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  • ChePasa commented on the blog post Over Easy: The Art and Technique of Radio Restoration

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    Fun post. It takes both skill and insight to repair/restore an antique radio.

    We have a Philco 41-245 and a Crosley 635 Cruiser, both of which work pretty well, albeit intermittently, as neither has been restored, and I don’t have the skill or patience to do it myself. We don’t use them often, but when we do, it’s a charming nostalgic reminder. Some of the stations we can get around here even run the occasional radio drama.

    When I was a youngster, before we got a teevee (a Packard Bell, c. 1954) we listened to a Philco 41-260 that had sublime tone and had a record player attachment that plugged in the back.

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    They outlawed free speech as well. Well, “free speech” that doesn’t conform with the prevailing sentiment… One is free to speak in France, they tell me, so long as one doesn’t suggest what it is forbidden to say. Isn’t that just something? It’s so stark and so obvious and so hypocritical. As for Zizek, you’ll forgive [...]

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    Doesn’t it seem to you, Mz, that putting context to the wrong things is nutz-making to those who insist context can only be given to the right things? My interest in the Hebdo Thing is relatively slight, and it’s more about the consequences than the action itself. I guess it’s a consequence of becoming so used to [...]

  • On a similar theme, Philadelphia Officers Sean McKnight and Kevin Robinson were indicted on charges of aggravated assault and related offenses in the pursuit, beating and arrest of Najee Rivera on May 29, 2013.

    Surveillance video of the incident was found by Rivera’s girlfriend which showed that the officers lied in their report of what happened. Rivera has already settled a civil suit against the city.

    Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey is the chair of the president’s commission currently on a national tour to hear testimony and prepare a report on how to improve the relations between police and communities.

    That may have had something to do with the indictment announced today… a year and a half after the incident took place

  • Ah thanks, I missed the GJ part… even though it’s right there. Couldn’t be clearer. Sigh. As we get older, so much that seems obvious gets lost in the shuffle.

    Meanwhile, dismissal and/or plea bargain (misdemeanor discharge of firearm? reckless endangerment? ) seems almost certain.

    Even if there is an actual trial on manslaughter charges, the likelihood of conviction is slight given the fact the boy was “armed” and the detective didn’t have time to deal with it.

    But let’s say there is a conviction on manslaughter charges. Do you think that would have a significant effect on a police culture that has maintained a 3-a-day killing pace for as long as more or less comprehensive records have been kept and made public? (Not that long. “Killed by Police” only went live in May of 2013.)


  • Cause for guarded optimism? Perhaps. It really depends on the outcome of the trial, assuming there will be a trial and the charges aren’t dismissed at the preliminary hearing.

    Sometimes these indictments of police are political ploys to assuage the tiny pings of conscience that may arise among some of the participants and overseers of these killings. Sometimes they are little more than sops to public opinion. When killer-officers are routinely held to account and put behind bars, I’ll be optimistic that we’ve finally turned a corner on this violent policing thing. Until then, I will remain skeptical.

    I would only add that policing has been turned into a violent death cult in this country, a quasi-religious “calling” if you will, in which the killing of mentally ill, homeless, addicted, black, brown, poor — the Other in other words — is considered the highest achievement obtainable. It is considered most honorable and noble to kill with neither remorse nor conscience people like Keith Vidal who, as a schizophrenic “with a weapon” clearly needed killing.

    It comes directly from the faith-based ravings of a lunatic named (Lt. Col.) Dave Grossman, a former West Point psychology teacher, who conducts as many as 300 seminars with police and military recruits and veterans every year. He pumps them up to kill. That is their purpose in life, he says. There is no higher accomplishment for them than to kill the “wolves” who would otherwise be preying on the “flock.”

    Grossman says that the plethora of school shootings in the ’90s followed by the 9/11 attacks — along with his military experience — led him to his quasi-religious enlightenment about killing…

    For him and for many police (and the military of course) killing is what they are there for. By definition, everyone they kill deserves no less. By killing these “wolves” the rest of the “flock” is protected and preserved.

    Of course the fact that many of us — part of the “flock” — point out that the police (and military) are behaving as “wolves” themselves by killing many innocents is bewildering to Grossman’s many tens of thousands of adherents among the police and military.

    They see themselves as the ones solely delegated to determine guilt and innocence and to make those legendary split-second decisions over who should live and who should die. And to execute on the spot those who they determine need killing.

    Thus a schizophrenic youth “armed” with a screwdriver is obviously an existential threat, a “wolf” that needs to be put down forthwith, and so it is done. I’ll bet Det. Vassey has no idea he’s done anything wrong or that he’s even capable of doing anything wrong. From his point of view, he did his job and should be rewarded, not criticized or punished.

