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    it’s always a good time to take away women’s rights, Atta. remember? fewer women in the workplace because they’re at home barefoot and pregnant = more jobs for the menfolk, dontchaknow.

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    when great powers ‘create’ states, there are always consequences. that is the point. leave religion aside for a moment, and recognize that the issue is no longer ‘jews being treated badly’ but in fact a bunch of not-jews being treated badly by great powers for irrational reasons. the whole of the ME is affected by the fact that a state was created in recent decades, and it’s pointless to try to pretend otherwise. i don’t want to experience a global thermonukyoolar war because of a fucked up conjunction of insane theocrats, arms dealers, and conservative politicians who want to engage in apocalypse fantasies. egypt is the tip of the iceberg, there are billions of people around the world who are tired of suffering corrupt dictators because western powers prefer them and discriminate against one fairy tale in favor of others. like it or not, the current composition of israel is one of the lynchpins of the nexus of problems we all face. imagine a world without a theocratic state in this region (and don’t get me wrong, i’d say the same thing would be good for the Kingdom or Iran). an integrated, democratic, inclusive, secular state in which religious freedoms were protected, but no one religion favored. it is possible. i don’t know why the prospect of such frightens so many people. and i am fairly sure if you offered it to non-jews in the ME, for real, they’d take it.

  • of course it was. not really surprising, imho. clinton had many flaws, but he was political genius for propagating the idea of “it’s the economy, stupid.” on par with Tip’s “all politics is local.”

    i just got done writing a long and very personal email about how some of us are experiencing the economy to…wait for it… a rich economist. who very clearly has no idea why a 300$ “tax cut” next year means next to nothing to people who are busy choosing between having a meal today or keeping the heat on or buying their kids new shoes because their toes are poking out of the old ones. and can’t have all three, but only one.

    poor people don’t go away just because they are poor, nor do they just because politicians ignore them. and there is no one more angry than a middle class voter who has realized that they are suddenly in the ranks of the poor and likely to stay there for a long time. imho, that is what the election results were about, and in our duopoly, the only way people have to express their anger is “throw the bums out” no matter who those bums may be.

  • that’s a really low number and i question it; does it include incarceration expenses, court costs, police hours, and other costs related to enforcement? i suppose it must, but that’s just sort of surprisingly low and i would’ve guessed it more.

    decriminalization also would bring huge amounts of money into the state, in the form of pot tourism. i suppose some VT folks wouldn’t want to see DFHs coming and spending a weekend there, dropping lots of money on food and cheetos and hotels while they’re at it, but some small business owners would. advocates of sanity wrt pot should always point out the income, as well as the savings. there could even be a small tax assigned to “personal” quantities. nothing over-regulated, but just a “tax stamp” on every oz of say, 5-20$. dealers would pay it (or rather, pass on the costs to customers) and those who are true hippies and just grow it and give it away would not be overly burdened.

  • Jane Hamsher is the only one speaking the truth.

    that you know of. but trust me, there were plenty of us speaking the truth about obama, and for years before the primary wars, too. look around and read more widely.

    (and jane knows i totally love her and this is in no way a dig at her efforts)

  • people in this country are so stupid. we’ve had nothing but tax cutting for what? going on 40 years now, and at the same time the only jobs being created are in Chindia. it’s really pathetic. what we need are tax increases, massive tax increases on the wealthy, and on large corporations, who at this point basically pay no taxes at all, thanks to the ridiculous loopholes in the corporate tax code. this fact is so blatant that i even got my multimillionaire republican voting gf to agree, and all her money comes from her family’s relationship with a big corporation. she’s admitted to me several times that she doesn’t pay her taxes; why should she when the penalties for late payment are far less than she makes by investing the money until she finally can’t avoid paying the taxes?

    this bill is totally fucked. civilization costs money. i really can’t understand why so many “cut my taxes!” amurkins seem to prefer a “civilization” in which 99% of rent-paying wage slaves and the other 1% are overlords free from the rule of law. if people understood how nice life can be, as evidenced in places like Sweden or New Zealand, maybe they’d wake up. then again, maybe not.

  • don’t make me come over there and perform surgery on you. ;-)

    heh, it’s that oddest of things that almost never happens: when being gay and an atheist don’t harmoniously go together. one of my Boys does tarot readings, and i’m a big fan of this book on signs one of my gfs has. it’s something i can’t seem to completely let go of, it’s too fun being a gay mystic every once in a while (usually when smoking a blunt)

  • it’s a little more complicated than that. yes, the “ignorant rednecks” showed up in force. but the other thing that happened? people on the real left stayed home, or voted for third party candidates. because they couldn’t support today’s “democratic” party as it sells out the country to the richest 2%. it’s not terribly surprising that actual liberals and progressives don’t want to vote for blue dog neorepublicanism, even if the candidates have a (D) after their names.

    obama is acting like a whiny narcissist right now because there are one or two actual science based analysts in his inner circle who are showing him that data. “you actually need your base, Sir.” and like the narcissist he is, he’d rather throw a temper tantrum than address that simple fact.

