• The Webinar medium is great idea. The blogging format tends to be a little isolated, alienated and always has a “preaching to the choir” problem.

    Part of the goal here should be to develop a working consensus. In that regard I would like to lobby for integrating styles of “Participatory Democracy” and “Consensus Democracy” into the structure of the Webinar format. Please read Wikipedia for a great description.

    In the case of the issue of “what should be done for the 2012 elections”, I hope that we could move through a brainstorming phase to a point where we had three or four directions – and then have a real consensus building process where everyone tries to develop the best case for each of the directions; in turn those could be boiled into a single narrative that almost everyone could approve.

    Back to the idea of expanding the medium.

    Of course in this case, the webinar format is used internal consensus building – no ambiguity about “preaching to the choir” here. However, I think that a serious leftist group should have a complementary outward focus to its intellectual activity. For instance, most of the webinar’s I see are canned webinar’s where a company is trying to explain/publicize/sell its technology. I would like to see FDL build outwardly focused canned webinars on keystone issues.

    Finally, one other format that may be very useful for internal intellectual activity is a Skype based book club or discussion group. Using Skype would overcome the challenge of physical presence. I haven’t tried this yet, but I would love to experiment.

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    Good post, great spirit, but it brings up a whole series of disturbing issues. Tea Party Envy The Tea Party has been incredibly effective at bending the agenda of the Republican Party – is it politically incorrect to say that? They define themselves as a right wing populist movement with a fundamental structure of small, [...]

  • This is truly a wonderful Post and discussion – so good, that I again feel some desperation. There is an need to take this type of Blogging to another level. There are two problems here:

    1) Many Posts and discussion threads make assumptions about a shared world view, but that foundational world view is missing – and is at risk of not really being shared. This Post and discussion is outstanding because it provides some of that foundation, but this is the exception.

    2) Most Posts/discussions are focused on an audience that shares that world view. There is a speaking to the choir problem. There is little focus on actually chaining minds.

    There is an opportunity to enhance the Blogging paradigm to have more political impact. Maybe this is done somewhere else, but FDL as the home of the professional left is a good place to make the leap.

    Here are some brainstorming ideas:

    Health care reform blogs should hang off a health care reform home page that has other content. A featured part of this content would be a few key position papers and talking point docs that are rated / approved by membership based on rubrics. The key notion here is to develop a new style of web-driven Deliberative Authority that is consistent, integrated, and intentionally political (This is the Deliberative Authority of Wikipedia with a Political Perspective). I want to be able to email my conservative friends a white paper and say “This is where 100,000 FDL members stand on Health Care”. Rational argument counts.

  • This is wonderful — but most of it escapes me.

    Is there a good analysis of the Health Care Insurance options which is less than 50 pages?

    I have a sense that looking at the limits of the free market paradigm for economic organization is like looking into an abyss. If this doesn’t work for health care, what else doesn’t it work for? How do you traverse this space? Where are the philosophical pitons?

  • There is another insight to be had out of this. To the extent that the Tea Party can be characterized as “bonding through hatred” – hatred as a self reinforcing addiction; I would expect that at some point soon there be a turn where some of them, some of the time, try to hide the intensity of hatred. I suspect we will see this split now… a division of labor inside the Tea Party. Some will be up for a little midnight riot and others for singing Kumbayah with a Joker smile plastered across their face.

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    Thumbnail Maypole Dance by Vladimir Menkov

    I keep having a sense that this Spring is a critical historical opportunity that must not be lost. This is the time and this is the place for the construction of something new in the way of a national progressive movement/party… not sure what… but something. In that spirit what follows [...]
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