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      New York State has the fourth lowest gun death rate  in the nation–and that’s because of our strong gun laws and low gun ownership. This is according to a recent report by the  Violence Policy Center  that analyzed 2011 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. http://nyagv.org/new-yorks-low-gun-death-due-to-strong-gun-laws-and-low-gun-ownership/ntion’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. [...]

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    There’s this silly old book I picked up the Sullivan county used book store here in Bethel, NY, “SEMANTICS AND COMMUNICATION’ … making me think a lot of what we all on all sides speak to each other , here, on Twitter, all the mediums…(most of which I am not on)… The book by John [...]

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    ThumbnailI have been accused of being against individual gun ownership. I AM NOT. We Sell Guns! I have been accused of hating guns, I DO NOT. I HATE THE DAMAGE AND DEATH THEY COMMIT in the hands of humans. I have been accused of being against the Constitution & the 2nd Amendment, I AM NOT. Considering [...]

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    JUNE 11, 2014 “kids kill kids in school and then themselves’ how much more of this plus the cries of the Newtown and other parents….do we have to listen to, before SOME kind of ‘reasonable’ GUN SAFETY (e.g. national, enforceable background checks)…can get through our KNOW NOTHING DO NOTHING CONGRESS? ….I know there are millions of [...]

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