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    Only thing I plan on using my “assault weapon” for is punching holes in paper, but I can’t even do that right now because the damn panicky idiots riled up by all this bloviating from the mainstream Left about “murder machines” have stripped the shelves bare of ammo for almost anything.

    You only plan on using your assault weapon (grammar lesson–no need to use scare quotes for the actual name of something) to punch holes in paper, but you feel that hobby is more important than anyone trying to restrict the ownership of these weapons, even when some people are obviously using these weapons for their intended purpose of punching holes in people? Your hobby is more important to you than even a single innocent life saved because these assault weapons were kept out of the hands of a potential murderer? A hobby?

    Well, the rest of us don’t feel like endorsing your right to a paper-punching hobby with the blood of our friends and families. Find another hobby, please.

    (and BTW–offering as evidence that the “Left” is emotionally overreacting to a non-problem by claiming that “panicky idiots” are stockpiling ammunition is counter to your argument. Panicked idiots stockpiling assault weapons and ammo after a public massacre of innocents is pretty much evidence of mass hysteria, not rational gun-ownership. You might want to clean your thinking machine.)

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