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    Some here appear to think that all humanity is doomed. I don’t think so. Our society and what we current call civilization is probably doomed, especially industralized society. But with the collapse of our fossil fuel base, humanities massive and systematic planetary destruction will also (mostly) end, and the earth will begin to heal itself. Unless we heat the earth to the point where the human mammal cannot survive, there should always be places on the earth where groups of varying sizes will survive, much as humanity survived prior to industrialization.

    And hopefully the decendants of those survivors will have learned the lessons of overpopulation, resource depletion and living in concert with our surroundings, not destroying them.

    And Twain, we’d probably all be better off without cows. Hate to say that as much as I love a good cheeseburger, but…

    When the crunch comes, the rich will do better for a while, until the masses come for their heads, which will happen.