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  • I don’t think Dems refrain from name-calling out of decorum. No, all their weakness is weakness, none of it is decorum, decorum is a nice cover, though.

    Thumbs up on Cheney’s Senate floor “decorum,” however. It doesn’t get brought up nearly enough. There ought to be a CAMPAIGN to keep that alive. What a pretty epitaph on a headstone it would make! GO FUCK YOURSELF. (Oh goody I wish I could get on O’Reilly for that bit if mocking leftie-blog hate speech…)

    Thanks to that infamous Senate-floor Cheneyism, we can (if we wanna) respond to EVERY crack made by every oily republican with a simple, “No Dem ever told anyone to go fuck themselves on the floor of the Senate.” Yawn, rinse, repeat. They understand that sort of debating.

  • Old Fat Guy…Old Skinny Granny agrees with you a whole lot.

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    Thank you too! And JaneaneTheAcerbicGoblin and many more. I’ll stop thanking you all now. Peace and love, kids. Glad FDL is still at least majority-sane.

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    Thank you.

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    Obama and that ilk KNOW it’s FINE to crudely disregard and dismiss the people who’ve served him that he no longer needs. He knows that if the disregarded, no-longer-useful fellow tells anybody, he’ll just sound like a hypersensitive whiner who expected personal rewards and elevated importance. He knows that for divulging just how bad he [...]

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    It doesn’t make him a pariah. Not with me. A pariah to someone named Harris-Perry who blithers and blathers so very very very knowingly and excitedly and dry-mouth hyperactively and self-referencingly on The Ed Show? I could less give a happy sh*t. :D


  • OFG, they don’t need their bullshit pointed out to them, they’re perfectly aware of it. Its like I’m aware that my finger is striking keys on this here keyboard. I’m MAKING my fingers do it. Don’t need anything to happen to point it out to me that I’m inadvertently typing at my computer. Anyway, even if this were an American in Iran, and there have been some already, why do you think O would care a bit? He would not. He would have his highly-paid smart people weigh and measure the affect it will have on his 2012 campaign. And that’s it.

    I’m sorry I’m snarling, esp at you, I mostly like your comments.

  • They’re no more our lapdogs than we and our entire government are happily engaged in 3 wars. Brits and their entire gov’t aren’t all responsible for the lapdoggery. Americans aren’t all responsible for the Bush-Obama warmongering that’s done in our name, either. I sound like I’m snarling. I think I must be tired. I just hate to see them referred to as lapdogs in a comment below this great story. Do you have to?

    What this shows is what I’ve long thought: they don’t like being our lapdog and they will stop being our goddamn lapdog at every opportunity they can.

    Thank you, UK! Please keep this up. Thank you FDL. Thank you international people.

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    Exactly. Thanks.

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    Obama isn’t the lesser of two evils, of course. The evils are the same. The evils are One. The only reason some will still vote for him is that they really see it all as something like a sports competition – whose side beats whose – just as the sociopathic republican voters do. That’s why we keep getting the dirt on the boogy-peeple, beck and malkin and coulter and all the pig-eyed repug legilators. People will vote for Obama because they’re so mad at Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly, and the trash talking repugs in congress. Somehow, they’re being kept so mad at the “worser evil” that they don’t care about anything else. They’ll not only vote for him, they’ll campaign, they’ll give their money, they’ll risk their lives driving in a blizzard on a car with bald tires. I’m thanking the Great Spirit for Dr. Cornel West and that great articulating he does so well. It’s going to be a sleepless effort on every front.

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    *SIGH* Me suffer heap big buyer’s remorse.

    I’ve never known such regret. Moving to China during a cholera epidemic to help the peasants get through it, only to sicken and die along the road the first week, would not be as regretable to me as this. I see him standing up there exactly like Bush, self-contained, smug, cocky, oblivious, certain of himself, unperturbed about anything but Himself and His Own. This greatest of all dupe-jobs is a good lesson in being extra careful who you answer your front door to. The wiser and kinder they look and speak, the more you better holler, “Get away from my door and don’t come back.”

    Remember, if he fools us twice…

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    Y’all are who I agree with too. Everytime some “progressive stalwart” chatter-classman on the airwaves delivers a fresh “Did you hear about this? Oh my God!” story about the malkins, palens, huckabees, teabaggers, glen dreck, Boehner, and the rest of that Whole Selection of boogy mans, they are either doing it to take your attention of the danger that’s in front of you, or they’re being incredibly useful idiots. One is as bad as the other.

