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    Join Tim DeChristopher in the fight here.

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    I would wager that under Greenwald’s tutelage, Omidyar’s media venture will employ the template he (Greenwald) has used since he began blogging. And that is to present content exclusively through the lens of the fervent civil libertarian which he is. His exclusive focus on civil liberties is both his strength and his weakness. Other issues [...]

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    This investigation is so important and I applaud you, EFB, for sticking with it. An acquaintance of mine posted this link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150277892574943&set=a.289133984942.42757.23489729942&type=1 The story has not died. It is being kept alive to fan the flames of hatred. What if the story is false? Wouldn’t establishing that be enormously helpful, not just for the surviving [...]

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    Another stellar post. Thanks so much, E.F. I appreciate that you conclude no more, and no less, than what is clear-cut and comports with the facts. We don’t yet, and may never know, the whole story, but we do know the truth is quite different than the government would have us believe. That applies also [...]

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    Not sure why this is noteworthy. I do not like credit card companies and the banks that own them, but giving up credit cards is not practical for me at this point in my life. So I make the decision to support the banksters until I can find a reasonable alternative to using their services.
    I am not alone in being aware of the compromises which are forced upon us all by virtue of living in a technologically advanced society. (Ever try to find mobile phone manufacturer who insisted subcontractors adhere to humane labor practices? Good luck with that one.)
    Most relatively well-informed people know they make unavoidable trade-offs and are aware that others must also. This post implies that this is some kind of revelation and that it says something about Greenwald that he uses Paypal. It doesn’t.

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    I, like Hotflashcarol, did not support Obama and did not vote for him. It’s been no secret that he was the odds-on favorite to win. When he did, I did not feel angry, but I felt sad for my country and for the jubilation of those who saw Obama as a progressive hero, which he [...]

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    Yes, I agree. There are many people commenting here today who are thumping their chests, high-fiving each other, and dissing those of us who withheld our support for Obama, because he had done nothing to earn it. Reading their comments, I realized that the issues I care most about don’t really matter to them. Or [...]

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    you can say you want to vote for the lesser evil person while simultaneously protesting him, but it doesn’t work that way. Most people’s minds and most popular organizations devote themselves to lesser evilism on a permanent basis, not just the week of an election.

    Bingo. The organizations in the veal pen were worse than useless. [...]

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    Obama claims the right to kill anyone, anywhere, including American citizens, without due process. Even the Bush administration was not this radical. If you passed 12th grade civics, you will realize that Obama is violating core constitutional principles. This is not a matter of opinion since Obama openly claims powers only exercised in history by [...]

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    I will not vote for Obama. How can I vote for someone who should be impeached and tried in the Senate for violating his solemn vow to defend the Constitution? However, I will not sit in judgment of those who decide to vote for him. Everyone is entitled to act in accordance with their conscience. [...]

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    Van, thanks for visiting.
    I would like to ask you where you personally would draw the line, where you would simply refuse to vote for someone? What would he/she have to do to cause you to remove your support?
    Let me be very frank. Obama has been a disaster for this country. By adopting and expanding the Bush administration’s worst policies, persecuting and prosecuting more whistleblowers than any other President in history while making sure leaks of classified information occurs when it benefits him politically. Abusing the state secrets privilege to shroud our government in deeper secrecy and protecting government officials who break the law.
    Fomenting greater and greater hatred for the US abroad through drone attacks, killing innocents across the world, having a “kill list” and authorizing signature strikes. Bailing out Wall Street while letting hundreds of thousands of families be shut out of their homes.
    Ignoring the pressing needs of the inner cities and inhabitants there who have no jobs, go to lousy schools and endure crime-ridden streets. I could go on and on.
    All of these policies, thanks to Obama, are now the bipartisan consensus in the US. Opposition to them has crumbled since his election. Where is the anti-war movement? Where is the environmental movement? Who supports reinstatement of Glass-Steagall and who wants to bring the Wall Street criminals to justice? No one, it seems, in DC.
    Yes the Republicans are very bad and I understand why some will vote for Obama as the (supposed) lesser of two evils. But I believe that the disaster that has befallen our democracy is due to LOTE voting behavior.
    So I repeat, where would you draw the line, Van? What behavior is so atrocious that you can no longer support the Democratic nominee for President?

