• What’s the best Yiddish term for Mr. Elliott Abrams? I think he’s best described as a “schnorrer”. cb

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    Bishops, and Catholic lawyers are incrasingly allowing their Republican partisan predilections to peep through. consider the fab five on the Supreme Court who may soon, disregarding all precedent, put reins congress power to regulate commerce. how odd that they are all Catholic. Fairly soon now the Catholic hierarchs will start eviction proceedings toward those Catholics who believe in women’s rights and women’s equality. Jesus wwept, and weeps. cb

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    Alexander Hamilton said the same thing, at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 (“your people, sir, is a great beast”), so distaste for democracy is as American as apple pie. So is invective–John Adams called Hamilton the “bastard brat of a Scots peddler.” I feel comfortable in speaking of Mr. Vadum in similar terms. Thankfully, the majority of founding fathers thought sanely, though conservatively. See what will happen in Ohio when the people, having been subjected to having organizing rights taken away by Hamiltonians, will respond in fury. Out goes Kasich and other corporate fascists. That was foretold by founding father John Dickenson: “the people will not consent to be disenfranchised”. The beat goes on. cb

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