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    If you think this effort is “international” I would suggest you read up on how much ‘effort’ other countries are putting in.

    Cliff note version: We are supplying – literally – TEN TIMES more fire power and all the missiles, air strikes and now apparently ALL rifles and ground support.

    So while President Blackbush keeps talking about how NATO has taken control, we aren’t spearheading this, coalition of the willing, international effort…blah,blah,blah, the FACT is – we are doing all the heavy lifting.

    Or should I say, heavy bombing?

    I guess America has to NOT suck at something.

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    Demand That These Bold, Progressiv­e Policies Be Included In The
    Democratic Party Platform – 2012!

    I think you just missed the entire point of this post.

  • GUFFAWWW! Hey Rahm, welcome back to Chicago!


  • Not surprising! Only more depressing by the day.

    The only thing worse than hearing about situations like this is hearing: a) the somehow stunned response as if this behavior is surprising and new??? and b) the utter lack of outrage.

    Yeah sure, a few of you might have busted a key or two but the real outrage will start when people (like Jane) who attempt to visit Bradley Manning start disappearing themselves.

    Nah, who am I kidding, there will be no outrage. Everyone will probably just switch to another blog….

    Depressing. Our future is really looking awful.

  • Actually, this comedy will play out more like a tragedy. SPOILER ALERT: In the next election, just like every other that came before it, the progressive population, despite years of being ignored and unrepresented, will once again march to the polls dutifully and vote for a fake progressive, Obama, one more time.

    All the while convincing ourselves that there is something inherently better about a fake progressive than a true blue conservative. When in fact,policy wise there is no difference in the last 4 years compared to the 8 under the Shrub.

    It’s already becoming the mantra of the Obama administration so I expect to hear this good Dems vs evil GOP cranked up to feverish pitch by 2012.

    Remember, America is the ANTI-Democracy – we don’t vote to put good people in office, we vote to keep worse people out.

    The sad reality here is that the Tea Baggers are willing and able to start a third party in response to what they see as lack of representation from the GOP. Not conservative enough, not racial enough, not hateful enough…whatever. Whether their agenda is tweaked or not, the scary fact of reality is that THEY are now a driving force in Congress. Actually manipulating legislation!!!! My GOD!!

    Progressives are NOT. What does that say about the future of ‘progressive legislation’ guys?


  • It’s an election year guys! Come on!

    What Presidential candidate isn’t going to jump on a media-whore event this spectacular? And he jumped six approval points since last weekend. Good for Bush, eh, oh, I mean, Obama!

    The man knows an opportunity when he sees it. Expect him to squeeze this for every drop. Nobody knows how to celebrate tragedy like America, that’s for sure.

    We’ve been partying like it’s 9/11 ever since “W” hit the trifecta!

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    Thank you for pointing out the Assange arrest. This to me, is one of the most frightening and very real aspects as to the death of Democracy – World Wide! The lesson here: Europe will embrace you with open arms if you have money and have admitted to drugging and raping a 13 year old [...]

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    Gandhi and MLK weren’t dealing with a two-party indoctrinated, heavily medicated populace that still believed there was a difference between DNC and RNC. Those people knew they would never be represented unless they took matters into their own hands. Just watch,despite all the whining and complaining in about six months, you will be inundated for [...]

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    UGH! I can’t stand this anymore – ok, some clarification here:

    1) PLEASE STOP this ridiculous notion that America “voted against it’s own interest” by repeating the ridiculously false ASSumption that Democrats all bailed and switched parties. HARDLY! The Dems didn’t get shoved off that cliff, they JUMPED and the only thing the “base” did (because of course, we aren’t voters with brains, we’re just pawns that jump when we’re told) was refuse to lay down the safety net at the bottom.

    2) The most perfect examples of exactly WHY America is so screwed can be found in at least a dozen of the comments above. As long as we all buy hook, line and sinker in the Two-Party system we are destined to this madness.

    **Definition of madness in this case being: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. You know, like toggling back and forth between two of the same party. Which in practice, they are.

    We can’t even begin to change one damn thing about all that is happening until we are ready to change our preprogrammed political language and our caustic dialogue.

    Focus people, and let’s start brainstorming like adults and not angry teens who’ve had too much Red Bull.

    That would be a special message to YOU, PSALONGO

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    You forgot to add the line “I did it because it was the RIGHT thing to do”

    Am I the only one with a dry enough sense of humor to see the unintended pun here?

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    Actually, that is where we are NOW! Hence the frustration and sense of utter hopelessness felt among the masses (on both sides by the way)

    Welcome to the ANTI-democracy called America. Its a two party system so decide which hurts less because youll never get to vote for a candidate that you really want. In the ANTI-democracy called America you can’t vote FOR anything, only AGAINST IT!

    That is why we fail, we think that by toggling back and forth, somehow “change” is gonna shake loose.

    It wont!

  • I feel compelled to point out something that is driving me crazy: In all this media hoopla and the DEM defensiveness (supported by some on this and other ‘progressive’ blogs) about how the jobless rate is improving – you are overlooking one subtle yet GIGANTIC detail.

    Using jobless claims as an indicator for how things are getting better is laughable at best because:

    A) People who have exhausted all benefits (99r’s come to mind) are no longer counted. That will drop the number significantly and by the end of the year, they expect several hundred thousand more people to lose benefits.

    B) Jobless rates being quote are actually only NEW jobs that have gone overseas. Given that pretty much most of the major employers have already bailed, I would say this number is going to level out on it’s own whether or not the Democrats do one damn thing. Will they call this a “positive sign of recovery” as well, when every single last job has been outsourced?

    B) It does not take into consideration people who had their hours and wages reduced, known as the ‘underemployed’ and it does not take into account people who were never eligible in the first place, like consultants and small business owners who have tanked.

    If you pull all THOSE statistics into the fold then the unemployment rate nationally is closer to nearly 20%. And as probably a lot of you can relate to, being underemployed is just as bad as being unemployed because at the end of the day, if the income ain’t there, you are still gonna lose your house, partially employed or not!

    This is not an unusual semantics game, all politicians play it, but hearing supposed “progressives” now using this same lame justification for how the economy is turning around is beyond maddening.

    If the best the Democrats, have to offer us is fear based campaigning void of any insight and ideas then folks, we have a lot more to worry about then the Tea Party!

    How long do we toggle back and forth between rich and richer? Because this last House race cost enough to employ half of Detroit.