• First the good news-We have national healthcare. Now the bad news-We have national healthcare. In spite of all the rhetoric and wringing of hands on our side the fact that we have something is remarkable. The problem is that the hash that is the bill is a piece of crap. Our energies should be directed to making it better, now while we have some power in the Presidency and the Senate. The country has been brainwashed about the bill and the left, starting with Obama has failed to point out the positives in a sufficient degree to swing the opinions of the people.
    That is a major failure on our part.
    Our attitude should be that we praise the bill as a good start and that it needs fixin’ and we are going to do it! While we lament over the lost opportunities, we are missing future opportunities.
    National healthcare is one of the most important things this government has ever done and it has taken 100 years to just get it started. I think our President needs to spend more time defining the issues, and making a stand on this so important legislation. He has to give up some of the other things he is fighting for, if necessary, to make the time to do this.
    We will have to decide if some of our pet peeves can be put aside while he concentrates on some of the most important things.