• Ah, sing, sweet-siren, but I will no longer be seduced. For you see, I have become immune to the thrill of your populist vigor on the stump, your oh-so-passionate claims that you are one of us.

    You are not. You are a hack. You are in the bag for the 1%. And you prove it with your actions seemingly every week.

    I have not yet chosen my write-in candidate, but I will, if only to show the Democratic Party that I will never again be taken by a broken promise-maker. They deserve a lesson, and I’m afraid they are going to get another one.

    And that breaks my heart all the more. Oh, how thoroughly you have eff-ed the hopes of this country….

  • (Whoops–though the Obamabots may have a loose grip on reality, there is no excuse for misspelling lose.)

  • No, because America and Americans are definitely going to loose if they keep voting–straight party line–for corporatists, anti-environmentalists, pro-war-ists, and anti-middle-classists. Which describes all Republicans, and a growing number of Democrats–at least those who could exert the needed pressure against such groups.

    “Shut-up and take the abuse” may feel good, but it will not save this democracy, or this planet.

    Memo to the Democrats: if you want me to vote for you, put up someone worth voting for.

    I’d sign off as idealist, but I’ve already reached my -ist limit.

  • Ah, the BBB.

    Better Business Barry.

    Now this tool is trying to kill me, as I have asthma. I don’t miss work because it, but I can imagine many do, and isn’t it a “productivity killer” when people can’t breathe well enough to do their jobs? (Oh, right, what jobs?)

    No D next time; no R anytime. I’m going with the Greens the next cycle.

  • If we reward Democratic Corporatism and anti-middle class actions (not talk, not promises, but actual committee and floor votes), then absolutely nothing will change. Voting for Obama again is not only rewarding bad behavior, but perpetuating it, because the Powers That Be will not have a reason to change. I am done with any politician that does not support liberalism, the New Deal, the middle class. No Republicans support these. They will NEVER get my vote. But a D next to a name will not get it by default. Our senators here in CO are corporatists. Looks like our new governor is anti-union. And Obama isn’t worth the spit hacked at his reelection sign.

    I am not saying I would never vote for them again. But they are going to have to change for me–not the other way around. If there is a Green or other Independent that shares my views, they will get my time, treasure, and vote (working up a Green or Independent local representation is the best I can think of.)

    Support just like any individual Dem might get. But I will be gawddammed if I vote for anyone again who purports to share my views, then votes or writes policy against them.

    Doing so might slow down the decimation of our country, but its decimation will be assured nevertheless. Our only hope for our long term preservation is if enough people wake up and force a change–as painful as that might be in the relatively short term.

    Am I in? In a 30 foot hole of elk shit? Like the rest of America? Damn right I am. I’m just not ready to support any increase of its depth–no matter what its rate if increase is.

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    I’m a refugee from the sham that is Daily Kosbama as well, Paoloon, where any criticism of Beloved Barry is met with scorn. The hell with them, and the hell with Obama. I will not support any further the lesser of two evils. Hell, I’m not even sure the dems are the lesser anymore. Perhaps the “fewer” of two sets of evil–at best. Uh, oh–looks like military trials are back on the table, so I better hold my tongue.


    (PS: Jane, my $$ help is forthcoming…)

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