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  • Since when is the appointed head of the NSA able to legally violate the Constitution of the United States (particularly Article 1)?

  • I wrote an email to Anthony Fellow ( to express my opinion:

    Dear Dr. Fellow:

    I write to you as another gay person to sees your bigotry for what it is: You do not consider all U. S. Citizens as equals, and you have decided that people different from you are not worthy of public acknowledgement, no matter how honored their productivity.

    I am ashamed that a California university would consider you for such a prestigious position. And, as a supposedly competent teacher of Communications, you certainly have honed a weasel-way with words.

    You are a blight on the academic world, and the evidence in this situation eloquently shows. Please return to the dark cave from which you originally emerged; perhaps in another life you will have compassion and integrity.

    Finally, I know, of course, that you will never read this eMail: You’ll count on assistants who will delete this email because it is not glowing with praise. Just know that I know you’re hiding, because you have behaved in a shameful way.

    Feel free do crib my text, and improve on it.

  • Sounds like the bleatings of the Military Industrial Complex to me: No evidence, just scarey claims that we’re all about to be bombed by those sophisticated, highly-advanced North Korean technologies!

    Does “exaggeration” sound familiar? Doesn’t this sound like the claims made in 2002 about “nukes” (or “WMD”) in Iraq?

    Just who’s doing the saber-rattling here, our own MIC (and their bought-and-paid-for Congress-critters), or the impoverished North Korean boy-king?

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    The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.
    — John Kenneth Galbraith

    Let these nuts go create their own “ideal nation,” and see how long it takes for them, like “The Mouse That Roared”, to attack us in the vain attempt to reap massive foreign aid from the gubmint they so love to hate.

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    This proposal is Wa-a-ay too restrictive. 1. I believe that all remotely-piloted vehicles (RPV), whether autonomous or under direct and complete control of a human operator MUST BE BANNED for use by all domestic governments, except over open fields without buildings or people. We have Fourth amendment rights, and a police state WILL use these [...]