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    Great work here Susan. Clearly, they are run amok. There is no authority for this and the whole adventure is war crime by virtue of being a war of aggression. All NATO parties are guilty of war crimes by this conduct. What is it about extremist/fascist/empire evildoers that they cannot see their own end and [...]

  • The drone attacks are CIA but its all US so splitting hairs except to note that the CIA is widely implicated in the assassination of John Kennedy and he was a white man. The point in the Kennedy murder is how effective it is to decapitate a nation to force your will upon it.

  • Yea, and Jeb Stuart and his boys took a couple of runs at it themselves.

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    Real good piece here. You are drawing back the curtain to describe how criminal governments have and are damaging their own people. The US gov. being the poster child for citizen abuse. You make another good point, although not directly, about who is using who in the US/Israeli relationship. Chomsky has argued that it is [...]

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    Great work and thank you.

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    Good read–who can say if the thing can be saved. What a noble attempt. I am reminded and moved by the Kinks song written by Dave Davies which is very moving. All the stories have been told Of kings and days of old, But there’s no England now. All the wars that were won and [...]

  • Somewhere you make a logic jump that Quadaffi is creating the conflict and the refugees and then sprinkled in that the total getting near Europe is 4,800. All this justifies for you the US participation in a war of aggression. Wow, how are you justifying the use of depleted uranium and the US caused casualties. [...]

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    Great post jump. I didn’t see this on the NYT. I am all for anyone shaking up things in the senate. I can just imagine 90 some fat pigs crapping their pants all at once. Don’t know enough about Rand to say anything meaningful about him, but anyone who doesn’t appreciate this effort and the [...]

  • Mojada, When you put it like that well it makes the behavior of the parties seem a little irrational doesn’t it. Maybe there a variety of hidden agendas at play that cannot be openly discussed because they would cause public outrage. As a general rule, I think the people doing the killing should be considered [...]

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    Oh stop Barry. Please stop. You’re killing me. No, really you’re killing me. How about some drone jokes or maybe a little of that campaign rehash you do so well. If you really must continue then go with the nuclear contamination jokes. You know, like the one where you guarantee loans for nuclear plant development with our money because no sane person would ever do it with their own money. That was so funny. You really are a joker. No joke; you really are a joker.

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    Thank you for this and all your other good work.

    My understanding is that Manning’s treatment also involves sleep deprivation. That he is awoken every 5 minutes to ask if you is alright and required to respond. Has that been going on for all this time?

    Would you please speak to that.

  • Any discussion about Bradley Manning necessarily includes the nature of the things he has been accused of releasing–serious and horrible crimes by the US government, and, the total non-response to any of these crimes at any level of law enforcement. It appears they intend to kill him and they have already done him irreparable harm–why wouldn’t a group capable of all these other crimes also torture an innocent until proven guilty US soldier because after all he is thier true enemy and not the made and made up characters in their silly wars on drugs, terror and now underwear.

    That their excuse making for the torture of Manning is so transparent as to be insulting to all of us no matter how we feel about Manning’s actions. His own safety please; McGiver and Houdini working together couldn’t commit suicide under those circumstances.

  • Seems like nobody took the bait. I’ll try with my caption for the photo:

    Rahm says to Obama:

    “Look Barry, I’ve got 4 and 1/2 reasons why you will never be elected in ’12:

    First is your are a first class dick, you know, as in piece of dog dooh;
    Second is you lied so much the last time you have zero, did you hear me, zero credibility–you are a liar and everyone knows it;
    Third is you are a first class dick;
    Fourth is you are a war criminal;
    Fourth and 1/2(because I chopped my finger off) is that you have totally broken your promise to the American people who were so desperate for a restoration of their republic, their very right of being. You wrecked all those things. Now that you have failed to prosecute the horrible murderers before you and have continued in horrible murders yourself, you cannot expect anything but to be determined and punished as a war criminal.

    But myself, as mayor of Chicago, will disavow any knowledge of your activities. That is all.”

    Kind of a long photo caption but a sad truth. As the months and hours of the torture of Bradley Manning continue it is impossible to see anyone who has any ability to stop that cruelty to be anything but a war criminal.

    When Bush was elected the second time, the world thought we were crazy; if Obama is elected a second time then what can be said. I will vote for his dog before him. We need the most probable write in because the process will not provide an alternative. Barrack Obama belongs in prison and not the white house. The United States is in need of a sea change and the whole world will support us if we attempt it. God forgive us if we do not try and god save us if we are left with that failure.

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    Wow, elected officials is the democracy of the US hiding behind a police line. That can’t go on forever.

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    Thank you for this reporting. Where else is this information available because I haven’t seen it. Do you think the Iraqis have anything to be upset about? Poor bastards, look what we have done and are continuing to do to them. If their leadership is not working to get rid of us then it is clear that it is not “their” leadership but ours.

    The US govt. response on these protests will be disgusting-count on it. We will all look back fondly on the response to the Egyptian protests with nostalgia, the good old days when America took a stand for freedom.

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    President Obama is being paid very well to sell out the middle class of America. Anyone who thinks that he needs them to throw their shoes at him in any of his public appearances is mistaken. Just like Bill Clinton, who grew up on welfare and then paid 3 million dollars for his daughter’s wedding, [...]

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    Was he standing on the street in front of the Dallas Book Depository?

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    Great post. The people need to make decisions on imperatives and deliver them to this government and based on its response choose to work further with it or dissolve it. It is no longer correctly functioning.

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    This really came as quite a surprise. After all the commitment to change I felt sure Obama would take a stand here and at least keep up with history if he couldn’t lead it. Tunisia and Egypt in flames and most the rest of the Arab world clearly showing the future reality and our man [...]

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