• Facebook’s policies make perfect sense when you understand that it’s owner Mark Zuckerborg is a far-right supporting, pro-fascist police state, anti-Freedom Conservative.

    Every single person that uses Facebook is supporting police-state fascism, far-right extremism, and the ending of your civil rights.

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    Moral Majority (lyrics)
    by Dead Kennedys

    You don’t want abortions, you want battered children
    You want to ban the pill as if that solves the problem
    Now you wanna force us to pray in school
    God must be dead if you’re such a fool

    You’re planning for a war with or without iran
    Building a police state with the ku klux klan
    Pissed at your neighbour? don’t bother to nag
    Pick up the phone and turn in a fag

    Blow it out your 4$$, terry dolan
    Blow it out your 4$$, phyllis schlafly
    Ram it up your c**t, anita
    Cos God must be dead
    If you’re alive
    God must be dead
    If you’re alive

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    “a central plot point”

    In the opera, “La Boheme”

  • “I could have sworn that one of the 10 commandments was “thou shalt not bear false witness.”

    And you would be wrong.

    That doesn’t appear anywhere in the Conservative Bible…

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    “About a year ago I got a Soda Stream…”

    Do you not know that this company is located on stolen land in the West Bank and run by Isreali ‘settlers’, and that their business model relies on exploiting Palestinian resources and labor?


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    Eh, since this article doesn’t tell us, the loser companies are: TJ Maxx and HomeGoods, Macy’s Inc, Darden Restaurants Inc (the parent company of chains such as Olive Garden and Red Lobster), Sears Holdings Corp (owner of both Sears and Kmart), Yum! Brands Inc (KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell), The Kroger Co (Kroger, City [...]

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    One word: Hemp!

    Corn is terrible on the soil, hemp is far less so. Corn is terrible for erosion, hemp used to be used as an erosion control crop. Corn has fairly little cellulose, hemp is mostly cellulose.

    Kansas, Nebraska and Kentucky, sown with hemp, could make he USA self sufficient.

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    What is most interesting is that if a Republican were president, there would still be a drone assassination program and NONE of these communities and states would care about it.

  • I absolutely have to make fun of C+W!

    From the excellent movie Blues Brothers:

    What kind of music do you usually have here?

    Oh, we got both kinds. We got country *and* western.

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    China could take over Taiwan, Nepal and invade Japan tomorrow if they wanted to. No one would be able to stop them.

    The USA is now Made In China, so USa can’t lift a finger to stop them, or every Wal-Mart would be empty overnight. If Obama made any attempt to stand up to China, the Walton Family would call the White House and issue orders to the President to lick the Chinese President’s boots.

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    We get $748 on our SNAP card a month, that’s for 2 adults, three children on less than $20K a year. We are already down to $280 left and it’s March 11. That has to last 20 more days. If we didn’t have that we’d be homeless. And the Democrats are going to help the [...]

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    Thank the Gods you wrote this, now I can believe you and not my own lying eyes! It’s good to know that all of the effects of disastrous climate change I see everywhere around me avery day is not real, but a figment on my imagination and invented by Al Gore. The weather hasn’t been [...]

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    “ice melting at the polls”

    The only danger there is slipping on the ice when you go to vote.

  • “He was upset because he did not expect this to happen in America.”

    “It’s nothing I’m not already used to,” he told me later. “When you live under occupation, with no rights, this is a daily occurrence.”

    Because America hasn’t been the Land of the Free since Saint Ron Reagan’s days. And since G W Bush’s days’ it’s been completely transformed into a fascist police-state, complete with ID card checks on the interstate highways. The only ‘rights’ we have left are the ones the Koch Brothers haven’t ordered Obama to take away … yet.

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    But the sooner Shirley Inman dies, the better the return on investor’s shares will be. Anyone that thinks Shirley Inman should be allowed to live is an anti-American Communist! This is basic Capitalism, folks. No company should have any responsibility for it’s employees. If a company wants to kill it’s workers because it will result [...]

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    If today’s WaPo was around in 1973.

    Jr Reporter: CIA operatives broke into the Democratic headquarters and the White House sent a lawyer to represent them.

    Editor: How dare you attack the Republican Hero President? You’re fired!

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    “In a country where people are worked until they fall unconscious, how long will it take for multinationals to wake up to their complicity in the horrific conditions of the industry status quo?” Dude! You think WalMart doesn’t know exactly what they are doing around the globe??? OF COURSE WalMart and H&M stopped using that [...]

  • Oh, the right knows exactly what they are doing: moving the goal posts. It will always be “$4T needs to be cut” no matter how much has already been cut. The Village Idiots will never dare report reality, or they get cast out of The Village!

    Aside: Go see the old Prisoner TV show for an accurate description of Main Stream Media and The Village media reporters. The episode you want is “Free For All”…

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    Everyone here is either too young, or has completely forgotten that the Democratic Leadership sold control of the Democratic Party to the Republicans during the Iran-Contra hearings back when Reagan was Acting President.

    I clearly remember Senator Inyoue leading the Democrtas out onto the steps of the Capital building for a press conference and declaring that no matter how egregious the treason committed by the Reagan Administration, no Democrat would ever dare hold any Republican accountable to the law.

    Ever since that day no Democrat has dared to oppose a Republican when it really counted. Sure the Dems throw a scrap to the base every now and then, but when it really matters, the Dems ALWAYS side with the GOP. Just look at how Reid runs the Senate: asking the minority permission before he advances any bill, and if any Republican even looks in his direction Reid instantly kills the bill.

    OF COURSE the Dems were never going to pass any actual changes to the Senate Rules. OF COURSE the rules they did change BENEFIT the GOP!

    The Democratic Leadership has been under the control of conservatives since the mid-1980s. We have only one-party in this nation and it has two wings: the moderate-right and the far-right.

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    All I Want For Christmas (Is World Peace) By: Timbuk 3 http://www.madmusic.com/song_details.aspx?SongID=1405 Transformers, superheroes Thundercats in cast iron clothes Rocket fingers, laser eyes Cannon mouths and missile toes Santa’s helpers from on high Secret sponsors place their bids Your donation helps to buy GI Joes for Contra kids All I want for Christmas All I [...]

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