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    I’m all for continuing and unifying the movement, especially by open & honest education and correcting how cannabis users are perceived.

    But I’m thoroughly convinced of something now, of what I will be doing and what I would encourage all others to do.

    Boycott EMERALD [all about their green] TRIANGLE [for stabbing others in the back] bud wherever possible.

    Boycott DISPENSERS [of DEA 'justice,' by proxy] against 19 bud wherever possible.

    Boycott CARTELS [and their U.S. government sponsors] bud wherever possible.

    GROW YOUR OWN!!!Take control of your own health and happiness by taking the time to learn how to grow … it’s a plant! We do not need these people. Dry up their source of power over us – OUR OWN MONEY!

    The information on how to nourish the plant that nourishes you, is widely available. The costs associated with growing are less than purchasing in any market – OVERGROW THE GOVERNMENT and all others who would gladly see us in cages before giving up their ignorance, fear and greed!


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    I’ve posted this in other forums, and wanted to share my response to anyone trying to justify non-support of Prop 19 (which applies equally well to all groups that joined with much of the Medical Pot industry and of course the Drug Warriors):

    It was never ONLY about the ‘few thousands’ of Grower-voters up there who not only cast a ballot … but played an integral part with all guilty parties, even encouraging others to do so as well.

    Dispensary owners, employees, marketing agents, etc., who continue to maintain shamefully (prohibition-)inflated prices.

    Doctors – some rubber-stamping hangnails for $150.

    And then there’s the Patients … some hurting, and some not so much. Scared into voting NO against THEIR own best interests.

    The Medical Pot INDUSTRY is already corrupted, as it co-exists with the Black Market (and overlaps at times I’m sure). No need for Big Corp. to step in and make medicating/relaxing a risky, and expensive proposition.

    This effort to end COMPLETE PROHIBITION needs every victory it can get, starting last century … and a coalition of supposed CANNABIS-supporters, not to mention PEOPLE-supporters(patients?, responsible adults?) helped sink one of OUR best chances to put a HUGE crack in the wall, for an ENTIRE WORLD waiting for so many FREEDOMS!

    Anyone who did not vote or vote YES on 19 did it for the reasons I mentioned above – fear, ignorance, greed. Or some combination thereof.

    The WAR goes on, thanks to vested interests who support the current prohibition of Cannabis – this inestimable natural gift to ALL OF US – vested interests who hate others and love MONEY(themselves).

    You’ve switched sides. You’ve joined the oppressors.

    And if you’re a farmer who just got caught up in all of this you’re just going to be one more casualty, and by no means the most serious (think: the incarcerated & their families, the targeted minorities and poor, the sick and tired and stressed and depressed …).

    Don’t talk to me about crop prices – we all struggle to survive, some more than others. The freedom to use the Cannabis hemp plant is it’s own issue … not to be confused with U.S. economic policies on farming.

    EXCEPT that opening restrictions on Cannabis for non-medicinal uses would have allowed something wonderful to happen – a start to the experiment of allowing this one plant to revolutionize FOOD, FIBER, FUEL and SHELTER industries (in addition to the medical) – while leading to otherwise unachievable ENVIRONMENTAL gains. All of which means one thing: a better ECONOMY for MORE people than you may even care about.

    Thanks for aiding the continuation of modern slavery.