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  • Clothodi commented on the blog post Sexy Congressman Does Not Wish To Be Aroused While At Work

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    On the other hand, if mixing children and polluted water ain’t child porn it’s every bit as evil and should be every bit as illegal. Not looking at the problem will not make it go away no matter what Lambourn thinks.

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    If you’d been paying attention you would know that the now famous internet researcher George Tierney of Greenville,South Carolina has discovered that inalienable rights only come with a Y chromosome and also that Jennifer Tbogg don’t got one. Too

  • Clothodi commented on the blog post Zombie Vince Foster Has Kidnapped Breitbart Murder Witness

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    Andrew Breitbart is still dead??? I’m sorry but with the disappearance of the only witness there is simply no way to tell if he’s still dead or not. Mark my words the Bilderbergers and the Illuminati are involved somehow.

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    Just wait. Within a year or two McCain will be going on Sunday morning shows an reminiscing about his first term as president. No-one will call him on it or act as though he said anything odd.

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    I blame Obama.

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    Wha? You mean the sherriffs a nih?

    Please!,We call them blahs now.

  • Clothodi commented on the blog post Calvin Freiburger Does Not Care For Your Vagina Bowling Name

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    No your not. I knew Sarah Phillips and you TBogg are no Sarah Phillips.

  • Clothodi commented on the blog post Calvin Freiburger Does Not Care For Your Vagina Bowling Name

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    To tell others that you have “an offbeat sense of humor” is to raise nerd-ish, arrested adolescent obliviousness to the level of performance art.

    Oh now, all he means is that he laughs at inappropriate times and at inappropriate things. Someone tells him their mom died he gets the giggles is all that he meant.

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    On the other hand sometime this election Romney will claim that he is the one that really killed bin Laden. With his bare hands. Before the seal team got there.

  • What I can’t figure is how can she spin that as meaning anything other than exactly what she said? Can she believe that saying stuff like that helps Mitt with women voters? Obviously Mitt isn’t the only person in that family that’s world class weird.

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    You guys is lookin’ at this situation in the wrong way. You hear trophy wife and you think bowling trophy when you should be thinking trophy hunter. In the sociopathic world of the .001% we are their prey but at the top of the Social Darwinist food chain are the Ann Romney’s of the world. Is it worse to prey on vulture capitalists than on factory workers or home-buyers? The gold diggers of the world don’t do the rest of us any good but unlike their husbands they probably don’t do us a lot of harm.

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    But, if the New Black Panthers had recruited Trayvon Martin there would have been either 3 or 4 of them. 3Dunedain90 would never have dared leave his house. If that isn’t tear-ism what is??

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    “There’s a looseness to Obama when he’s hanging out with the boys club that doesn’t appear in co-ed gatherings,”

    You have to admit there’s a kind of genius to this. If you set the bar at a point where the only people who aren’t sexist are those who are as comfortable with members the opposite sex as they are with members of their own you’re able to claim almost everyone is sexist. I wonder how much success the wing-nuts will have selling a meme that equates enjoying hangin with the guys with wanting to treat women as morally and legally less than human.

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    A GOP convention in FL? It’s likely the only people who won’t be armed will be the protesters in the “protest zones”.

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    In fact I have not expressed any opinion of mandates of any kind. I point out that it is a fact that from 1792 until 1903 there was a federal mandate that men between the ages of 18 and 45 purchase firearms and ammunition. That the government could do this was considered uncontroversial. If they could do it, it is reasonable to assume they can do it.
    These are facts. My approach to facts is to take them as they are. Whether I like them or not is irrelevant.
    For the record I would be against a law mandating private gun purchases. I favor a public option.

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    I don’t think you rally understand the meaning of the word mandate in this context. The happiness of the person mandated is irrelevant. If people are happy to do something as a matter of principle you don’t need a mandate. Mandates are aimed at people who don’t want to do something.

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    “But, let’s really get down to it. Assuming a case could be made for the market, would willing accept a law that required you to buy a gun?”
    The militia act of 1792 requires just that.Signed into law by George Washington giving it real founding father cred.
    Now the argument will be made that a mandate to buy arms and ammunition is somehow different than a mandate to buy insurance. In the sense that everything is different from every thing else, that being how we tell things apart, that’s true. But a mandate is a mandate like it or not.

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    In this cult of Breitbart is Breitbart Saint or Savior? Both? Is it Breitbartism or Andyanity? When can we expect the second coming of the Breitbart? Is cocaine a sacrament?

    Also, you haz convinced me. now, where do I go to get some of these War bitchez of which you speak?

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    If you’re going to leave reality behind and live in a place where facts are irrelevant,words and texts mean whatever you want them too, and you can fervently embrace any number of contradictory opinions without cognitive dissonance, why would you move to someplace as dark as Rush/Glenn World?
    With no more trouble than they’re already taking wing-nuts could be living in a universe filled wit flowers, rainbows, and Jesus love. Instead they live in a terrible dystopian place where they are being crushed under the heel of the Muslamaniacal Kenyan Usurper. Makes no sense too me.
    Also.Too. How soon before it is revealed that “epistemic closure” is a liberal plot?

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    That’s it? What kind of a concern troll are you anyway, one comment (albeit a pointedly trollish one) and you’re done? Show a little of that old concern troll spirit. Throw a tantrum. Stamp your little feet. Threaten to tell the moderators. Threaten to tell your mom. You can do it, you know you can.

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