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    I voted green party for President. I have been tuned out of this site for a while because anger and discontent doesn’t make me a better worker/husband/father. Told my niece last night that it isn’t all the Republican’s fault. There was a D majority in Congress for two years, but feckless Harry Reid let them [...]

  • “to, you know, avert an economic 9/11.”

    Oh great…. more use of 9/11. This time by Democrats to support accepting pre-cave corporate friendly bipartisan compromises.

    Did I ever mention that I view 9/11 as a failure by our gov’t to keep us safe?

    More Genius to come.


  • If Obama is incompetent, we need better Democrats.

    If Obama got what he wanted, we need another political party.

    I ‘vote’ for the latter.

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    I think it *does* matter b/c if he’s just feckless, then, the more-better-Democrats is still in action, and we should do that. If on the other hand, it’s on purpose, then this party does not serve me, and I will never vote for a D again. BTW, I am never voting for another democrat. In [...]

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    I laugh when the true progressive agenda get funded to the tune of millions, or say ten cents per US Citizen. Then the authoritarian, banking, and military arms get funded in the billions, or worse, tens or hundreds of billions. Maybe a trillion if needed. But yes– to your post. 1- It is on purpose [...]

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    I just want to point out that among the MANY MANY lies that are used to cover and divert, one of the big lies is: OBAMA is courting the independent voters. This is just a lie. He is enacting fascist legislation according to the GOP script. “O gives libruls the finger” does not sell very [...]

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    trademark attorney comment:

    Does anybody else think that the cpfb logo reminds them of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting? (They don’t use the f).

    everybody sees the world through their own lens, I guess.

  • he just doesn’t care… (what you think).



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    ((Long time reader, infrequent poster. )) It is telling to me that nobody even bothers to question why Obama would PROMOTE this guy. We have all collectively let go of Candidate Obama’s promises to undo the actions and practices of (guys like) Petraeus. Accepted that he works with these guys, not against them. At all. [...]

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    Because I just did my taxes…. I want to point out that income tax doesn’t really apply to wealth. (See _The Millionaire Next Door_, e.g.) I hear this a lot, and … so… this is not really directed at you, but Billionaire applies to wealth, and not income. There is no wealth tax, only income [...]

  • You cannot EQUIVOCATE and lead.

    Obumma equivocates, triangulates, whatever. It is certainly hard to follow and comes off as disingenuous because – It is.

    Hated the Bush terms, but it was much clearer what he was pushing for. You are with us or you are against us. Hated it, but wish Obama would pull just 10% of that.

    As it is, when thinking “lead or get out of the way” — Obama should get out of the way b/c he refuses to clearly pick out a direction, announce it, and follow it. Maddening, and trying to ascribe motive or purpose is fruitless. We imprint our own views in making up our own explanations.

    Where is my AccountabilityNow?

    What a miserable failure.


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    from the orange site:
    Let’s keep this in perspective. This is not a seismic shift to the Republican agenda. This was a protest vote—a message to Democrats that said, “We don’t think you delivered our ponies fast enough, so we’re going to make you feel our pain the only way we know how: by reminding you that there’s another team out there.”

    ha ha ha.

    I thought I wanted my constitutional rights…

    so many ways to spin it.


    Barry Ritholtz brought this to my attention 2 years ago

  • I would like to point out that the STATED purpose of QE2 is to lower interest rates and boost ‘asset’ values. Of course this seems really stupid, and why would we need to spend a trillion dollars on lowering interest rates– if they are not the limiting factor. Credit is not expensive, it’s near an all time low.

    So, you look behind it an think…. What other purpose could be served that is more rational, but so unpopular that they can’t say it aloud?

    And the answer is — buy this shitpile version 2. I really think that QE2 is just another way for the Fed to take the failing assets off the books of the banks.