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    I had a negative experience with a UU church outside of Philadelphia (Cherry Hill, NJ). Pastor and board are liberal on gay/transgendered issues, which is one reason I started attending. But the pastor signed onto Gov. Christie’s campaign for a backdoor voucher for private and charter schools, to the point that he brought in a [...]

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    Love it!

  • US diplomats believed Bulani was not cooperating because of Mahdi’s “close ties to the Shia political party SCIRI and its armed wing, commonly known as the Badr Corps. SCIRI supported the appointment of Bulani as Minister of Interior.” [The Badr Corps is known to have held many positions within MOI, which is one of the reasons why those found to have been tortured or murdered are often Sunnis.]

    We have invaded a country, occupied it, and made sure the subsequent government complied with US geopolitical and economic interests. Human rights considerations appear to have been inconvenient, so they were quickly over-ridden. Torture and abuse of prisoners were ignored. Crimes continued to be perpetrated on an ethnic minority. All this brought to us by way of 9/11. And we still don’t know for certain, how, where, what, and why 9/11 was perpetrated. Whatever happened, 9/11 cleared the way for human rights abuses that continue to this day, over ten years hence.

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    Reportedly, in her interview with Soufan, she used the vomit-inducing term “enhanced-interrogation” to refer to torture. Her show can join the NPR crowd and so many others on my list of liberal outlets that are A-Okay with torture, and therefore should be denounced by civil libertarians and progressives everywhere. Approving of torture by calling it [...]

  • Consider yourself pinched.
    The fact that an official re-investigation of 9/11 will never happen should tell us all something. Didn’t Sherlock Holmes talk about the dog that did not bark and how that solved the mystery? Well, the CIA is the dog that didn’t bark.

  • The “progressives” have either bought the government’s story wholesale, or they are too cowed with being labeled a “conspiracy nut” to say anything.

    Wow. If that is the case, then that puts those “progressive” bloggers into the same category as their counterparts, the sniveling sheep, in the MSM, who parrot the elites’ sacred writ about 9/11 ad nauseum. Is it human nature to be so cowardly, I wonder?

  • That is why the silence of “progressives” on this matter is so disheartening. By abstention, they allow the mainstream “war on terror” narrative proceed and thereby facilitate the very attacks on civil liberties they otherwise abhor.

    Jeff, hopefully you, Kevin and others at FDL can raise your voices about this. When just commenters on blogs mention this, the bloggers just lump them together with the Truther movement and label them conspiracy theorists.
    I, for one, don’t have the answers. I just know that we were not told the facts and that the initial reports, like all previous governmental commissions, was designed to put all doubt to rest and to make sure no one in the government would be criticized for incompetence or worse.
    That progressives have failed to argue that it is in fact necessary and hugely important to find out the answers to what, where, when, why and how 9/11 happened, has, as you mentioned, been a tragedy. Without the truth, whatever it may be, our national discourse will continue to be poisoned and operate out of incorrect assumptions about our government, “The Terrorists,” and ourselves.

  • These issues are also addressed by Kevin Fenton at the following link:


    I found that piece to be compelling. It is becoming harder and harder to chalk these failures to incompetence. Some actors in the CIA and the government had reason to keep important information related to national security hidden from the FBI. That much is becoming clear.
    I am reminded of Sibel Edmonds’ assertion that bin Laden worked for the CIA right up until 9/11, and things get even murkier:

    Jeff, I hope you can keep looking into this and will be able to to shed more light on what really happened on 9/11. (I got demoted on DKos, after I commented that there needed to be a new investigation into 9/11. It’s nice to know that is no longer a crackpot idea.)

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    I think the protests have gotten so much (comparative) coverage in the MSM in Calgary is that the elites in Canada fear they may force a change in American policy. (If only!) Most Calgarians, but not all, want that pipeline. They are afraid the protests in the US (and the copy-cat protests by Greenpeace in [...]

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