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  • Jeremy, your response unfortunately managed to avoid the central point that I raised, which was about “the politics of right-wing extremism in Israel that feeds latent anti-Semitism”. To my mind, that is perhaps the most important factor in both the survival of the state of Israel and the long-term future of the Jewish Diaspora. That factor is not, or should not be, IMHO, the basis for a philosophical argument – as its consequences might well, eventually, be a matter of life or death.

  • Regrettably, ‘A New Voice for Israel: Fighting for the Survival of the Jewish Nation’is a misnomer. ‘Fighting for the Survival of the Israeli nation’ would be more accurate. The Jewish nation, of whom the majority live in the Diaspora, have no need to fight for its survival – other than to try to disassociate itself from the politics of right-wing extremism in Israel that feeds latent anti-Semitism.

    It has long been a tactic of the Likud party to endeavor to link Zionism and Judaism together as synonyms, when, in fact, they are no such thing. Judaism is 5000 years old – political Zionism is 150 at most. Judaism is one of the world’s oldest and most respected faiths, Zionism is a late 19th century, political movement. The connection is tenuous in the extreme.

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    Absorbing the latest news from Cairo, it appears that the regime of President Mubarak is fatally wounded and there will now be imminent radical political reform, which is long overdue.

    This situation bodes ill for Israel’s policies which have totally depended on Mubarak’s co-operation in order to maintain its siege of Gaza and its restriction of its one and a half million citizens.

    We can foresee a collapse of the existing Middle East structure which has been supported solely by billions of US dollars to both the Egyptian and the Israeli governments.

    A future regional accord will probably be reached which will drastically curtail Israeli and American influence and which will lead to a changed profile whereby every Middle East state will in future have influence strictly in accordance with its size and population.

    And lastly, pressure will be brought to bear for a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone throughout the Middle East, as a matter of urgency.

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  • Decisive action to put an end to political posturing and Netanyahu’s pretence for peace.

    Leaked documents published in the Guardian today purport to show how past and present Israeli ministers, Livni / Olmert / Barack and Netanyahu have, since 2005, been steadily squeezing the neck of the Palestinians, harder and harder – whilst falsely claiming that Israel had ‘no partner for peace’.

    In an effort to realize their vision of a ‘Greater Israel’, ethnically cleansed of all those peoples who have occupied the land continuously for over one thousand years, the indigenous Arabs – they conspired to re-populate the Palestinian West Bank by giving their own citizens financial inducements to move from their own existing homes in Israel into settlements illegally-built on Arab land.

    The world has apparently had to wait for Wikileaks and the Guardian to expose the truth and the ‘doublespeak’. Now the EU, the US and the United Nations need to take immediate and decisive action to put an end to this political posturing and Netanyahu’s pretence for peace.

    The UN Security Council should act now, for otherwise there will soon be another conflict in the Middle East that will escalate, this time, into a nuclear fireball that could consume the entire region and then to Europe and beyond.

    America needs to stop colluding in the illicit actions of the Israeli government and impose the establishment of a Palestinian state comprising the West Bank and Gaza with East Jerusalem as its capital.

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    The real question is: Which is the only corrupt democracy in the Middle East?

    Need a clue?

    ‘Government corruption is a higher national priority for Israelis than negotiating a peaceful settlement with the Palestinians, according to a new poll by Tel-Aviv University.’