• This from Mark Kirk – Illinois sitting Senator:
    Mark Kirk ‏@SenatorKirk 23m
    Disturbing to learn administration knew Obamacare would result in millions of Americans losing their insurance plans.

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    I am burned out too – I am just thankful for the independent media (i.e. blogs) that are flogging these stories to push them into the main stream.

    One of the frustrating things is this power is turned toward low to mid level criminals, not those that brought down the world economy. Holder says prosecuting the financial industry is too complicated, but I imagine if they dug into that trove of NSA gold mine, they would be able to prove a lot of stuff and walk that evidence backwards as well with a lot of subpoenas. Not endorsing this – just stating the obvious how the government uses this and then doesn’t use it.

    So, what is used to prosecute you and me, is used to shield the powerful and wealthy – another reason for being burned out.

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    Too bad the SEC and the DOJ can’t work with NSA to prosecute banks. But as posted below on JP Morgan Chase – they would only get fined instead of going to jail like the rest of us would.

  • Just tell everyone students are the future “job creators” and they can get whatever they want. Just like the bankers and wealthy.

  • This is a devastating article of further Iraqi suffering that does not get any media attention in this country. It is not just the war, but the continued after affects long after the war is over. http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2013/03/2013315171951838638.html

  • Dick Durbin needs to be on this list. He is Obama’s cheerleader for a Grand Bargain.

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    After Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head, I thought we would have some kind of discussion and maybe even bills introduced to curb gun violence. But even THAT did not register a blip on the elitists, selfish cowardly pricks we have running this country.

    Hurricane Sandy won’t register either. My initial thought prior to the storm hitting would be that it would expose all the deficiencies in our infrastructure and lead to some kid of action. But now I have come to my senses.

    I have lost all hope on anything resembling compassion for the least among us in Washington, and I am sure they will be back to discussing how best to cut the Federal Government at the expense of the people that have and continue to suffer the most economically.

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    I have been a habitual reader of Firedoglake since the close to the beginning when I found my way here via Glenn Greenwald – but I rarely comment. However, I like to come out of the woodwork every so often and this seems an appropriate time to wish Scarecrow all the best. Thoughts are with [...]

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    Yes! I have never forgiven Durbin for that – and hope we have a progressive challenger come 2014. I gave up calling his office — his staff is ignorant of most issues I try to discuss with them and him flogging the latest “grand bargain” attempts shows he has lost touch with his base.

  • “The middle class is strangely being redefined to also include everyone just shy of being in the top 1 percent.”

    Just like the media being defined as “liberal” and biased, this is just another propaganda campaign and it started a while ago and even sucked in a talking bobble head from the networks: “During the ABC News-Facebook debate, moderator Charlie Gibson suggested that the Democratic presidential candidates’ proposals to roll back or let some of President Bush’s tax cuts expire would affect middle-class families, adding, “If you take a family of two professors here at St. Anselm, they’re going to be in the $200,000 category that you’re talking about lifting the taxes on.”"

    You can hardly blame Romney – he is just taking advantage of our failed media experiment!

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    “being seen as the reason a campaign lost is another. The latter could be devastating for a professional operative.”

    Could be is the operative word — there are so many people that fail upwards such as Bob Shrum.

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    Every time I have written the NY Times reporters pointing this out in any number of cases from the health care debate to the debt debate — and specifically stating that their article is a he said, she said, they always respond that their readers are informed enough that they don’t need to point out [...]

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    My thought exactly — thank you.

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    Obama always addresses issues well when speaking — it’s his follow up that is lacking and disappointing.

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    I can’t believe how angry I am about this case and the total lack of justice — so glad to see this getting the coverage it deserves.

    But with this post, I want to bring up one point — and that is Obama doesn’t “want to impair any legal process” in this particular case in which I agree, but he had no problem declaring Bradley Manning guilty.

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    I wonder if it was always the administration’s position/policy (specifically that crook Geithner) to run out the clock via the statute of limitations on the various illegalities so that you are left with nothing.

    Obama is just telling people what they want to hear and it will be the FISA retroactive immunity crap all over again. Fool me once . . .

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    Full disclosure on my prior post: I can’t stand Gloria or any of the talking bobble heads that regularly appear on CNN to recite their Kabuki lines. They are all Washington insiders and they add nothing to moving this country forward.

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    I realize Ron Paul is fringe but Gloria Borger has some conflicts of interests that may reflect why she chose to go after Paul now. From Economic Policy Journal:

    Well, well, it turns out hit job specialist Gloria Borger is married to Lance Morgan. Morgan is according to the web site of his employer, Powell Tate,”chief communications strategist at Powell Tate in Washington, D.C. He specializes in developing and executing communications strategies for public policy debates, crisis communications and media training.”

    So who might be the clients of Powell Tate, where Borger’s husband is “chief communications strategist and crisis communications” adviser for?

    Just about every part of the military industrial-complex that Ron Paul wants to shrink or shutdown. According to the Powell Tate web site, they are strategic communications for among others:

    The U.S. Army

    The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

    The U.S Agency for International Development

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce

    and, I’m not joking, The National Pork Board.

    Bottom line Gloria Borger’s husband is as inside Washington DC as you can get.

    This was a total hit job, bringing up decades old accusations about a newsletter that everyone agrees was written by others, while Dr. Paul was practicing medicine. Further, as Justin Ramindo has clearly shown , most of the charges were made by people who couldn’t have read the newsletters in full context.

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    I sent that image to about 3 NY Times reporters when they falsely reported on the debt/deficit. Pretty unbelievable how co-opted the NY Times is by the deficit feitishtas.

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