• Oh, DR. Steven Greer briefed the Clinton administration on some of these technologies and was told that the President couldn’t take that on because he would “end up like Jack Kennedy.” I understand that Dr. Greer has also briefed the Obama administration. Still nothing but silence. But I’m not surprised, after all Obama is a Wall Streeter thru and thru.

  • But there is NO help what-so-ever for clean energy like Bruce DePalma’s machine, or Edwin Gray’s machine, or Stan Myers’ machine. That’s because once you get em up and running, there is no more money to be made by Wall Street and the Big Oil, Gas and Coal industries. We have to just look at history and what J.P.Morgan, George Westinghouse, and the Rockefellers did to Nikola Tesla just when he was about to deliver FREE ENERGY to the people of the world. There is no push for FREE ENERGY. Why? I can understand why big oil and gas/coal doesn’t want free energy, but why aren’t the people out here who are trying to pay the light bill, or fill up the gasoline tank in their cars, or power their shop and keep falling behind, why aren’t WE asking about these FREE ENERGY technologies. These machines WORK! And the news has been suppressed. They don’t want you to know. But one day Dylan Rattigan said the words FREE ENERGY on MSNBC and you should have seen the look on the face of his guest. It was like he was saying with his eyes, “We aren’t supposed to talk about THAT!”

  • Make sure to ask Romney about his jobs plan. Like the one he had as CEO of Bain Capital in 1994. He doesn’t want us to remember that fiasco.

  • How’s that trickley-downey-thingey workin’ out fer ya?

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