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  • The republican fiscal policies under the guise of capitalism have been destroying this democracy and under mining the constitution since Ronald Reagan started his propaganda machine of destruction. I don’t like all the Obama does, but I will never, never pull a Nader on 2012 and let the repug freak show go into a third [...]

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    He got the mob of doctors that stealing billions from Medicare. They are criminals that deserve to go to jail and they don’t have the hold over the repugs in DC that Wall Street commands. Holder goes after the targets he has a chance of nabbing and convicting. there are sooooooo many crooks on Wall street that it is difficult to focus on the players.

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    You are so out of touch with reality and so full of self pity. This is the story of real families. And electricians, plumbers, other tradesman are all blue collar and just because someone is educated doesn’t remove them from the reality of living day to day. I sacrificed a career to stay home with [...]

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    This is the very reason why all members of the workforce have to join together to stop the cowards hiding behind the corporate shield from driving the politics of this nation. Wall Street, FOX news, Kochs, Blankenship, US CHAMBER OF COMMERCE are in sync: valuing worth over WORK. Capitalism is an economic system, that even [...]

  • It is time for the WORKERS of AMERICA to unite against this assault on SS and Medicare. The unions, the elderly, the retirees, the poor and the surviving middle class need to find a leader that will allow us to unite against Obama, the repugs and the dems. We cannot allow this movement to cut SS, since it has no impact on the DEFICIT. We cannot allow these vultures to endanger the retirement of future generations of workers.

  • No problem with the rich keeping their money. However, I think I should get my government back. If the corporate persons weren’t allowed such preferential treatment, more people would be able to earn their way. How about a govt under Reagan, that busted unions. Workers that worked for unions made a decent living. How about the government making laws that really level the playing field. I would like my government to prevent corporate persons from committing fraud, theft, and robbery on the consuing public. How about,keeping the wall street thieves from stealing my pensions and savings. Gee, if the government protected the american consumer as carefully as its corporate donors, we would have a chance at spreading the income more evenly through hard work. Corporations get all kinds of favorable treatment from govt, it is time, we took our govt back.

  • I don’t see where the DREAM ACT is going to get Obama anywhere. If the repuglycons are not worried about this, why would Obama believe that americans are interested in making this an issue. He hasn’t been able to frame or take charge of the public conversation on any major issues. The repugs have been out front and way ahead.
    The repugs have successfully demonized illegal immigrants,I can hardly see where the issue will be good for Obama. FL,AZ,TX,SC,NC,VA have little sympathy for “illegal immigrants” and there is going to be an expansion of repug bigotry across the country where states will mimic AZ law. Obama is going to have his hands full and unless he can show some spine along with his intelligence, he is a one termer, unless he runs against Sarah Palin.

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    Been trying to work my way through the book. It is really hard. My stomach churns with each page. But I promised, if someone else bought it, I would read it. Didn’t want to invest my own money into it.

  • Manning is a traitor. He was in the military and he revealed “classified information”. He should be treated humanely while awaitding trial, but he will be in prison a long time, deservedly so. The Left needs leadership, that is true. But formulation of positions is in the works. We need a better messenger. Obama can [...]

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    This President just can’t do anything right?? I think he was and is the best person to lead this country right now. There is not another human being, smart enough, faced with all the diverse problems to lead this country. The military listens to and respects him, the world believe him and the unemployment rate is 9.6% not 14 or 20. He ran into a brick wall with republican obstructionism and instead of progressives going after McConell and Boehner, they attacked Obama, Reid and Pelosi. Pelosi was one of the most productive leaders of the House in history. And she gets blasted. It was the Senate that didn’t do its job and I remember all those arguments, that it was necessary to safeguard minority rights, to save the filibuster. Well, the repugs abused that privilege and the President and Harry Reid agree, it has to change. The VP can change it. It frustrating for me to hear, Obama talk about bi-partisanship, while Boehner is talking about drawing a line in the sand. Obama is not Bluster Crabbe and I bet it takes all he’s got to hold in the rage. But, he’s smart and he is problem solver. In the next two years the progressives have to do a lot more than complain all the time, or the idiots could produce Sarah Palin to the world as Madam President!! Think how we all be feeling then???

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    I just don’t buy it!! The progressives have a major influence on the policies and the agenda of the Democratic Party. It just is difficulty for the Progressives to accept half a loaf!! Would you really want “the progressive agenda” to become the extremism that evolves like the tbaggers among the repugs. Life is too [...]

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    Congratulations, at least you tried. And, of course I hope you are right. Harry Reid has to be better for NV and for the country than Sharron Angle. I just don’t understand why her extremism is so attractive to republicans. I hope they wake up and save us all a lot of heart break over [...]