    Changing that mindset means de-programming hundreds of thousands of police officers throughout the land.

    Quite a task.

  • Most important Tweet of the Day: Bassem Masri @bassem_masri I implore everyone 2 go 2 those you love most and make sure they know it. Tomorrow is not promised #Ferguson #STL

    Just repeating it ’cause it’s true. Bassem knows whereof he speaks. Been catching up on the events of the past couple of days, and even [...]

  • Well, Mz… What an assembly! Roorda is a goon, there’s no doubt about that. Lynch is no better. And neither is doing their buddies any favors, as the public sees their behavior and is — or ought to be — alarmed. These guys are red-flagging everything wrong with policing today but they are so unself [...]

  • ChePasa commented on the diary post Chris Hedges: Killing Ragheads for Jesus: On Watching ‘American Sniper’ by CTuttle.

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    “There are three types of people in this world: sheep, wolves and sheepdogs. Some people prefer to believe evil doesn’t exist in the world. And if it ever darkened their doorstep they wouldn’t know how to protect themselves. Those are the sheep. And then you got predators.” The camera cuts to a schoolyard bully beating [...]

  • ChePasa commented on the diary post ABQ DA Charges Two Cops with the Murder of James Boyd; Police & Friends Take Revenge by wendydavis.

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    A quick note (not feeling up to snuff, have to work other projects, yadda yadda, hey ho): Brandenburg stressed at her news conference announcing the open count of murder against Perez and Sandy that the only evidence her office is presenting at that preliminary hearing will be the evidence presented to her office by APD. Of [...]

  • ChePasa commented on the diary post A Good #ReclaimMLK and #MLKShutItDown Day to You by wendydavis.

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    One thing about Bassem, as you know, too, he is really keyed in to the people of the community. It shows in everything he does, everything he writes, everything he captures in his livestreams. He cares deeply about building a better future, and he does what he can to make it so. If you ever [...]

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    Some additions: Bassem’s rant on OpReclaimMLK, the Harris-Stowe incident and other things: Video of insane screaming contradictory cop shooting and killing Jerame Reid in Bridgeton, NJ, last December is released. Anybody who’s been following the police killing spree has seen the same sort of scene play out over and over and over again. Reid was [...]

  • Maybe her Google Machine is broken. Ya think? Meanwhile, the demands map that marym posted @38 has a sampling of the demands that have been made during the protests to date. They know it’s far from complete and ask that demands and action programs from all over be sent in so they can add them [...]

  • It was great, just great.

    Extraordinary preparation, organization and execution.

  • Give them couple of voices in the wilderness (for balance) and an opaque process and they can get pretty much anything they want, eh? Nothing happens in the Senate that isn’t planned long in advance; it is not a body known for, ahem, freewheeling. They knew exactly what they were going to do — and who [...]

  • Thanks for this, MZ. The details of what-all horrors are in this budget bill keep filtering out, but somehow I doubt we know the worst of it yet. How could it be any worse??? It’s just one goodie-gimme after another for the plutocrats and kleptocrats to drool over and savor, and it was passed with nary [...]

  • ChePasa commented on the diary post CO Man Cleared of Four Charges of Assault on a ‘Peace Officer’ by wendydavis.

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    Been hoping for some more complete news on yesterday’s Albuquerque undercover police shooting by another undercover officer — “Blue on Blue” — but if anything, the story is getting more muddled. The police report on the arrest is out, naming the undercover officers involved, the amount of meth involved ($60), and where they were coming from, but not [...]

  • ChePasa commented on the diary post CO Man Cleared of Four Charges of Assault on a ‘Peace Officer’ by wendydavis.

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    “All out war on cops?” Bullshit. No. There is no “war on cops.” Not from BGF or anyone else. I’m only vaguely familiar with BGF and was not aware that Bella had called them out but wouldn’t be surprised. I don’t doubt there are false flag operations planned or under way, though, to make it [...]

  • ChePasa commented on the diary post CO Man Cleared of Four Charges of Assault on a ‘Peace Officer’ by wendydavis.

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    Another officer was shot in Albuquerque this morning.

    The Police Chief just said it was blue on blue. Undercover officer shot by another officer during a drug sting.


  • ChePasa commented on the diary post CO Man Cleared of Four Charges of Assault on a ‘Peace Officer’ by wendydavis.

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    I too hope there’s an enormous civil award to the family, but since French lived and he apparently had “only” superficial wounds — and was acquitted, my stars! — there may be little or no award from a jury. Let’s hope they have a persuasive legal team. The city may settle for a relatively modest [...]

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