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    “We tortured some folks.” Nuff said.

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    How many think this issue will be resolved in public or in favor of the Fourth Amendment? Also, my guess is that the Senate Committee report will be so heavily redacted that the CIA’s immunity on torture will continue. Shall we say,a situational constitutionalism, a position so well maintained by the president.

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    So remind me again how the high tax rates in the Eisenhower Administration were bad for the economy? I’m sure you have an answer for how the present is different or the past was misunderstood, but I’d like to hear it. My rule of thumb is that most things that make the rich less rich [...]

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    As you say, we are so screwed by the kabuki soap opera of the elite. Good Read. Cognitive dissonance builds, if ever so slowly.

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    Excellent analysis lgid. Only one bone to pick: the Tea Party members are out to take over the Republican Party entirely and I think they view another government shutdown as a means of gaining more candidates during the primaries, even if it means giving up the House to the Democrats in 2014. Isn’t that the [...]

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    He’s five foot-two, and he’s six feet-four, He fights with missiles and with spears. He’s all of thirty-one, and he’s only seventeen, Been a soldier for a thousand years. He’a a Catholic, a Hindu, an Atheist, a Jain, A Buddhist and a Baptist and a Jew. And he knows he shouldn’t kill, And he knows [...]

  • Corporate is as corporate does. Nothing but a box of chocolates.

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    I share your jubilation with recent turns of events. It should be evident to most by now that Obama is a paper tiger and that opposition which strikes to the heart of his political survival will immobilize him and force him to cave, no matter how he tries to spin it. Here is the reality, [...]

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    You are too critical, it sounds more like high school to me.

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    He’s a narcissist, presiding over a narcissist country of elites.

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    We win tonight, but the devil doesn’t slither back under his rock so easily. The congressional delay is dangerous for Peace because if things go wrong during the weapons inspection there will be a renewed zeal among the Hawks and a slipping of resistance in the public. We have at least one more battle to [...]

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    Ambulances and Tanks! True, true, true. For once Obama can’t hide in the middle. But, he has succeeded in delaying the vote in congress until he can figure out how to deal with the weapons inspection issue and how that might be manipulated. You’ve gotta laugh at Kerry, who blundered into a way out for [...]

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    Perhaps this is a turning point as we hope. I find it encouraging that the Tea Party wing’s agenda has come to dovetail with progressives on Civil Liberties and War. Wonders will never cease. Cognitive dissonance builds and now is expressed in anger. Jesus, Martin Luther King and Gandhi look down tonight with pride. Keep [...]

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    Relax, Kerry has assured us that the Saudis will pay for our little intervention exercise. Of course, neither Kerry nor the Saudis are concerned about who will finance the growing refugee buildup in neighboring states like Jordan and Turkey. That would waste valuable funds that could otherwise be spent on some missiles and boots on [...]

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    Apparently Trayvon could have been his son but not Abdulrahman al-Awlaki. A man with very abstract situational empathy now is ready to kill more innocents as his soul sinks ever more deeply into a hell of his own making. Let’s see, was it Jesus or Martin Luther King who counseled him starting another war. This [...]

  • Caesar met his fate, in spite of the fact that the glutted Roman Senate was hopelessly corrupt. Unfortunately, it didn’t bring the Empire down.

  • The swirling mass of lies and misleading statements appear to be proceeding without any specific presentation of evidence, just as Obama’s claims of chemical weapons use by the Syrian government are undocumented to the public. The British and American administrations and governing bodies control almost all information and as a consequence they can cobble any fabrication or story line they wish and tailor their legal modifications of secrecy laws to meet every instance of resistance. Sad as it is, we are entering the twilight zone of impending totalitarianism brought to us first and foremost by the corporate monopolies that like the way they have set things up just fine and don’t need any further input from the worms that populate the world around their fortresses. This approach has been tried time and again and it will be tried again after this, assuming we have a planet that can sustain us biologically in the future. Historically, all of those attempts are destined to ultimate failure. I just hope I’m around to see the downfall of the current Western Reich.

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    Excellent historical overview of the demise of our democracy, lgid. I am constantly amazed at how horribly unhinged and transparently craven the Obama Administration has become, and just how resistant they are to any kind of self restraint. You are right on concerning the Geneva Conventions. Obama’s failure is starkly revealed by his violations of [...]

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    The unabiding concern for international norms from a gang that forced the president of Bolivia’s Plane down is quaintly amusing. One wonders just how stupid they think the public might be. Without doubt the public is dumb, but about half of the aren’t fooled by the Obama team anymore. Well, at least the recent resistance by South America, Russia, now the MPs, and Amish and crew has got to be at least encouraging. It will be interesting to see how the modern day Roman Council will behave to Barry’s most recent tantrum, a tantrum I believe is designed to take the target off his surveillance scandal. I enjoyed your commentary. Dissonance builds.

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    The villagers and DNC are just as guilty of protecting the corporate takers as the Repugs. You know this, right Lgid? You know that these distractions that take place on MSNBC in the guise of protecting the little guy are just Kabuki and that their real concerns are pure electoral politics. Just like a segment [...]

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