• Yes, in both words and appearance, Matthew Boyle is a uniquely unappealing person.

  • The few games I’ve seen, and things I’ve heard from others, causes me do disagree with you; the officiating has been worse this year. A major concern is misunderstanding of the sometimes labyrithian NFL rulebook. I saw a clear example today with the game on the line between Seattle and Arizona.

    In fact, I disagree with you about the quality of past years’ officiating as well. They almost always get the calls right in an extremely chaotic, fast-paced sport. There are many times I’m sure they’ve blown the call but the replay shows them to have been correct.

  • Fuck the fucking Yankees. That is what happened to them. As it should be.

    Speaking of fucked-up organizations, let us consider the NFL. The League has locked out its referees in order to make the officials’ Union eat shit at the bargaining table. Of course, the money needed in order to maintain current standards of compensation for the refs can be found under the owners’ sofa cushions.

    And, as could have been anticipated by sentient beings, the officiating has been horrible all year, today included. This anti-union climate will ease some day, won’t it? It makes absolutely zero sense economically.

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    These actions by financial institutions were wrong, and by all means your judgements on these actions make logical sense. But laws regulating financial transactions were eviscerated before Obama took office, weren’t they?

    Plus, in the post-Citizens United era, Wall Street could absolutely bury Obama with money and take him out if they felt fully inspired to do so, couldn’t they?

    Finally, Romney and Ryan would make these problems you speak of EXPONENTIALLY worse, wouldn’t they?

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    Then Eisenhower’s corpse should’ve kicked McKeon’s ass.

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    “He understands the Reagan principle of having a strong defense and the Eisenhower principle of having a big enough military that no one would ever think about attacking you,” McKeon told The Daily Beast.

    Yeah, this quote made me do a spit take. What kind of ahistorical assholes are these people? The Daily Beast reporter should’ve done their own spit take. In Buck’s face.

  • If we had a meritocracy, Jonah would have lost all his jobs long ago. The Los Angeles Times employs someone who makes statements which are perfectly fascistic and intended to foment violence against liberals. This is the worst, which is reeeeeallly saying something.

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    Here’s some fucked-up bullshit from our virtuous rejector of Chunky Reese:

    The Wisconsin protests didn’t defend American workers’ right to bargain for their fair share of company profits, as traditional union protests have. They defended government employees’ right to negotiate with elected officials over the division of taxpayer dollars — a recipe for profligacy that even liberal icons like Franklin Roosevelt and the A.F.L.-C.I.O.’s George Meany once opposed.”

    - So this ass is suggesting that our public servants are not American workers? Hey- Fuck you, Ross. When they’re processing your parents’ Social Security checks and ensuring they gain their full Medicare benefits, or ensuring that your food and water are not poisoned, or seeing to it that the Internet, mass communication and transit systems (including the airlines and roadways) are functioning, and a thousand other things they do, they have direct value to YOU, Ross. Others who see to it that more Americans can keep themselves nourished, clothed, and with shelter, they also provide a direct service to me, you, Ross, and the rest of us. I don’t want to see their jobs, hours, or compensation cut, not when there are numerous alternatives to balancing our governmental budgets.

    - Ross hasn’t been a defender of private sector “..workers’ right to bargain for their fair share of company profits..”. Unless he cares to entertain as his next column subject former American Airlines CEO Gerald Arpey, who opposed the company’s needless filing for bankruptcy this week, saying “I believe it’s important to the character of the company and its ultimate long-term success to do your very best to honor those (labor and creditor contractual) commitments,” then fuck Ross there, too, also.

    - There were no meaningful private or public funding crises for pensions or healthcare until massive deregulations of the financial, health care insurance, and pharmaceutical sectors allowed sociopathic fucks to destroy the economy and increase health care costs at a completely unsustainable rate. Nor was there a major public outcry over compensation for the rank-and-file public sector worker until decades of outrageously untruthful propaganda was followed by the crashing of the economy by our Randian enemies. Does Ross mention this? Of course not. Fuck him.

    - “..even liberal icons like Franklin Roosevelt and the A.F.L.-C.I.O.’s George Meany once opposed (public worker collective bargaining)..”. Yes, circumstances have not changed over the last 70 years, and as a supporter of both FDR and the AFL-CIO I have no right to oppose, say, the internment of Japanese-Americans, the corruption that existed in the AFL-CIO under Meany’s leadership, and their positions on public sector workers. Ross enters clownish support for his anti-worker premise here.

    I could go on with this column, but fuck it, and fuck Ross.