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    Ah, Masaccio, you’ve put in all in a nutshell once again. I fear that the race between the rich and the poor is like a Pinto trying to catch up to a Porsche that has a 10 mile head start. Labor unions, tax reform, financial regulation .., all those things are too slow to make a difference, and the rich just keep pulling ahead. Probably the only tool the poor could use is their numbers. In the streets. But I don’t see that happening soon.

  • Google it!

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    Uhhh. He’s already tried that. Using the argument that she’s going to win anyway, so you might as well join the chorus. Lukewarm response, but it’s early days.

  • Mr. Lemon apparently doesn’t bother to read the news. An Associated Press survey this week
    found that “Marriage rates are in decline across all races, and the number of white mother-headed households living in poverty has risen to the level of black ones.” Seems to be associated with poverty not race.

  • Please. Mary Magdalene was NOT a hooker. Nothing in the Bible
    supports that. It is a smear perpetrated by church misogynists.

  • No, there aren’t 64 comments on this “news” This thread was hijacked by 4 or 5 readers in
    order to carry on a private conversation. They do it all the time, and the moderator should
    out a stop to it.

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    It’s not quite as simple as that. The world’s gross product is not some number of dollars.
    Dollars are produced by printing presses. The world produces raw materials, food, goods,
    services and things like air and water. The dollar value of any of these things is artificially
    arrived at by a market which is almost always rigged.

    It may still be true that there isn’t enough to go around, but this calculation doesn’t prove
    it. Of course, one way to change the result is to reduce the denominator, i.e., the size
    of tho population. Maybe that’s why conservatives don’t want people to have the knowledge
    or means for birth control.

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    I’m very afraid of the Republicans. But I’m more afraid of Obama. I’d rather face my enemy head on
    than get stabbed in the back. Obama has already put a knife in the back of the Democratic Party.
    Give him four more years and he’ll just keep twisting it.

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    In 2012, I plan to vote for the lesser of two evils – Mitt Romney. Can you imagine
    what will become of the Democratic Party with another 4 years of Obama? We won’t
    have a second party much less a third party.

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