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    OT and before I go to bed. The mouse has roared. The Murdoch attempt to create Fox News UK is toast. And listening to commentators discussing the FCTA I found myself thinking Emptywheel was a couple of days ahead.

    Really interesting is the fact that the tipping point, at which the problem moved outside the UK equivalent of the Beltway, was when the very people who read Murdoch’s papers found they were messing with the phones of young female murder victims and their families, the very sort of people these papers had used as camoflage for their infamy.

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    May a UK lawyer join in? Are you sure? If James, as Chairman of News Intl’ can peremptorally close NoW down, is that not strong evidence News Intl’ controls it? And if police were paid to provide stories (which is strongly alleged)isn’t that payment to obtain business?

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    It’s even better than that. There’s one the London pundits have not really noticed.

    After a libel case brought by a maverick Scottish MP called Tommy Sheridan, NoW persuaded the Scots police to charge Sheridan with perjury. Coulson said in court that there had not been widespread phone hacking by the NoW. Which we now know was not true and pretty well know Coulson then knew was not true. Sheridan was convicted and went to jail this January based partly on Coulson’s evidence.

    So look for Coulson to be charged in Scotland with perjury. Sheridan’s lawyer and, according to the Glasgow based “Herald”, Glasgow’s Prosecutors,are on the case already.

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    They tried the lower level flunky bit already for the royal hacking. A journalist, Clive Goodman, and the PI at the center of the whole mess, Glenn Mulcaire, went to jail, Goodman was described by News Intl. as a rogue journalist and everything seemed to go quiet. I assume Mulcaire and Goodman were rewarded for being good boys and taking the medicine for the firm.

    No-one really believed it but most people, had to pretend to. Then over the months it has all gradually unravelled as all good cover-ops do.

    But while only celebrities and politicians were being targetted, most people really didn’t care. But let me assure you, if you wanted to find a couple of dog whistle issues to foment the masses, the words “Milly Dowler” and “Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman” are the ones. And this was largely, and here is the wonderful bit, because of the Murdoch papers.

    And they knew it was coming. My evidence? About four weeks ago, without any real explanation, Rupe called son James back from his job in the UK to the USA. Why would he do that? My guess is they reckon that if anyone finds Jame’s fingerprints on any of this, the UK won’t get their hands on him because the US view of extradition is that it is something they do to foreigners, not something fporeigners do to them.

    Rebekah, hoever, not being family, is expendible and is for the high jump. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

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    “There’s also the curious bit about the CIA “torturinginterrogating” Hassan Ghul for years and somehow never finding out that he was an asset of Pakistan’s ISI. Mighty strange, isn’t it?”

    Well no, not if you think torture doesn’t work and victims just tell interrogators what they want to know. If they didn’t ask, you wouldn’t tell.

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    What I want to know is how any lawyer with a tiny smidgeon of conscience acting as counsel for a detaineee can work these guidelines.

    As MadDog implies, the Orwellian reasoning is that they won’t say if anything is genuine but expect counsel to assume they can suddenly change their minds and jail counsel for breach of security obligations on the grounds that it is and they knew it all the time. And if counsel becomes totally clear the bastards have been lying, can’t get the system to agree, throws his hands in the air and says “I can’t do this!” he has breached the last guideline.

    How did law schools in the Land of the Free come to produce people who can write this crap.

  • Can any of you US lawyers out there tell me how long they can keep Manning incarcerated without bringing him to trial? Is there a limit? In the UK we had a major political row over 90 days.Is the Army different from civilians in this regard?

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    I see that my prediction that Paul di Resta is one to watch is coming true. In the points each race so far. Not bad for a rookie.

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    Apparently Hamilton changed direction too much. I couldn’t see that on live TV but I guess the stewards did. I’m sure there would have been no action if Alonso hadn’t clipped him so I guess Hamilton feels pretty sore as the contact was clearly a mistake by an over eager Alonso.

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    But of course this sort of thing is not new. The attitude of finding a target and simply wanting so much for it to be real that you make up and believe the facts is eerily similar to that of the operations room crew of the USS Vincennes. The common thread is dependence on technology combined with confidence that the US is always right.

    However with sadness I note there are British crews at Creech driving “British” Predators and I don’t doubt they have done the same things.

  • I don’t altogether understand your denial that the op-ed is a renunciation at least of part of the Report. To say the Report “would have been a different document” surely does just that.

    Goldstone also ignores the possibility that the investigations are designed precisely to prove the Report wrong and should be suspect for that reason. He says one incident “apparently” resulted from a targeting error. Surely that doesn’t meet any judicial test? Do you have any idea why he has done it?

  • I’d like to hear more on that. I have no experience of the US FOIA but some of its UK equivalent and am bound to say on balance I think it is turning out to do more to benefit the right than the left, for the reason I identified and because you can always tell a simple story about a public body and by the time the true meaning emerges it’s simply too late.The damage is done. The state is condemned and we all know who gains from that. Mr Cameron is very keen on transparency and I think that’s because he has worked that out.

  • Of course we can see where this leads.This is only an extension of the notorious University of East Anglia scam, where the deniers misused and lied about internal e-mails to distort the whole world progress of combating Climate Change. The great problem of all FoI legislation is it puts governmental and quasi governmental organisations at a disadvantage as compared with rich private lobbying organisation, whose internal emails would be a goldmine could we only get at them.

  • If PJ Crowley wanted to impress us Brits, he should not have said “This strategic narrative has made us, broadly speaking, the most admired country in the world.”

    Does he really, really believe that? Does he honestly think the country that bombed Cambodia, supported South American dictators till there were none left, failed to find Bin Laden in his cave, shot down an innocent Iranian airliner and refused properly to apologise, supports Israel right or wrong, beats up on its tiny neighbour Cuba, trashed Iraq, set up Guantanamo, refuses to agree to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, applies the ITARS with bureaucratic absolutism to its most faithful ally, believes in free trade till it hurts the USA, is popular? I thought up that list as fast as I could type.

    That might have played well domestically, but here in “Jolly Olde”, in all political classes, it really weakens his pitch.

  • I agree about DC missing out on a championship.By the way he is now on the BBC commentating team supporting Brundle. Good to have two drivers doing the chat.

  • Hey Bmaz I look forward to some healthy spats during the F1 season.

    I’ll be watching the progress of rookie Paul di Resta, who beat Vettel in F3, is reigning DTM champion and is 14th on the grid at Melbourne. He’s Dario Franchitti’s cousin as well so you guys should all be able to relate to him. We haven’t had a Scot since DC, so I’m glad to have someone to root for.

  • Three points.

    The FSA hasn’t gone yet and is currently making biggish waves over its investigation of the Icelandic problems.

    Despite how odd it might seem to you, the position of the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man is that they are not legally parts of the United Kingdom nor ever have been. Don’t judge everything by a nice tidy US model (yes I do know what I’m saying). By the way that doesn’t mean I approve of their business or banking practices.

    Lastly and most to the point, what most people seem to ignore in the Saudi situation is that Al Yamamah is a British Government contract with BAE Systems as a subcontractor. Think FMS. So the investigation was going to net a whole bunch of people, not just Maggie, outside BAE who must have known what was happening. It was just like, oh let’s say following through properly on illegal surveillance of the populace. You wouldn’t give up on that just because politicians and public servants might be affected would you? And by the way hearing that the French were complaining does really make me laugh. Ask about the Saudi frigates.

  • Never seen these graphs before! Thanks so much.

  • There’s a wonderful new TV Drama which will probably get aired in the USA soon called “The Promise”, which tells the story of Palestine, at the time of the Irgun, and now. Try to see it.

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