• What’s in this for oil companies? If nothing, they are going to strangle this baby in the cradle.

  • The West is hell bent on fomenting trouble in Ukraine. Russia is absolutely right to defend its interests. Rasputin at least knows when to use force, when Russia’s national interests are at stake. You have to give him credit, he has balls, and way smarter than Obama. You gotta love this guy. He defends Ukraine’s freedom of no choice, no different than our elections without a choice. After all, we have been meddling in other countries’ affairs for a long time, who are we to complain, except for propaganda’s purposes. Did anyone invite us to Afghanistan? Did we hear anyone say anything about freedom or human rights yet?

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    No, you misunderstood, Americans are going let democracy run its course. They then can say “democratically elected”. Just as in the U.S. we have entire Washington bought, ugh… elected.

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    Knowing fewer people increases your chances of dying in bed.

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    Please take a look at the film “Gandhi”.

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    Elections are a waste of time. Nothing will change unless we have public financing of elections. However, this is not going to happen, since there is no way we will be able to amend the Constitution, and we all know no matter what bill the Congress will try to pass, to fix the money flow [...]

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    American jobs are in China and other countries. All you need to look at is trade deficit. No amount of public spending will cure the long term issues afflicting American and other Western economies. The only way to cure the low employment is by cancelling trade deals. Instead, Obama is pushing TPP. That is the [...]

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    No matter what Obama says about Putin, the latter has outwitted Obama. In comparison, O feels like an amateur. You have to give Ras-putin credit, the guy is smart. Maybe there is a connection between being shirtless and being smart? Maybe O. should try getting himself photographed without his pants, which is what it feels like most of the time anyway.

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    Powdered rhinoceros horn and petroleum are 2 different things. Oil production can be controlled and taxed. My assumption was that we are discussing things that are really causing environmental damage. So oil can be taxed, and its value can be reflected in the products we purchase. But in the end, it is all about money, [...]

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    That is exactly my point. If the price reflects the actual cost, not only just manufacturing costs but also environmental costs, if the price becomes high enough, then you are reducing the market for a product, which is exactly what we are trying to do. If the price of a good is high we are [...]

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    I don’t think you’re correct. The goods we are buying do not reflect their correct (full) cost. If everything is priced to the actual cost, consumption can be curbed. Let the price reflect the actual cost, and we will then see where the consumption goes. We will never be able to curb consumption by appealing [...]

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    For all we know it is CIA buying WaPo using Amazon as cover.

  • Terrorism is nothing more than a cover for domestic surveillance, the real reason for NSA’s existence. Obviously, the Patriot Act would not have passed if it was revealed that its purpose was domestic surveillance. The PTB fear for their own survival, and in order to survive need a police state. How many unpopular programs will pass Congress before things explode? It is nothing more than a self protection mechanism. That means they will keep trying to tighten the screws further. Surveillance is nothing more than a mechanism to keep track of discontent.

  • Gitmo has become a “dieting resort”, they will soon start taking reservations for vacations at Gitmo. You will be guaranteed a loss of weight, and if you happen to die, well, it sometimes happens.

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    Americans should stop trying to solve other people’s problems, we have enough of our own. Our self righteousness, when it suits our purposes, flies in the face of what we do when it does not. But I believe, in this case, Preet Bharara, who is the U.S. DA for Southern District, and who is Indian, [...]

  • Stop listening, as I did, since you know what comes out of his mouth are lies, and his deeds will be opposite of his words.

  • Most likely Saudis were used by the U.S. to perpetrate 9/11. Saudis were just a tool. Otherwise it would not have been possible to Saudi families to leave U.S. soon after the attack. That is why there was no retribution. I am sure there is much more to this story than it seems. I am very skeptical of Saudi involvement without U.S. knowledge.

  • It is quite obvious to me this happened because of insufficient surveillance capability of the NSA and because of Edward Snowden. Those al Quedas are everywhere. NSA will now be asking for more authority and a larger budget. And they need more authority in the U.S. because all the problems start here. If only they had more money and fewer restrictions, they can do their job much better. They need to do 6 hops instead of 3. That way they could have killed 30 people instead of 15. Aren’t those Yemenis lucky?

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    I am pretty sure he does not care. After all, he is not running for re-election, so the only ones affected are legislators. Anyway, who cares at this stage? Results are the same whether you vote R or D. And I would rather have Ds in opposition, blocking Rs, rather than running the show, I think they are better as opposition than when they are in charge, there is less damage that way, particularly since O is the Pres. The only way to get these clowns out of Washington is to start a boycott elections movement.

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    Hate of Russia is, apart from historical reasons, is irrational. Culturally, they are both Slavs, and, granted that they have been under the Russian domination for centuries. However, there is nothing for Ukraine to gain by joining the European Union. It is a total illusion. Economically, opportunities lie in building a relationship with Russia, not [...]

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