  • ok, i’m going to get flamed for this because i’m such a vocal atheist, but you know what else he is?

    a Leo.

    i’ve dated a mess of those, and yeah: it’s always all about them. there are good Leos, the kind who are leaders and independent thinkers and blaze a path and provide an inspiring example, “Follow me into the Future!” and there are bad Leos, like Obama is showing himself to be. “Love me, love my show! or i’ll call you names! your opinion means nothing because i’m better than you!”

    i wonder if he treats Michelle like he treats us. i hope not, for her sake.

  • i remember that one. heh. i wish we had more creative people like him; he’s a national treasure.

  • i find your suggestion disquieting and frankly racist. no president has ever been denied SS protection nor should one ever be. please understand: there is no one on this blog or on the internet who is *less* of a supporter of Obama; i have the blog and commenting record to prove it, going back to 2004. i would welcome and work for a primary challenger, and will continue to critique the policies of this administration for the neo-republicanism it demonstrates at every turn. but the way to convince Obama to resign or not run again in ’12 is most certainly NOT by suggesting to him that KKK hit squads will be able to kill him if he doesn’t do what progressives want. your comment is the very definition of progressive FAIL.

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    thanks for posting this, atta. i was just reading about my man G at a gaii blog and i’m always so happy to see information about our heroes on mainstream sites. if you’ve got a dime, send him some, yo. fighting dems like this are an endangered species.

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    yes, yes it is.

  • poverty at the end of the year, and into foreclosures, threatens the very capitalist system that the greedy rich prey upon.

    sorry, you overestimate the importance of the american consumer market. sure, a lot of lower level members of the Franchise will suffer as this market continues to implode. but the real money? let’s face it kids: america can’t compete with an emerging middle class market of half a billion people in Chindia, where consumer protection laws are considerably more lax. trust me when i say the MOTU class has paid the best and brightest of the bean counters to analyze this. their conclusion: destroy and enslave the once Free people of north america, and strip the continent of its natural resources while distracting the native population with illegal and legal drugs and glowing box devices. by the time enough of us realize what is going on, it will be too late and our supersized domestic security forces will be given reign to indulge in their nazi fantasies on those of us who complain too loudly. meh, all empires fall. it’s just our turn.

  • it’s pretty naive to think that House members don’t know exactly how the Senate will or will not act, on every bill the House does or does not pass. we call it “The Village” for a reason. this mostly Kabuki, the cover House dems need so they can say when the Senate fails to act in the right way, “see! we tried! you should still support the dem party! we’re on your side, Little People.” and in truth, there are still a small subset that really do, some of the black and latina women in the house, some others… but in the end, what matters is the extension for the rich, and that will pass. the media will rewrite history and talk about “balance” and “compromise” and most americans -too busy looking for one or too stressed from having to work three- jobs will look up in disgust and wonder how an extra 300 or 600$ in april or may is going to pay for their heating bills all winter long, assuming they aren’t in trouble with the IRS already for unpaid student loans or other draconian measures which generally mean the more poor never actually see these “refunds” or “tax reductions” in the first place. and let’s not forget: the bean counters who work for MegaCorp USA? already rubbing their hands with glee at this “tax break” for “middle class” americans. it’s called “raising the rent” and because consumer americans don’t have pricing power or the ability to fix markets, we pay a tax in the form of higher prices on necessities every single frakking time a ‘rebate’ like this is awarded to us by our congresscritters.

    don’t even get me started on how tax “breaks” do nothing for the unemployed, the self employed, or for those who need a great deal more help than a couple of hundred bucks to hang on to their upside down homes, or pay for expensive surgery, or put their kids in day care so they can take that full time job, or…

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    this isn’t going to stop until there are riots and sit-ins. sure, as the data comes out there will be blustering sternly worded letters and ‘reform’ measures passed, but basically this is only going to end one of two ways: when the treasury is emptied and the credit of the US utterly ruined and we [...]

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    pitchforks and torches, Citizens. pitchforks, torches, and a few bags full of feather and a barrel of tar. it’s really the only way.

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    i was just going to say that. sigh. they’re all the same, in the end. corrupt puppets of the uberwealthy, moral cripples and hypocrites rearranging the deck chairs while the Titanic sinks. fuck em all.

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    sigh. i shut down a thread every time i say that. my bad. sorry, Suz. i’ll take my soapbox and condescension and go to bed now. i adore the firepups, i’m sorry for not conforming. good night. /hugs spoko/ missed you at the crack den, mang. hope all is well with u and yours.

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    When I did a bit of late research, I found out that several members of Chicago’s Black Community had been warning about him for a long time. In fact, when they warned that he was DLC’s guy, he immediately retracted his membership.

    um, dood. that would be… well, me. i’ve been blogging since 99. i’m just not rich or on TV. sorry to be a bitch, but you know, we’ve been singing this song, those of us from/at/with “the Chicago School” who are also black… for years. years and years. it makes me a bitch and crazy sometimes to point this out to (mostly white and rich, not saying that is you, but still) Village libruls. i don’t mean to take the Cassandra route so much as i want to encourage all of you to do one thing, and one thing only:

    turn your TV off. stop paying for cable. just do it. you’ll be Amazed at how much your mind changes when you do. i haven’t paid for TV since 97. ask Spoko, he knows what i mean. but if you had the wrong impression about Obama, ask yourself: why is that? it’s because the Murdochs’ of this world programmed you to have it.

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