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    2000 Years from now, scholars will debate the cause of the American Dark Ages. Was Obamageddon to blame?

    Unfortunately, very few written records will survive the 400 year period of home schooling.

  • It was no accident because he “gave a lot of access to selected journalists.” That is why, unlike other scandals, the media has not been behaving like it normally does when it covers sex scandals.

    Looks like ABC Denver just refered to his biography as: “All Up In My Snatch” ( the proper title is: “All In”). I’m not sure what to say about our media…

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    Yeah, looks like he’s choosing the lesser of two scandals.

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    I bet they’re targeting far more than just transgender people.

    The trans-bashing is probably just a recruitement/screening method for the group. After all, organizations like that need to make sure they attract the correct type of people (neo-nazi thugs).

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    What bothered me about their actions was that they disrupted those worshiping inside the church. I didn’t say anything about slander. If I went into a church or synagogue in the U.S. and repeatedly screamed “God is Great”, it wouldn’t be considered slander. But would I be violating other peoples rights? Yes, absolutely. I agree [...]

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    Yes, they think that the ends justify the means. And when someone’s faith is founded upon racism and misogeny the ends are bound to be bad. I’d liken the differences between christians, muslims and jews to be an argument about j-walking. Meanwhile, the mormons declare by divine prophesy the right to mow down j-walker’s with [...]

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    Yeah, it’s quite a dilemma this time around.

    As a side note, the dilemma for conservative christians isn’t any better. Their candidate’s faith(Mormonism) is basically the exact opposite of christianity. Watching Billy Graham give Satan’s helper the green light certainly does provide a moment of clarity.

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    highlighting the entangled powers of church and state.

    Might be worth noting that this is an issue which goes all the way back to the Byzantine Empire. To my knowledge, there has never been a seperation of church and state in Russia. The state has always appointed the head of the church. So while,

    Russian Orthodox Patriarch [...]

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    It seems like this diary ignores a lot of our history w/regard to 3rd party’s. Specifically, the accomplishments of 3rd party candidates such as Eugene Debs and William Jennings Bryan.

    3rd Party candidates don’t need to win to make a difference. They just need 5-10% of the vote in critical battleground states such as Florida and Ohio. Eventually one of the major parties will adopt the 3rd party’s main issues in order to restore the 2 party monopoly.

    When given a free pass, both the Democrats and the Republicans have shown themselves to be capable of much ruin. If we want to improve the nation then we need to grab the Democrats by the nose and kick’em in the rear (metaphorically).

    Give Obama a free pass and we’ll soon find out that he’s wearing magic underpants which are nearly identical to the ones that Mitt wears.

  • I realize that 9 out of 10 Robots vote Republican but can you blame them?

    What kind of future are the Democrats creating for our Robots?

    Bill Clinton started the process of deporting our Robots to Asia. Obama has continued that policy while expanding their skill set. Not only do our Robots work in Asian factories, now they also fly around Pakistan killing people.

    Perhaps our Robots don’t like the future which the Democrats are offering to them.

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    Thanks Letsgetitdone,

    I agree, buying the lie amounts to proactive surrender.

    As for the austerity plans… each one ought to come with body count projections.

  • Thanks TheCallUp.

    Nice to know that the criminally insane have a lobby in our nations capital.

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    Hey! This game is rigged! I’ve played it over and over… Romney wins every time. :-P

    TY Athena1!

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    Zimbabwe had an agro-export economy so it’s no surprise that it crumbled when the United Kingdom block it from it’s export market. Same thing happened to the Confederacy during the civil war when the Union Navy blockaded all trade with the confederacy. And… much the same thing happened in Wiemar Germany. Unpayable war reparations meant [...]

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    For a Few Pieces of Silver More

    Targeting Our Future

    Let Them Eat Ethanol

    Bank On It

    Ready, Aim, F.I.R.E.!

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    “I am firmly in the camp of cyclical unemployment”

    I disagree completely. Our employment problems do not seem cyclical in nature. Rather, they seem to be policy based.

    Which policies? The worst would be: WTO/GATT/Free Trade, FSA and financial deregulation.

    Looking back in history, we have adopted the trade policies of the Confederacy. It’s designed to devalue humanity.

    Why talk about education when we don’t even employ all of our educated citizens? Ditch the Confederate economic and trde policies…. then we can talk about education.

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    Thanks letsgetitdone, it seems like a lot of people have developed a very confederate view of economy. And that’s unfortunate because we know very well that such idea’s are horribly dysfunctional. Andrew Speirs couldn’t be more wrong when he says that “We have no backing to our currency”. If Mr Speirs wants physical examples of [...]

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    I think the Republicans are more likely to brazenly joke about using them but to be fair, the Democrats are the only ones who have ever actually done so: President Harry S. Truman’s nuclear assault on the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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    “Canadian border guard spots 314 Million Americans sneaking across the border” would make for a good onion headline. But obviously, as solutions go, that one doesn’t scale to the size of the problem.

    TBH, I don’t think they care 1 iota what we do so long as it doesn’t challenge their rule.

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    Thanks Grey Wolf,
    I think we need to revisit the policies of FDR for clues as to how to get out of the current depression.

    That said, I see no hope in Romney and Obama…. they might as well be running mates.

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