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  • Dammit. What is it you REALLY want?!?! Every time you threaten to take your blog and go hang out at the beach, and spend time with your family, and… live in San Diego… beautiful weather… good food…

    Wait a minute – WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?!?! I know. The stupid. It calls and whispers to you, even when you try to drown it out. God knows I’ve tried with beer and bourbon. Pretty much the only real cure is going to the beach and OBSERVING the HUMAN CONDITION.

    Just one thing – pics, or it never happened.

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    I think you’ll be receiving your signed Mumia hoodie in the mail.

    Don’t worry, it’s been paid for with the tears of true, righteous, rage™.

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    Look, I grew up in Europe when there were actual terrorist organizations blowing shit up, shooting (Americans) soldiers, CIA dudes, and kidnapping (Americans) like it was all part of a new Olympic Sport. My dad spent his mornings checking the family car for bombs. Hand grenades were falling like fruit into sidewalk cafes and whatnot. Discos were bombed. Planes hijacked. One of my Dad’s friends had a big PLO sticker on his briefcase – his plan was, when the plane got jacked, he’d show the sticker & say, “Hey! I’m with YOU!”

    What stopped all this was not “surrounding everyone, everywhere, with… everything we’ve got!”, but by breaking into the various RedBadNovemberBrigadeEtc, AdInfinitum groups with people: informers and moles.

    So I’m used to seeing a bit of freakout – but the thing I remember was that the rest of society at the time just carried on. I guess now that something happened in the US, people collectively lost. their. shit.

    And something. must. be. done. So although some people complained back when Bush used the carte blanche to do what the fuck he wanted, most people were fine with it.

    So NSA is collecting EVERYTHING ON THE INTERTUBES & PHONES. Good luck with that. This may turn out to be the only growth industry to pull us out of this crappy recession. If they really do well and get Stasi-like, & manage to get half the USA following around and informing on the other half, the damn thing will collapse from it’s own stupid weight. If it doesn’t pull a Hendrix and choke on it’s own vomit first.

    But the freakout over something that was disclosed as Echelon and Total Information Awareness years ago, now that it’s been confirmed by a guy hiding in China, is a bit much. I agree with Charles Pierce that you don’t “tradeoff” your bill of rights for anything, especially something as nebulous as “security”. Especially when the guys selling you this shite don’t give you anything in return but a big fat Trust Us.

    And yet, I remain an optimistic pessimist – I know the world’s in the crapper, but I keep feeling like we’re gonna pull out a win at the last minute.

    And Shakira’s Nether Regions – gotta be good for something. At least she keeps morale high around here.

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    All I want from the purity trolls is a good argument.

    What I get is just contradiction.

    No you don’t – what you want is contradiction. Abuse is down the hall.

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    Actually, as far as the American Indians go, the US Gov’t holds the World Land Speed Record in breaking “perpetual” treaties.

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    Please ask the Cherokee how this whole “Unbreakable US Treaty Thingy” that CANNOT be UNDONE has worked out for them.

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    What else floats?

    Very small stones.

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    This is full of WIN.

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    Don’t look now, but McAddled’s tossed her word salad into the ring (see what I did there?).

  • Couldn’t have happened to a better set of folks, bless their tiny, shriveled little hearts.

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    You know, when Julie Brown wrote (and starred in) her seminal 80′s hit, we all thought it was a funny parody – not a blueprint for the future.

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    GWPA – sorry to hear about your troubles…

    On the other hand, you could be in as bad a shape as that poor retired couple, who retired, STILL earn 180,000 Simoleons in INCOME. As RETIREES. NICE.

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    Sad when the investment income of these Sad Americans is larger than the total income of the majority of Working-Class Americans (see what I did there?).

    My obvious response to these very sad stories is: “Are there no poorhouses? Are there no Sweatshops?”

    Awesome display of First-World problems here…

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    Do NOT drop the Brown ACID – it’s gone off…

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    Absolute fucking madness.

    I would be willing to watch these shitbags continue their policy of sticking their fingers in their ears and going “LALALALALALALALA”, if by fingers you mean C-4, and by going “LALALALA” you mean squeezing the clacker a bunch of times.

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    “…The ones that strike me most are the repeated ‘if one courageous armed citizen had been there’….”

    Yes. We call those people “Police Officers”. Full. Stop.

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    “… Poor Mexican atheist sluts are ruining America and someday the smug liberals who have enabled them will reap this baby-momma godless sex whirlwind…”

    Always euphemisms with these people! Why can’t they tell us (ahem) straight!

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    God has betrayed AMERICA, in that he/she allowed the brown/dusky vote to over power the pure, white, AMERICAN vote.

    That’s how I read these vignettes. Though the salty, bittersweet, delicious tears of the melainin-challenged AMERICANS.

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    Travy, I’m so glad your purity showed the way “like a shaft of gold when all around is dark”; i.e. the purest bat piss.

  • Anyone else notice that the blocks the little girl plays with at the end of the clip spelled “death to usa”?

    This is what Todd Akin was trying to save America’s Suicide™ from.

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