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  • Cenk Uygur wrote a new diary post: The Progressive Presidential Primary

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    If you think Hillary Clinton is going to fight for a progressive agenda, you’re smoking the good stuff. The woman who just told her Goldman Sachs audience that the bankers are misunderstood is going to do what — get money out of politics, fix the banking system, do progressive economic policy? Even if you “stand [...]

  • First, let me be clear that this is not intended for the hosts on MSNBC. It’s management that’s the issue. The way Phil Griffin has his hosts trot out for one apology after another is revolting. At least, he included himself in the genuflecting to the right-wing last time around. The whole display is pathetic. [...]

  • Cenk Uygur wrote a new diary post: WHCD: A Salute to the Centurions

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    I was at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner tonight. And I loved 85% of it. This makes me somewhat of a hypocrite because I often criticize a lot of the people in that room, and I especially single out the chuminess of the press with the government. Now, I justify my participation in this bacchanal [...]

  • Cenk Uygur wrote a new diary post: Vote Against Obama in Iowa

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    The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is a crime against our constitution. It allows for the indefinite detention of US citizens by the military inside the US – without a trial. It’s one of the worst laws ever passed in the US and it passed with nary a peep of opposition. I’m positive that a huge [...]

  • Cenk Uygur wrote a new diary post: How We Can Change the Media

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    A quote you see everywhere is Gandhi’s line about being the change you want to see in the world. Since I’m a corny guy, I took that to heart. Here are some of the main problems with the establishment media that I want to help change: 1. They are the establishment. They don’t challenge the [...]

  • Thumbnail I have been saying for about a year now that the man best positioned to become the next President of the United States is Mike Huckabee. To this day, the Republican voter is desperately in search for the anti-Romney. Even seven out of ten Romney voters say they could switch their vote to someone else. There is [...]

  • Cenk Uygur wrote a new diary post: Why Republican Voters Can’t Make Up Their Mind

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    ThumbnailIt seems like every couple of weeks we have a new leader in the Republican field. Michele Bachmann has been there, so has Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, and now Herman Cain sits atop the field. Why can’t Republican voters make up their minds? Here’s why – they don’t even believe their own positions. They want [...]

  • Cenk Uygur wrote a new diary post: How To Regain Our Democracy

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    Declaration of Independence Our politicians are bought. Everyone knows it. Conservatives know it just as much as liberals do. And libertarians have probably known it all along. The Democrats are bought and the Republicans even more so. They don’t represent us. They represent their donors. We have taxation without representation. Our democracy is in serious trouble. [...]

  • Cenk Uygur wrote a new diary post: Is Obama Playing Rope-a-Dope?

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    Thumbnail Here was the headline on Yahoo tonight: Obama bows to Boehner on jobs speech I can tell you what any progressive who has been paying attention thought, “Oh boy, here we go again.” President Obama has now changed the day of his address to Congress to accomodate the Republicans. They were having a GOP presidential [...]

  • Cenk Uygur wrote a new diary post: Bin Laden Dead – War Was Not the Answer

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    A lot of people will make the point today that we should leave Afghanistan as soon as possible now that our top goal of going over there has been accomplished. This comes, ironically, eight years to the day after President Bush declared Mission Accomplished in regard to Iraq — and can anyone remind me what [...]

  • Cenk Uygur wrote a new diary post: Progressives Must Stand up to the President

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    These budget negotiations were a giant win for the Republican Party. President Obama initially cut $40 billion from his own budget proposal — and he got absolutely no credit for that. It was a very typical preemptive concession by the president. It was so typical, you wonder if he recognizes what an indisputably terrible strategy [...]
  • Cenk Uygur wrote a new diary post: Was Jared Loughner’s Act Political?

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    Was Jared Loughner’s act in shooting Rep. Giffords political? Apparently this is what’s being debated with a straight face now. Is this a joke? He shot a politician in the head. He called it an “assassination.” What part of that was unclear?

    He didn’t shoot Gabrielle Giffords randomly and it turned out she just happened to [...]
  • Cenk Uygur wrote a new diary post: Ann Coulter vs. Sarah Palin

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    I recently interviewed Chris Barron of GOProud, a gay conservative organization that believes that the Republican Party is welcoming of gay Americans. The issue was that some prominent conservative organizations were boycotting the largest conservative conference in the country because they allowed GOProud to attend. Seems very welcoming.

    The interview was heated ( you can see it [...]
  • Cenk Uygur wrote a new diary post: New Poll Confirms Country is Clearly Progressive

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    New poll out indicates that the country is clearly, massively, overwhelmingly progressive. While they talk about cutting so-called entitlement programs in Washington, the American people have completely different priorities.

    When asked what’s the first thing they would do to balance the budget, Americans had an unmistakably clear answer — raise taxes on the rich. It came [...]
  • John Boehner can’t stop talking about the “will of the public” these days. Now that the Republicans have won the House, he keeps saying over and over that the Democrats must go along with Republican plans from now on because they have to listen to the… will of the public. Well, here’s what I don’t [...]

  • CENK UYGUR, GUEST HOST: First, our exclusive interview with WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, who sparked a global uproar with his release of hundreds of thousands of pages of secret government documents and diplomatic cables, information ranging from the outrageous — we had innocent and unarmed reporters and Iraqi civilians being killed by U.S. troops — to [...]

  • Cenk Uygur wrote a new diary post: Is it Time for Democrats to Fight Obama?

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    You want to hear something really depressing? If John McCain had won the presidency, there is almost no chance he could have gotten the Bush tax cuts extended for the rich. Think about it. How was a Republican president going to get an overwhelmingly Democratic Senate and House to pass those tax cuts that they [...]

  • Cenk Uygur wrote a new diary post: The Hidden Cost of Capitulation

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    Now that the president has signaled yet another collapse in agreeing to tax cuts for the rich, there is a hidden cost to this capitulation. He is now stuck defending this deal for the rest of his term. I predicted this on the show yesterday and today it’s playing out exactly the way I imagined, with the [...]

  • Cenk Uygur wrote a new diary post: Is Barack Obama Stupid?

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    New CBS News poll out confirms every other poll we’ve seen on the topic – the American people are solidly against tax cuts for the rich. 53% of respondents said there should only be tax cuts for the middle class and no tax cuts for people making over $250,000. That’s the number most people in the [...]
  • Cenk Uygur wrote a new diary post: Why Can’t We Be the Job Creators?

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    Thumbnail The Republicans always use the excuse that we have to give the rich huge tax cuts because they are the “job creators.” Of course, the reality is that giving tax cuts to the rich is the very worst way of getting more money into the economy. The multiplier effect for tax cuts for the wealthy is [...]

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