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  • @11 “nobody thinks non-citizens should be voting”

    I think non-citizens should be allowed to vote, provided they have lived in this country continuously for some statutory length of time. (You’ve heard the phrase “no taxation without representation” perhaps?) As a Canadian citizen who has lived in this country for many years as a resident (legal) alien, I have never been allowed to vote in any election anywhere. In Canada, voting rights are predicated on residency. You have to be living in Canada to vote, but do not necessarily have to be a Canadian citizen. Canadian citizens living abroad, conversely, are not allowed to vote — there is no such thing as absentee balloting.

  • Yes indeed. Komen sucks away a lot of dollars that would otherwise go to support a cure for breast cancer.

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    “That Sikh guy whose name he never bothered to learn”? Probably Mr. Singh.

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    Thank-you, Juliania. My thoughts exactly.

  • A minor detail, but I was amused to see that Bayh and Daley sat down to a lunch of “tuna salad and diet cokes.” How is it we’re never given that level of detail when they sit down to lashings of Beluga caviar and Bolly?

  • I haven’t had a bank account since I was 11 years old. Yet somehow I’ve managed to survive an additional 50 years using only a credit union and a mutual fund account, neither of which exacts fees. I’ve bought and sold property, invested in the stock market, borrowed money for home equity projects, cars, and personal expenses (my credit union will lend up to $10K to any credit-worthy member simply for the asking, no collateral required). My only interaction with banks has been through home mortgages, and I’ve found I have to watch them like a hawk, which is not easy, given that they trade these mortgages back and forth among themselves every year or two. I’ve never understood why anyone would choose to put their money in a bank and pay for the privilege.

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    So if the second helicopter was disabled (and blown up to “prevent it getting into the hands of our enemies,” as I heard in one early news report), how did the navy seals (and any prisoners, captured equipment, data, etc.) get away from the scene? Presumably they could not all have left in the one remaining helicopter. Perhaps they had a limo waiting outside the compound?

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    I wish I could go vote! I’m 60 years old and have never voted in my life. That’s because I’m a Canadian citizen living in the United States. As a resident alien here in the US, I’m not eligible to vote in any election (So much for “no taxation without representation!”), but as a non-resident Canadian citizen, I’m not eligible to vote in any Canadian elections either. You have to be a resident. Non-citizens who are Canadian residents can vote in Canada, unlike here. So I’ve never been resident in Canada and of age to vote in an election, and though I’ve lived and paid taxes here for more than 20 years and will most likely die here, I’ve never been able to vote in an election because I’m not an American citizen.

  • My sentiments exactly, which is why I’d be extremely surprised if congress actually did set NPR adrift — they’re far too useful a propaganda tool to both sides of the aisle.

  • When you don’t know what you’re talking about, please refrain from posting so the rest of us Canadians don’t look like idiots too.

  • My sentiments exactly!

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