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    Streaming as discovery makes sense as far as the argument is taken here. However you have to already know where to go or what band to listen to. Streaming services such as Pandora/Spotify, etc. end up isolating listeners within their own algorithmicly defined walls. This fractures tyhe audience into small islands. We solved that problem [...]

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    the rise of an insulated meritocracy

    This confuses me. IS it a typo? I would think it would be an ‘insulated plutocracy’, not meritocracy. If not a typo, could you please expand a bit on the choice of phrasing here?

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    Excellent point I had not considered. I think you’re right though. I suspect Amendment 64 in Colorado will put your theory to the test, should it be allowed to pass.

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    What is capitalism without corporatism, comrade?

    The drug trade, on any urban street corner.

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    This certainly reminds me of the mortgage crisis – the luring of the smaller countries into the Eurozone, and how eager they had to be to join – just like people without real credit being promised a home of their own. And then once they are in the rug is pulled out and they lose their countries or their homes.

    Outstanding analogy. Breathtaking in its accuracy! Well done.

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    Child, please!

    Personally, I’m way past the illusion that

    Call your Congresspeople

    is anything more than shouting in the wind.

    If you’ll remember, something like 70 to 80% THAT’S 70 to 80 PERCENT of the American public was against the TARP bailout and our Congresspeople did it anyway.

    It’s useless, that’s not what they are there for.

  • ‘ The hammer shapes the hand’ Jackson Browne

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    What does Rcc’d mean?? First time I’ve seen it.

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    My point was that Drudge, like most of the right, and pretty much all of the corporate media (but I repeat myself), couples the patriotic imagery of the flag and July 4th style fireworks to a headline about the stock market having a great day as if somehow the stock market represents the country and its well being. That’s a propaganda tactic that we’ve seen over and over, that the country IS the country’s financial markets.

    Just because there was a sub-headline (that means under by the way) about Obama’s ratings, which came from polling conducted previous to the stock market’s 400 plus rise on Thursday, doesn’t mean I’m conveniently not mentioning something – it just means its irrelevant.

    Unless I misunderstand your post and you are trying to say the flag and fireworks imagery was meant to tout the Obama approval ratings story??? Really ???

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    I always check Drudge to see what the daily right wing talking points will be. I’m always interested to see who/what they are demonizing.

    That site is a huge part of the right wing echo chamber

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    So is this “The Matrix” ;-)

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    A great example of this problem is the current front page of Drudge (I took a screen shot, but don’t know how to include here).

    It shows an American Flag with fireworks in front of it and the headline DOW UP 400+ Like the stock market is THE measure of the country’s well-being

    Just checked back and it’s not the headline pic now, probably because it was a little too 1% triumphant??

  • Any thoughts on OWS being a democracy that has evolved (from Darwinian self interest) out of the republic bequeathed to us back in 1776? That it is as inevitable as humans losing their tails?

  • Old real estate saying … “Never steal in slow motion”

  • Title companies will be OK here. Bet on it. They always attach CYA riders and the fact that you haven’t heard a peep from them, or their lobbyist mouthpieces, indicates that they caveated themselves out of this just fine. Besides, there doesn’t even have to be a title company involved in a foreclosure sale.

  • “St” Ronnie sent the S&Lers to jail for destroying that market, by the hundreds. Time for more of the same.

    Couldn’t agree more. The lovely irony here is that the resident actually can prove title. They get to stay until somebody else can prove title to the mortgage and then follow the LEGAL foreclosure process. Talk about just desserts!!!

    That’s good for the resident, but it sure does F Up the housing market. For years, until every one of these properties gets sorted out. Not to mention puts a lot of liability right back where it belongs, on the crooks who bundled all these mortgages together and never did what their prospectuses said they would (actually transfer the mortgage).

    it will be a good lesson in the true corruption of the American system – how this all gets made OK so nobody who made money off this scam has to take any losses. It will make a Cirque d Soleil contortionist look like an iron beam.

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    Protests Are a Payday for Security Firms

    Unintended consequences. Not exactly disaster capitalism but very strange how everything gets framed as making money for somebody

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    Shift the discourse back to the left and towards ideas that will help reduce the pain

    Hell yeah !!! Couldn’t agree more

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    One of the main things I love about OWS is that they are the living, breathing embodiment of Scoop Nisker’s immortal line, “If You Don’t Like the News, Go Out and Make Some of Your Own” which was the title of a book he wrote, and also his tag line on his radio show.

  • chophouse commented on the blog post Romney’s Foreclosure Plan: Faster Foreclosures

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    Not sure what calling me out means, but I do think you are a little over the top in your comment.

    I have read a lot about what happened in 2008, including staying current about the bubble in the years before. I have never defended any lending institution (nor will I) and would be interested to see the comment of mine that makes you think that. I’m plenty aware of how the whole mortgage/derivatives mess was accomplished and fueled.

    I’m not blaming the victims, but I do think that not everybody with a in-arrears mortgage or an underwater loan is a victim. And I guess my main point is that every time I see comments about keeping people in ‘their homes’ I never see anything except a blanket position that anybody with a mortgage that they can’t or won’t pay is somehow deserving of getting a break. I just don’t think that is true.

    If the let-them-stay argument were ever paired with some sort of reference to a vetting process I wouldn’t raise the point of fairness to all, but I have NEVER seen that. And nobody, you included, has actually answered my question about why a person caught in the economic morass of the last 4 years or so, because they took out a mortgage that turned out to be a bad move, should be helped by the Feds, but a renter shouldn’t. Either way it’s a real person with a financial problem. The buyer took a risk and it didn’t work out. The renter decided it was a bad risk and didn’t take a mortgage. Why should the one get a break (by policy) now, and not the other?

    Certainly if there was fraud, the fraudsters should be jailed, but that doesn’t mean the home dweller should get a free or discounted house. Or better yet, why does it mean that. And as I said, not everybody was defrauded.

    So, punish the criminals, but don’t turn that into a bonus/windfall for somebody who simply took on more than they could handle, or bought at the wrong time.

    Student loans are a scam, aided and abetted by the Congress and the banks. But realize every dollar borrowed as student loan got paid to a school somewhere. Maybe somebody ought to look into how our higher ed system got turned into an indentured servitude business instead of a service for the citizenry. There are a lot of skeletons buried there that nobody seems to want to disturb.

    And try to realize that not everybody who sees things differently is your enemy.

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