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  • It is a lousy law that does little to stop the insane rise in health care costs. As long as insurance companies are in the mix, the profit motive will continue to drive up costs. Which is one reason I think the Thugs on the Supreme Court will be hesitant to find the individual mandate unconstitutional. That would leave as the only option the Medicare for all route, which means the government would be more involved in controlling costs. And if there is anything the Thugs hate, it is government control. I think they will see that the best resolution in terms of maintaining the insurance company status quo is to find the law constitutional. Watch. The insurance companies will dump trillions into advertising the benefits of the law.

  • And those Democrats that we voted for that could have stopped this from happening–thanks guys! You are really my brave and principled heroes. I guess you only have to represent your constituents in North Carolina if your constiuents are bigots.

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    All the progressives need to register in the primaries as Rethugs. Then we could have a say in who is going to beat Obama after he goes down in flames in these negotiations and destroys the social safety net. My thinking is Huntsman, who is only wrong about 80 percent of the time, as opposed [...]

  • Aren’t all the Thug Supremes Catholics? I think you can remove the P from WASPs.

  • If the compound of Bin Laden was right next to their “West Point,” I think the reasoning of the terrorists may have been that the location would preclude any air attacks. Imagine if America bombed the Bin Laden headquarters and there had been collateral damage to the Pakistani military post. What if it couldn’t then be proven that Bin Laden had even been in the compound? I am not sure that the location here demonstrates Pakistani collaboration with the terrorists.

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    I thing the Thugs are going to try the same approach to emasculating public education as they did to public broadcasting. First, they emasculate the system by putting the ingnorant in charge, intentionally causing it to fail. Then, when the system operates badly enough, they are able to starve it to death by removing funding.

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    The way to win this is to make certain the tax breaks are not extended. That takes care of the deficit problem altogether.

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    I just don’t see the problem with the Ryan plan. I mean, all we are doing is adding one more layer of profiteers to the system to increase the cost of medicine for everyone. How can that be bad?

  • Freedom of religion=freedom to discriminate.