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  • cbear commented on the blog post Tunch

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    John losing Tunch is unbelievably fucked up. I hope those of you who know John will keep him in your thoughts. He’s a good man and is utterly devastated.

  • cbear commented on the blog post Yeah, That Guy

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    Hey, just because virtually every prominent Republican has copped his buddy’s joint at some time in the past doesn’t mean they’re gay.

    It’s just a gooper rite of passage/youthful indiscretion.

    Nothing to see here, just move along.

  • cbear commented on the blog post Next Conclave: Pope Beckham

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    People want a Basset as Pope?
    C’mon, get real, that’s both utterly ridiculous and highly insulting to people of faith everywhere. There’s no way anyone would vote for a hound dog over Shakira’s Heavenly Ass.

  • cbear commented on the blog post One Little Hitler Does The Other One’s Will

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    Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, what kind of fresh hell is this—the Rethugs are trying to import fucking Nazis to breed with their hillbilly goopers in Tennessee?

    Is this some kind of secret Koch Brothers Lebensborn Program?
    We’re gonna have bands of Tea Party Storm Goopers running around the country with banjos and BushMasters?

    Please tell me you’re kidding me, Tbogg.

  • cbear commented on the blog post Not Fade Away

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    Hmmm, I too thought I might have detected the faint smell of boiling rabbit when I first started reading that comment.
    (Just kidding, Lesley)

    This is how I imagine it going if Tom ever tries to really leave us.

  • cbear commented on the blog post Thursday Night Basset Blogging

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    And at least another two volumes with letters containing “…and then she took her leg off—-and her roommate walked in”!

  • cbear commented on the blog post Thursday Night Basset Blogging

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    Holy Shit, aren’t those reddish leather-bound books over Wembley’s right shoulder the complete Collected Penthouse Letters & Guccione Essays?

    Dude, you rock.

  • cbear commented on the blog post Thursday Night Basset Blogging

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    Merry Christmas to all the Boggs, large and small, bipeds and quadripeds.

    Try and get some pics of the leggy and lovely Mrs Tbogg dancing around the Festivus pole this year, would ya?

  • cbear commented on the blog post Gonna Start A War

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    Aside from being an incompetent, ball-licking, ass-kissing military commander, General Tommy is also an amoral piece of shit who took $100,000 to flack for a scam charity that bilked donors out of $168,000,000 while supposedly raising money for wounded soldiers.

    Fuck that motherfucker.

  • cbear commented on the blog post After Many A Summer Dies The Big Bird

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    My Debate Scorecard–

    Lying Sack Of Shit: 1
    President Obama: 0

    As for the whole “angry black man” thing, Obama might do well to remember the age-old advice of the Confucians:
    “Better for man to be pissed off, than pissed on.”

  • cbear commented on the blog post A Decade Of Hijinks, Tomfoolery & Basset Poop

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    I think I’ve been coming to this joint for about 9 of the last 10 years, and honestly don’t know what I’d do if deprived of my snark/Basset/L&T/Mrs T fix—probably take to the streets and start assualting random goopers with a baseball bat, rather than laughing at them.

    I don’t know how you’ve managed to do it, Tom, but I dearly hope you’re able to continue for a long while yet.
    Thanks, bro.

  • cbear commented on the blog post Lest I Forget…

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    “Is that some see-krit Kenyan anti-colonial hand gesture?”

    Nah, she’s throwing gang signs to her homies after stealing some poor gooper tourist’s whip. It’s what libruls do for sport in New Yawk.

    Happy Happy B-Day, Casey! We’re all very proud of you.

  • cbear commented on the blog post The Mysteries of The Female Organism

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    In all fairness to Mr Akin, when your frame of reference regarding sexual assault resulting in pregnancy is limited to sheep, goats, pigs, and assorted barnyard fowl, his statement isn’t as unreasonable as it might seem.

  • cbear commented on the blog post Put In The Sickle, For The Harvest Is Ripe

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    Truly awesome news, Tbogg.
    Sometimes it’s hard to remember that there are so many good and decent people like Ms. Steele and Ms. White trying to bring back that sense of community that was once so prevalent in our country—and it’s wonderful and inspiring to see them succeed.

  • cbear commented on the blog post The Laziest Survivalist

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    I don’t really have a problem with arming these fucksticks.
    Statitics show us that in most cases they usually end up blowing their own dicks off, smoking a relative or spouse, or capping one or two offspring.

    It’s a rather extreme form of population control, but a definite win for the gene pool.

  • cbear commented on the blog post Andrew Breitbart NOT Killed By ACORN Deathdrone … Or Was He?

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    “hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with focal coronary atheroscerosis”

    Drat. I had self asphyxiation by sphincter for $20.

  • …..Palin dragging behind her like a string of shit for the rest of her career?

    Nice visual there. Tx

  • Fifty bucks says the Smails Santorum kid picks his nose.”

    … “Fifty bucks more says he eats it.”

  • cbear commented on the blog post Where In The World Is Andrew Breitbart?

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    Bye Bobby, thanks for playing. Maybe next time we’ll let you be one of the guys outside the barrel.

  • cbear commented on the blog post Where In The World Is Andrew Breitbart?

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    We are out of time. The time is now. Offer up what you have to give, all of it……before it is too late.

    What’s next, Bobby? Send you $19.95 for a prayer cloth anointed with the sweat of your brow and a subscription to your newsletter?
    Is that what you’re leading up to here?

    My god, I’m begining to suspect that Breitbart has dispatched Tanmmy Faye Baker back from the dead to perpetuate his greatest scam yet.

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