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  • Excellent.

    Any liberal who remains a member of a corrupt, conservative, corporate-owned party like the Dumb-o-cratic Party is responsible for a HUGE part of the problem this country faces.

    Republicans only get away with their crimes because Democrats let them because Liberals let them!

    STOP enabling the enablers of the rape our our nation and of the world.

    LEAVE the Democratic Party, and join an actual LIBERAL third party, like the Greens, the Socialists, etc.

    ONLY when the left cuts the cord to Mama Democrat will we EVER be taken seriously again.

    Sure it’s scary for a codependent to leave her abuser … until she realizes that it’s even scarier NOT to leave, and that she owes it to herself and to her children to do the right thing and GET THE HELL OUT!

    It’s easy. Just do it. Just leave. Then write to the Democratic National Committee and tell them why you did it. I did. And it feels GREAT!

    You can do it. Vote FOR something again, not AGAINST something all the time. Stand up for your liberal principles.

    STOP voting Democrat!