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    How is Chief Warrant Officer-2 Denise Barnes allowed to order a male prisoner stripped? What if a DENNIS Barnes ordered a Pfc. BETINA-SUE Manning to strip?!?

    (Pausing to squeak out a laugh…It’s so funny how we think responses from us, our votes, our opinions, the ole non-issue of Right vs Wrong, are worth anything in this world.)

    Thank GOD that led by Firedoglake and others, this might actually be going somewhere. These were the last shameful, criminal, ruinous acts by my govt I was ever again going to concern myself with: Bradley Manning, Julian Assange with the dreamed up sex charge in the dickless country of Sweden, and Wikileaks, with all that they have shown us, that the mainstream news should have gotten out to us, but didn’t, because their uber fabulous jobs were on the line. (Example of one that didn’t get it: Keith Olbermann. You can’t have the big money AND your honor, Keith. See now?)

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    *yawn* Glad to see you looking out for our hardworking president against this fat, lumpy enemy of progressive values. Additionally, we need to be looking toward our Darling’s future in 2012 so that the country’s head conservative continues to have a D next to her/his name. Important work you’re doing here. Good place to have [...]

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    D.H. Hughley on Bill Maher says it brought tears to his eyes to listen to Obama speak, to see a black man doing such a superb job as President of the United States. Hearing him react this way, with weak knees, a tremulous lip and glistening tears, over Obama doing exactly what Bush did, is one of the saddest, most hope-devoid things I have ever seen.

    It’s all working out as intended. Nobody of any significance, or in any great numbers, cares that everything the bad ole repugs are doing now is actually the work of Obama. One republican guest on the show finally wearied of the ragging about the tax cuts for the rich and spoke up. He was quickly talked over. The size of the crowd that gets it is shrinking, not growing.

    Fingers plugging ears, tongues going “La la la la la!”

  • OK, your reality is the prettiest. Want a cookie?

    [Look what THIS military-hater wrote about our president's speech:

    Last night, our nation listened closely to the President’s State of the Union address.
    We heard words. We heard rhetoric. But we didn’t hear a concrete plan of action to tackle any of the most urgent issues facing new veterans and their families. Nothing on veteran unemployment. And nothing on the staggering rate of military and veteran suicides.
    Not only did the President miss a chance to address our issues, he misrepresented a key fact. The President said: "Veterans can now download their electronic medical records with a click of the mouse.”
    Unfortunately, as many vets know firsthand, this is not true. Right now, the VA does not allow vets to access their full electronic medical records online.
    In the last 24 hours, we’ve heard from hundreds of IAVA Member Veterans, all expressing surprise and outrage that the President could get something so wrong in arguably the most important speech of the year.
    We want people to get the facts straight. Please forward this email to your friends and family to help us get the word out.
    IAVA is now pushing the White House for a public correction. We’re also advocating for a plan to make VA medical records as accessible and seamless as possible. And in a few weeks, we will launch our 2011 Policy Agenda. Improving the VA and systems like this will be one of our top priorities. And we’ll need your help.
    Together in 2011, we'll make sure all veterans know that we’ve got their back.
    Paul Rieckhoff
    Executive Director and Founder
    Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) ]

  • To be fair, even though it’s even worse, “We aren’t playing not to lose,” was the exact quote. My brain is in knots! LOL.

  • Me too! I can’t remember what the other thing was that he sounded wiser and more honest and humane than anyone else, but it was something big, and it shocked me. I might forget what it was, but I will not forget to listen up thenceforward when this man talks.

  • It is all just a matter of President Obama hearing about this injustice, and it will STOP. This is why we elected Barack Obama. He will no more fail to stand up for the Constitution now than he has ever failed to in the past. Human rights abuses will not thrive under this leader of the free world. Those days are over!

    (Oh loooook, a FLYING PIG.)

  • I’m sorry to hear this. I believed in Dylan Ratigan. I don’t watch him anymore because he’s on a non-existent network that I no longer recognize, but I used to think he was IT. Could it be he’s just heeding the message sent out by the termination of Keith Olbermann? I’ve been expecting it. I had hoped that keeping Dylan Ratigan snugged away in the once-a-day, 3 pm Central/4 PM eastern time slot, would keep safe from the, er, excuse me, CROSSHAIRS. Guess not!

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