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    This intentional policy is just one aspect of a bag of tricks called “financial repression”. The primary function of the Federal Reserve is to, unbeknownst to the general public, pay off the National Debt. Wars are always paid for in this manner. The Federal Reserve controls both the rate of inflation and interest rates. Whenever interest rates are intentionally held lower (artificially)than the rate of inflation, there is a wealth transfer from savers to debtors, including and especially the government. “By a continuing process of inflation, government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.” John Maynard Keynes
    This is why if you’re anti-war, you should be anti-Federal Reserve. The Fed is the mechanism by which governments pay for war. It’s a wealth transfer from grandma and grandpa to the military industrial complex.

  • Paul is not about rhetoric. He has a consistent 30 year record. Study his speeches. Look at what he was saying as others were beating drums to send our soldiers to Iraq. No man can change the world, and he respects the fact that there are three branches of government, but he would offer some resistance to the War Party and Wall Street.

  • In retrospect, you’re probably right. Obama is a silver-tongued devil and Ron Paul is the opposite – thank goodness the message is powerful enough to carry him this far.

  • Well put, Kevin. Thank you!

    Ron Paul as the Republican candidate for president would force Obama to defend his record in debates. Any of the other candidates would not even offer a contrast to Obama.

    Naysayers – Support Ron Paul if you want change from either party.

  • Great post.

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    I watched this morning also and these were my thoughts:

    Geither dodged the question about prosecutions against Wall Street criminals by saying, basically that “we have enacted all these new laws to prevent this from happening again”.

    We already have laws on the books to prosecute these crimes. This is called fraud. We don’t need more laws – for heaven’s sake they’re all written by lawyers hired by the financial services industry, anyway. That’s why nobody in Congress can get through them – they’re written by lawyers IN THE INDUSTRY! Do you really think our Congress people are sophisticated enough to understand the ramifications of these rules before they pass them? NO! They’re coached by the financial services industry lobbyists who fund their re-election campaigns. And by the time these new laws are passed, these same firms have figured out in great detail how they can use them to their advantage.

    THE TWO-TIERED JUSTICE SYSTEM NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. You’re not fooling us any more.

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    No, T.R. Ritchie (poet, musician) posted the link to the video on his Facebook page. I followed it and loved the song. I’ve re-posted it on my own page. You’re lucky to have met and heard Keith Greeninger et al.
    I live in Idaho, land of the free, home of the brave.

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    “The end justifies the means” is just another way of saying the rule of law doesn’t pertain to the actions of those in power. Bin Laden was shot in the head and chest because they wanted to kill him. They never intended to bring him to “justice”. They didn’t have the evidence to prosecute him for the events of 9/11 (fact) and yet they KNEW HE WAS GUILTY.

    Bradley Manning has been in federal prison for a year because they KNOW HE IS GUILTY, yet they don’t have the evidence to prosecute him. A key part of the rule of law is that if there is no evidence, you are free. Doesn’t matter what a person is accused of, he’s free. He is a political prisoner, and there are many more like him in this country, the land of the free.

    George Bush et. al. knowingly lied to his countrymen and killed countless innocent civilians. He is a free man.

    To be well-adjusted to a sick society is no virtue, America.

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    I think we need to start prosecuting the white collar criminals that break the law. All the regulation in the world does nothing if it’s not enforced. We need to let institutions fail when they bet wrong. The market has a self-cleaning feature. We need to let it work. Great articles in Salon today by [...]

  • Glenn Greenwald – but first we have to figure out a way to get him back in the states!

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    A great speech by Simon Johnson of MIT at Bretton-Woods.

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    More semi-secret prisons in Afghanistan:

    (They hate us because we’re free.)

  • GregDiablo is right. As long as we characterize people who try to do the right thing as nutcases because they belong to the wrong political party, we get nowhere. The people here and the Libertarians have a lot in common. Obama proves (and the American people realize)that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans – oh, yeah the rhetoric is different – but their behavior once they’re in office is virtually indistinguishable.

    We need to find a way end the corporatocracy, stop the never-ending wars and restore our civil liberties. These have become mainstream priorities and yet our elected officials ignore them. Libertarians embrace these ideas as much as FDL-ers but nothing will get done in this country unless we reject the labels and somehow unite against the common enemy.
    Only then we can argue in ernest about the proper role of government. Maybe then we could again form political parties which are distinctly different and offer a genuine choice to voters.

  • Glenn Greenwald 2012.

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    I’ve learned that “polite” people don’t talk about anything that really matters. Try posting something about reducing the military budget on Facebook. Everybody has a relative (what does this fact alone tell us?) that’s in the military and they equate this kind of talk with not “Supporting the Troops” – a major faux pas – and decidedly un American.
    So frustrating! We cannot have this conversation!
    And you know, and as one of the columns here recently outlined, the idea of somehow getting corporations to pay their share of taxes, reducing military spending, and getting us out of these never-ending wars is a mainstream idea, supported by a majority of Americans!
    But don’t ever say it outloud. You’ll either hear crickets or be cast as a subversive, probably both.

  • Who is to blame? Is it the President, the Generals, the CIA, the books that glorify war? We’re all to blame for standing for it. We stand and watch until we’re numb and it’s bigger than we are, bigger than anybody and nobody can stop it. It’s a monster fueled with tax dollars of sincere, gentle, hard-working people who have no interest at all in killing people. But it’s being done in our name.

  • Well said. I started to write and then realized you’d said it already.

  • “Humanitarianism is the pretty package in which every new war is wrapped.” Glenn Greenwald

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