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  • The “..crushing SS shortfall” is to have ALL the money which was ” borrowed” from the Social Security Trust Fund, returned/paid back. The Trust Fund should be LOCKED and no more fund transfers allowed. Only then, will the “crushing shortfall” shrink to a reasonable size. Republicans are continuing to bleat about this so-called shortfall in [...]

  • What is inappropriate about calling the Oakland PD criminals? They’ve been criminals since Huey Newton and Bobby Seale were teenagers in Oakland. They are an occupying force and a preview of what’s coming for the rest of America. I’d be willing to bet that the coward who fired the ‘kill shot’ atOlsen, a Marine veteran, [...]

  • So you want to change the Constitution! When did this idea enter your head? When Kennedy was president? When LBJ was President? When Clinton was President? No! When Obama is President! That’s curious. Perhaps you could explain the difference.

  • The members of this board are criminals. They should be tried in the Hague for crimes against humanity. They are the same as the criminals tried at Nuremburg. Their names, pictures and all related data should be posted on a wanted poster with a hefty reward. I imagine they ALL claim to be “Christians” and God-Fearing! Well, I hope Your God is watching now. In Hell you will pay, all five of you. Troy Davis may be truly guilty but it has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt! If at a later date, another person is proven guilty of this crime, these board members should stand trial also.

  • It’s not that the TeaPots are stupid as much as they are ignorant. The majority of them are “home schooled” and I’m assuming their “home school” teachers were not Harvard graduates. Those who are college educated went to “evangelical” schools like Liberty and the Pat Roberts college in VA. Their. Hatred of a Black man in “their” White House trumps everything else. That’s the engine that drives them. The same policies under Shrub had no such reaction.

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    Au contrare! Journalists are suppose to seek the truth, not to allow liars like Cantor, to go unchallenged. The role of the journalist is clearly spelled out in the major graduate schools of journalism. So who’s driving the so called journalist to do the opposite? Why do truth-seekers like Rachel Maddow, Keith Olberman or Lawrence [...]

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    Are you f***ing serious? How many of these questions were asked of Bush? Cheyney? Clinton? Carter? Oh, I get it. When you get a black candidate, he couldn’t possibly be qualified so he has to pass YOUR presidential candidate review. ~~edited by mod, no personal invectives~~.

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    Why hasn’t the DOJ initiated the charges to impeach this asshole? If an average Joe did this he’d be under the jail. Let’s see how the American justice system really works. And where the he’ll is the “mainstream media”?

  • Ronnie was a tyrant, a liar, a criminal and dimwitted to boot. His puppet masters put him up as the kind face of their, racist, sexist corporate loving regime. Huey Newton put the fear of God in him and made him run for’s like watching the Soviets celebrating Stalin, naming everything from streets to cities. I refuse to use National Airport in DC until they name it National. Iran-Contra was a criminal enterprise by any standard and Ronnie and his clique ran it in violation of the law. Today’s conservatives wouldn’t piss in his hat if he were alive. This is why they love home schooling and vouchers. That way they can rewrite history and declare him a saint.

  • Maybe they should ask Bobby Seale if Ronnie was a saint!

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    The purpose of this stunt was to test-’drive the way they want it to be read, not the way it was written..if the misreadings caused little or no backlash, well he’ll, maybe the can change it. Stay tuned!