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  • There is so much stuff floating around, how can anyone claim assassination “facts”?


    If the bullet hols in the back of the clothing are too low to have been associated with the throat wound, w3hich means the shot to the throat was from the front.

    2 shooters.

    Conspiracy on the face of it.

    Conspiracy in the murder of JFK is not a matter to be debated, but a fact to be observed.

  • That was made clear on the recent Reelz Channel doc.

    This program didn’t take into account the location of the bullet holes in the clothes — too low to be associated with the throat wound — did it?

    I swear, the most obvious evidence in the JFK assassination has been buried in a 50 year avalanche of pet theorist bullshit.

  • Was the purpose of the Vietnam War to prevent the take-over of So. Vietnam by Communists — or remove the Corsican Mafia from control of the world’s heroin supply?

    Was the purpose of the War in Afghanistan to prevent Al Q from using it as a base to attack the US and her allies — or remove the Burmese generals from control over the world’s heroin supply?

  • The path of the “magic bullet” works if you take into account how the jump seats wee placed int he Caddy.

    No, the trajectory does not work.

    Care to explain an exit thru the throat with the bullet entering the back 4 inches below the collar?

  • Google him. Author of “Destiny Betrayed.”

    I’m not one of his favorite people.

    I highly recommend him as a tenacious Garrison defender.

  • CIA had the connections to bring together the various pieces needed to accomplish the mission.

    I wonder if it was an all-star cast or a previously existing military/para-military unit.

    I’m beginning to apply a negative template in regard to Lee Harvey Oswald — everyone connected to him was involved with the cover-up, but none of them were involved in the actual murder.

    I’d look elsewhere besides CIA, ONI, Mafia. Those guys could have been back-up patsies for all we know.

    The night of the autopsy the doctors seriously considered the possibility JFK was struck with high-tech weaponry — rounds that wouldn’t show up on x-ray.

    How else to explain two entrance wounds, no exits, no bullets?

    Such weaponry was tested prior to 11/22/63 at Fort Detrick, MD.

    Testing conducted by US Army Special Forces…and the CIA.

  • You know Jim DiEugenio?

    #1 Garrison man.

  • The HSCA and its conclusions were a scam.

    The fact of conspiracy was established in 1963/4 by the physical evidence — the bullet holes in the clothes too low to be associated with the throat wound — a fact pointed out by Vincent Salandria and Gaeton Fonzi foremost.

  • The JFK Assassination Porn Industry held 3 conventions to mark the 50th.

    Before the Wecht Conference in Pittsburg I offered to donate $1 to my favorite local charity everytime the central issue relating to the murder of JFK was asked from the podium over the three day event.

    “What happened to the bullets that caused JFK’s throat and back wounds?”

    Back-story runs thusly:

    Since the bullet holes in JFK’s clothing are too l;ow to have been associated with his throat wound, it means the throat wound was an entrance with no exit — and no round recovered during the autopsy.

    The back wound was an entrance, no exit – no round recovered during the autopsy.

    The central question of JFK’s murder is rarely addressed.

  • I’ve long thought the Garrison investigation was more trouble than it was worth.

    It divided the first generation researchers into pro- and anti-Garrison camps.

    Since that time a whole JFK Assassination Research Industry has sprung up.

    Between the bullshit peddled by the US gov’t, the MSM, and the JFK Assassination Porn Industry (as I lovingly refer to my fellow critics) the most obvious facts have been obscured.

    JFK’s shirt and jacket each have a bullet hole 4 inches below the bottom of the collars.

    According to the official 3-shot scenario JFK was shot in the back of the neck.

    Since when is the back of the neck 4 inches below the clothing collars on anyone?

    Unless JFK was a giraffe there is a prima facie case for conspiracy to be made on the clothing evidence alone.

    It’s a case I rarely hear made.

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    …Hunh?…Wha?…I’ve been asleep the last 4 years and now there’s this test pattern on the tube where Tbogg used to be.

    Later, T…

  • Anyone who thinks that a US President has significant influence over the National Security State is naive.

    Lemme get this straight — Edward Snowden was a fast-rising CIA employee who quit the Agency and went to work for a firm owned by the Carlyle Group, then went rogue and dished NSA shit 95% of which has been known for almost a decade to those of us paying attention.

    ECHELON, bitchez!

    The NSA as an institution has obviously stepped on some very tender toes (see Nixon, Richard; and Kennedy, John F.)

    Nothing is bad is going to happen to Edward Snowden.

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    Bully/Brownnose 2012

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    I don’t have a problem with Willard being Mormon.

    I have a major problem with Rmoney being an official in the Mormon church. I don’t think church officials are fit to be President of the these secular United States.

    If John Kennedy had been a Catholic priest I would have ruled him out as well.

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    You know it!

    The Mekons, Southern Culture on the Skids, and Thurston Moore!

    I’ll be out there at 6am to get a prime spot…

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    This is the weekend of the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival out in Golden Gate Park.

    Tbogg, you’d dig it the most!

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    “Blood libel” is a projection of their own eliminationist fantasies.

    The tree of hypocrisy must be refreshed from time to time by the bile of phony patriots. It is its natural manure.

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    This bit from Secessionist Sarah’s speech sums it up best:

    If you don’t like a person’s vision for the country, you’re free to debate that vision. If you don’t like their ideas, you’re free to propose better ideas. But, especially within hours of a tragedy unfolding, journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn. That is reprehensible.

    Shorter: “Callin’ me a hater? Tell it to the barrel of my gun, bitchez!”

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    When they opened the books and you was made, Tbogg, it was like…it was like we was all being made…

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    Yet today, no religious body seems equipped to play the kind of stabilizing role in the lives of the “moderately educated middle” (let alone among high school dropouts) that the early-20th-century Catholic Church played among the ethnic working class.

    Ah yes, the rhythm method was stabilizing. What’s more stable than a couple of extra kids you struggle to feed?

    The early 20th-century…good times, good times..

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