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  • All of the Senior Bushie officials at the White House used the and domains running through servers in Chattanooga for all high level communications. And not their computers. Damn sure the Chinese tried to get in there, and surely they have Rove’s number.

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    I’m conflicted about Joe’s comments to you, Marcy, so here are both thoughts.

    “Oh my, Joe, that’s quite intellectually honest of you.”

    “Joe, apparently what’s good for the goose is good for the gander given you affinity for a member of the FLOTUS support staff. I don’t remember any podium statements about that.”

  • I would be remiss if not pointing out that DC Mayor Marion Barry was also arrested by the Feds….

  • The townhouse is a new one but yep, a basement. Often wondered why I saw the telltale black Suburbans idling late at night. Norm Coleman lived nearby in a basement too, but he wasn’t paying for it. Instead he claimed that he was living in the basement of his top fundraiser and exchanging furniture for the privilege.

  • Boehner’s “front step” actually being a step down, since he lives in someone’s basement. Not sure what Pelosi’s DC domestic situation was, but I guess Boehner has it better than Dennis Hastert. Speaker Hastert I seem to recall lived in a condo high-rise in Southwest with two of his male staffers.

  • Today’s DC was created from land ceeded from Maryland. There was a Virginia contribution too but they took it back in 1847, today now known as Arlington County (VA). One oft-cited “solution” to the DC “problem” is to retrocede the remainder to Maryland and carve out the “federal zone” which is primarily clustered downtown. The concept of the Federal City has taken some hits lately as the Feds have chosen to move some Agencies out of DC.

  • DC taxpayers have wanted this for some time. DC income tax raised by DC government from DC residents should not be subject to a Congressional veto. The city is particularly tax disadvantaged since the Feds will not allow a ‘commuter tax’ structure that exists in similiar urban areas (think Philly and the NJ suburbs, NYC and NJ CT, etc). Whereas most wages are taxed where the income is earned (and the wageearner’s home state does not tax if the borrower works out of state) in DC, the legions of Maryland and Virginia residents that commute in and out daily do not contribute a dime to the DC income tax. Always a lot of bluster about how they pay sales tax on lunch but it is a patently unfair setup and places a large tax burden on DC residents.

  • There have also been the usual missteps that go with a new administration. Some problematic crony hires. Some ill-advised vehicle leases for expensive Lincoln products. Some silly relocation packages. Gray has been on the defensive lately locally for these foibles.

  • The 2010 election was racially stratified. Gray’s base was overwhelmingly African-American. His opponent, the incumbent mayor, Adrian Fenty was supported largely by whites. Fenty made a name for himself by efficiently delivering city services but being overwhelmingly tone deaf on media issues and generally steam rolled the DC City Council, whose Chairman was Gray. Fenty also had strong identification with Obama – the two went out to get burgers, played basketball together, etc, etc.

    Gray is DC establishment politics, which means more than lip service to Home Rule. Gray is a grad of a local DC public high school (Dunbar), served as an DC Agency head in the 90”s and has been the deliberate and plodding head of the DC City Council for several years. Bureaucrat.

    Keep in mind the DC Mayor really is the equivalent of a state governor and the DC Council equal to a state legislature and they exercise similar powers and functions. Except that the US Congress can muck around with DC’s own taxpayers revenues and nobody can do anything about it.

  • So SIPRet is just one big shared drive with all content available to all users?

    No wonder Yoo’s emails and memos went missing.

  • Now I “get it.”

    Manning was one of the bad guys because he, as a DoD representative, leaked the State Department’s crown jewels to the press. Presumably all would have been fine and dandy had Manning “leaked” anything interesting to the Office of Special Plans, perhaps? Or maybe Doug Feith et al didn’t need Manning because they own the enterprise architecture and could reach in at will.

    Yes, my takeaway now is that DoD owns State’s mediuim of communication and can likely spy at will. Did they? Is that one of the ways Rummy ended up eating Powell’s lunch? Just like Dick Cheney had himself secretly bcc’d on NSC emails?

  • I often wonder if “Anonymous” will ever take any interest in helping out NARA “track down” the emails that David Addington made disappear… Or if Anon will ever be interested in checking out what’s still parked on the server?

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    What about the candidates’ Bechtel and Brown Brothers’ experience?

    Wink, wink, nod, nod Mr. President?

    Also nice to see that Rummy (or ghostwriter Dick) was making up fictitious classification terms back then too “administratively confidential.”

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    @ 22

    If only there were the political will, then…

    I’d recommend they start by marching over to the RNC and re-claiming all government work product sent using the email domain. We know that govermnent salaried workers used that system exclusively to communicate. But the RNC kept all workproduct. That workproduct is stolen.

    @ 25

    Karl in Sweden. Wasn’t he conveniently over there when HJC or Oversight subpoenaed him? His gloating is captured on Swedish TV at .

  • O/T but this just in…

    OSC Report – yeah, Bush White House did totally and regularly violate the Hatch Act in the 06 elections. Love, Scott Bloch.

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    It is my understanding that all loan servicers are overseen by the Federal Trade Commission, and not any sort of banking regulator.

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    (Meant to say Dr. Biden).

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    FWIW, while VP Biden was at Arlington placing the wreath around 11, Mrs. Biden was at Tyson’s Corner Mall, shopping at Banana Republic.

  • Looks like Governor Corzine spent some of his own money improving the Governor’s Beach House:

  • Didn’t his family (brother?) benefit too from a settlement Christie brokered for a hospital in Livingston, NJ?

    As for hoteling in DC, the Four Seasons is two blocks away from a perfectly serviceable Wyndham – and one block away from the perfectly serviceable Latham. DC’s PBS station WETA recently ran a show called “Breakfast in Washington” naming the restaurant at the Four Seasons as one of the three breakfast spots for power brokers.

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