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  • chebetts commented on the diary post Jumping Into the Bitcoin Bubble by Zach Tomanelli.

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    I find Stefan Molyneux explains it simply and also adds a few more uses to what Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can do…’s around 50 minutes, but all worth it. Basically removing the middle man to “investing” in companies etc….removing the need for Wall St. and on and on down the line. I also find [...]

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    Thumbnail So I went on a bike ride here in southern Germany with my son a handful of months ago. The weather was nice, meaning the sun was out, and I decided to take the little bumbler on a cruise. I grabbed a little heart crystal and stuck it in my pocket, because everyone knows a [...]

  • chebetts wrote a new diary post: A Knot for ME

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    Thumbnail I’ve started this thing twice already and both times have resulted in the same highlight and delete function. So here we go, every time is a charm, it’s just that the third is the one that has cemented all those non-concrete thoughts swirling around. So mount your Pegasus, and let us take to the winds [...]

  • chebetts wrote a new diary post: Jailhouse Pixels

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    ThumbnailIf I could sing you a tune, I would, maybe with a few moves along the way, but we’ll have to remain in this little electronic prism for now, only now. Interesting to think that the only reason you can read this right now is the white background, defining the dark symbols of what we’ve been [...]

  • chebetts wrote a new diary post: A Time Traveling Exercise Oh My

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    This was emailed to me by a friend, thought I would share it, since it allows a new perception on life, allowing you to create what it is that you feel through you. Obviously we’re on a web forum where we try and convince each other what to think and why, look at all this [...]

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    yes, it is a long walk, but one that begins a step at a time, not even taking into account what we fathom as “time.” To me, and maybe to you, all this talk about “we are one” etc. gives me the notion that if this were so, if we were just here branching out [...]

  • chebetts wrote a new diary post: Another Light

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    So tell me, what’s it like being a child on this Earth? Have you forgotten or have you forgotten? Or maybe you just don’t want to remember due to the complexity you’ve surrounded yourself with? Passing through volumes of literature, the bigger questions that complex us, those that we choose not to look at, are [...]

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    What if we put our energies into living in harmony with the Earth as well as our fellow humans? Say, I don’t know, instead of hiring scientists and all those “smart” people to continue to increase the “efficiency” of warfare, instead have them do a 180 and come up with some ideas on how to [...]

  • chebetts commented on the diary post Typhoon Haiyan Reports Coming In: 10,000 Dead in Central Province by wendydavis.

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    I know the “power of nature” here is touted as the prevailing force that wreaks havoc across innocent people, but I would also just like to add the simple idea that these massive storms have been tampered with and helped along their “natural” path. We can see ample evidence of high radio frequency beams being [...]

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    Thanks for the word. I actually just got back from Turkey after 11 days or so. My good friend, who now lives there was in Istanbul for some of the protests and shot this video: Also Vice has a great short film on the same protests I believe shot a few months before my [...]

  • chebetts wrote a new diary post: The Spell I’m Under….

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    It’s time for yet another one of those magical electronic plugs of rant. I advise you to turn up the Vox amp, turn on the electrical back up, maybe switch on the generator, I don’t know, it may be a good idea. The rain is pounding. The lightning is setting the sky on fire, allowing [...]

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    Does anyone here look into the fact that there’s already a large growth of “weather manipulation” abound? I wonder where the research for that is, you know, all the fancy graphs and reports outlining what the effect of geo-engineering is as well as the on-going onslaught of HAARP etc? Anybody think that these un-reported aspects [...]

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    Thank you wd for your own presence and light that you give outwardly soooo.

    The best is received and passed on to your wonderful mountain garden.

  • chebetts wrote a new diary post: A Soulful Purpose

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    Thumbnail The rattles of the wind brought me here. The smooth hollow noises that collaborated upon my chest gave me a deeper impression of self to self. I felt the wind now upon my eyes, filtering through each and every eyelash, pulling me deeper to understanding, to awareness, that which I sought. I was but a [...]

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    Look at the monetary system as a whole. The Zeitgeist Movement and others points out the fundamental flaw we have all been sold on such a system that money = debt. To change that which is upon us, we must look at the entire picture, beyond politics, beyond religion, beyond percentages and look at the [...]

  • chebetts wrote a new diary post: Clicks Beware

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    It’s about time we exhale and allow our selves the possibility of being empty for a moment. Release our hold upon things in which our ego identifies with and give that tiny little space a spot on stage for a moment, shine a light and let it dance a jig or three. Funny, or rather [...]

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    Really? A democratic society of comments, shooting back and forth, and it comes down to the “monetary” issue once again, but not on a “big picture” scale i.e. the Federal Reserve and how it creates its fake money, but on a personal level………how much do you pay a month in this fiat currency? This is [...]

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    Education today is built on telling people what to think, not how to think….as for NASA, being a governmental agency, I’m sure they have our best interests in mind in providing cutting edge technology to present to the people, for the people. I wonder if NASA runs the same type of science NIST did in [...]

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    So what happens if some evidence shows up on your desk that the entire solar system as a whole is heating up. The sun’s activity is again the highest it’s been in 8,000 years….all the other planets in the solar system are going through dramatic heating up phases in the last 30-40 years….and yet all [...]

  • chebetts commented on the diary post Doha climate talks: what not to expect by cassiodorus.

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    My harmonic resonance with this issue is along the lines of….wait for it……dreaming of a different world and not being “sucked” in to whatever you want to call reality because to me, your idea of what is and what can be is already controlled by your unseen masters who dictate policy and “social concerns.” Droughts… [...]

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