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  • The reality is simply that between 1 billion outsourced workers and automation reducing demand for workers, the only jobs left are local service and agricultural jobs. Short of a massive rethinking along the lines of “Buy American”, and an accompanying resurgence of manufacturing for protected domestic markets, there is no end to this trend. The only difference (hopefully) between the parties is whether they see this as a problem or not.

    Since republicans are even more bought and paid for than democrats, there is no chance that the political process will produce significant change until some new, right/left coalition that demands “rebuild america” and “give the jobs to americans”, with significantly protective legislation, comes to power. That will be a very long time and things will need to get much worse before this can occur. But don’t worry, it will come to pass.
    Many in the senior generation will not live to see the change, and their grandchildren will curse them for all time. Only in their time will they be free of the dogma of capitalism after it has thoroughly failed.

  • It’s easy to be simplistic about this, and easy to score cheap political points. Solar chip production is a commodity business, so the idea that it will create stable jobs is silly. The local jobs are in installation, not manufacturing.

    Without BUY AMERICAN requirements, no US manufacturer can compete in any business that has low transportation costs. Globalization flattens the playing field. The idea that high-end jobs can make up for the loss of low-end jobs is a fairy tale. The Obama administration, at some level, is aware of the futility of its current policy, but is afraid telling the truth.

    Globalization and automation mean simply that there are too many people in this planet and not enough labor to go around. In the capitalist paradigm, this can only be solved with unemployment. The only solution is to rethink the basic social contract, accept that full employment is a fundamental mandate, and rethink capitalism accordingly.

    China has figured this out, and as a result, it is rapidly leaving us behind, while improving the lives of hundreds of millions of its people while the US is going rapidly backwards. But until we slay the sacred cow of laissez faire capitalism and its sway over washington, there is no Hope.

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    The President does NOT see himself as a Democrat (or a Republican). He sees himself as some transcendental force. He had that view in 2000, he had it during the campaign, and he has been working off that fundamental premise since the election.

    Obama genuinely sees himself as a transcendental figure that can mythically bring all people together.

    The Presdient’s job description does not include “Great Unificator”, as Bush used to call himself. Someone forgot to give Obama that memo.