), castrate — mostly without anesthetic — 65 million calves and piglets a year, breed sick animals (don’t forget: more than half a billion eggs were recalled last summer, from just two Iowa farms) who in turn breed antibiotic-resistant bacteria, allow those sick animals to die without individual veterinary care, imprison animals in cages so small they cannot turn around, skin live animals, or kill animals en masse to stem disease outbreaks.

    All of this is legal, because we will eat them.

    We have “justifiable purposes”: pleasure (or, at this point, habit, because eating is hardly a pleasure if you do it in your car, or in 10 minutes), convenience — there are few things more filling per dollar than a cheeseburger — and of course corporate profits. We should be treating animals better and raising fewer of them; this would naturally reduce our consumption. All in all, a better situation for us, the animals, the world. Arguing for the freedom to eat as much meat as you want is equivalent to arguing for treating farm animals as if they could not feel pain.

  • CalGeorge commented on the diary post Japan Nuclear Watch Thurs: Don’t Drink the Water and the Man on the Ladder by Scarecrow.

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    So, some very brave soul … will have to walk around inside the reactor building, withstand the internal radioactivity, seek out the damaged valves… ”

    The President of the company should do it. He’s the one making the big bucks, he should take the risk.

  • CalGeorge commented on the blog post US Tomahawk Missiles Fired at Tripoli

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    The well-oiled oil-supply protection machine kicks into high gear.

    Cue the mainstream media’s fawning glorification of war.

  • CalGeorge commented on the blog post Obama Statement on Libya Leaves Many Questions

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    “Our goal is focused, our cause is just and our coalition is strong.”

    He sounds just like Bush.

  • “What is the distance between Japan and, say, Oregon at prevailing wind speeds?”

  • L.A.Times:

    Engineers had begun using firehoses to pump seawater into the reactor at the facility, the third reactor to receive the last-ditch treatment, after the plant’s emergency cooling system had failed and the fuel rods had been partially exposed to the air.

    Company officials said the workers were not paying sufficient attention to the process, however, and let the pump run out of fuel, allowing the fuel rods to become exposed.

    Once the pump was restarted and water flow was restored, another worker inadvertently closed a valve that was designed to vent steam from the containment vessel. As pressure built up inside the vessel, the pumps could no longer force water into it and the fuel rods were once more exposed.

    The company said it was confident it could reopen the valve and restore water flow, but it has not yet announced that it has done so. Officials are now talking about spraying seawater on the outside of the reactor vessel to help cool it.

    “Spraying seawater on the outside of the reactor vessel to help cool it.” Doesn’t sound good at all.

  • CalGeorge commented on the blog post David Broder Dies

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    Goodbye to tbe Bloviator-in-Chief. Bring on the next utterly conventional, inside Washington gas bag.

  • “Your stubbornness in trying to ignore the last election…”

    I do believe that the Democratic senators in Wisconsin are just as elected as the Republicans. I expect those elected Democrats to stand up for the Democratic ideals and principles they campaigned on, and it is even more important to do so when they are in the minority and being railroaded by a bunch of Republicans who pretend their Democratic colleagues don’t exist.

    Stand firm!

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