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    Good for you and fare thee well. Ya done good while you were here.

  • Good riddance, sir…I have spent more time reading the posts at your various residences than tending to my lawn and keeping the house free of Catahoula dog hair. This is why we just dropped $1.5k on new sod and why the floors of our house looks like they have been pixilated.

    That said, all the best to you and yours. The departures of the bloggers you have mentioned (all younger then me as well) certainly gives one pause. I don’t follow right-wing bloggers, preferring to let others such as yourself do the heavy lifting. However,it seems somewhat curious that their mortality rate isn’t nearly as high as for the commie bloggers…maybe their extraordinary levels of bile act as some kind of longevity potion. Who knows?

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    From the comments at DBS: “Lighten up The Atlantic is a supermarket checkout line tabloid that ‘reports’ alien abductions and three-headed cats.”


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    According to Moore’s Law, 10 years is like…divide by 1.5…carry the 6…sheesh.

    Well, anyway it’s a long time to do any one thing but a REALLY long time to do something consistently well. Good on you and should you choose someday (as you will) to go gentle into that good night, your legacy is secure.


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    Fortunately, I am too old to have to yell “‘WATCH OUT GRANNY…” when Paul Ryan starts stalking his prey with the latest MAMBA XLR36 – DUAL CAMS bow. My grannies are already, mercifully, at rest.

    But wait a minute…wait just a DOG GONE MINUTE…I’m a grandpa and that makes my wife a…GASP…”granny”!!

    Holy fucking crap…

    Time to stock up on the titanium shields.

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    After a week of spectacular, incisive, penetrating posts, I am guessing this is pretty much how you feel right now.

    Go ahead, take a three-day weekend off, you’ve earned it.

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    Sex and drugs…that’s the ticket. My original Lawrence paper went into his somewhat unconventional sexual life (or lack thereof) and that may have been a bit too much for a 1960′s public high school English teacher to handle. Of course, I left that part out of the re-write.

    I always count this as a missed step in my life. Had my teacher been accepting and supportive, I might have been steered in a different direction.

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    Since GWPDA played the Lawrence card, I’m going to recommend John E. Mack’s “A Prince of our Disorder: The Life of T. E. Lawrence” (1976). The book is a bit heavy on the psychology stuff (Mack was, after all, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard) but chock full of historical information (I will defer to GWPDA in the event of any major or egregious errors in the book).

    Mack, who was struck and killed by a drunk driver in the England in 2004, later gained notoriety for his study of people claiming to have been abducted by aliens. This lead to the unprecedented investigation of a tenured professor at Harvard solely on the basis of his field of study (he was exonerated).

    Having lived in Arabia as a boy in the 1950s, the story of Lawrence has resonated with me throughout my life. I have a first edition copy of “Revolt in the Desert” and have read “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” about once per decade since my teens. In high school, I suffered one of the greatest insults/compliments of my life when my book report comparing a biography of somebody (in my case Lawrence) with an autobiography of the same person was returned without a grade, just a “SEE ME” written at the end. My English teacher (whom I will refrain from naming as she was so mean, she is probably still alive) told me it was too well written to have been done by a high school student. Suffering as I was from a severe sense of “fear of authority”, I rewrote the book report, intentionally dumbing it down to make her happy. Sigh…

    Anyway, I grabbed “A Prince of our Disorder” literally on the run out the door on the way to a week on Sanibel Island. It holds up well and so much of it is very prescient about the current situation on the middle east.

    Oh yeah, left at home an as works still in progress, “Elixir: A History of Water and Humankind” by Brian Fagan and the Isaacson book about that Jobs-creator guy (I don’t read much fiction, sorry).

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    Why…why…WHY do I click through these things when Mr. Bogg has already done the heavy lifting? Sigh…

    Anyway, is Monica Crowley lactating in that unfortunate sweater picture?

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    And there are those of us who voted for Anderson and Nader think the fork should be placed smack dab in the center of the place service.

    This is aptly demonstrated by the German auto engineers in Peter Ustinov’s “Grand Prix of Gibraltar”. When they were asked why their English driver, Girling Foss, always had to blow his nose before the race, they replied that he did not carry a handkerchief because if he had, “…he vood haff to haff a pocket on either his left side or his right side, and this vood unbalance the car!”

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    I’m not gonna click it…I’m not gonna click it…I’m not gonna click it…

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    19fucking95 and just now being brought into the naked light of day? Sure has been effective, eh? Talk about a stealth campaign…

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    19fucking95 and just now being brought into the naked light of day? Sure has been effective, yeah? Talk about a stealth campaign…

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    One day when I was in fourth grade (1959ish), the teacher left the room during lunch and asked me to make sure everybody behaved and let her know if anyone didn’t. I wrote Dwight’s name on the board for taking a volume of the encyclopedia out of the bookcase without permission.

    If these super-sleuths have even an iota of self-awareness, they should feel as bad about themselves as I do about ratting out Dwight’s evil quest to learn in a classroom.

    What a bunch of…somethings. The English language doesn’t seem to have an appropriate word to describe them.

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    IF they are all Andrew Breitbart now, who’s going to be John Galt?

    I am so confused…

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    Technical, Mr. B, after voiding their bladders, they would be Ecopalians…Episcopalians without the piss (I have waited decades, DECADES I tell you, to work that joke in somewhere…thank you).

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    So the Sharks and Jets are having a rumble in the playground and the Sharks are using motorcycle chains and knives on the unarmed Jets but one of the Jets has the temerity to throw a handful of sand into the face of one of the Sharks and Mr. Revkin calls “Foul play, sir, foul play!”?

    I despair, I really do despair…

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    I know the oxygen in this thread has pretty much been used up but I can’t help but share something I noticed when I revisited MacArdle’s kitchen epic (I was just trying to find the name of a cleaner one of her commenters recommended for using on grout…honest).

    Read only the first sentence or phrase of each paragraph of her tome consecutively. Incredibly (or not), the full meaning (and by “meaning” I mean “excuse to grind through her tortured prose”) of the piece remains intact. Perhaps I should point this out to her editor, assuming she has one.

    Anyhow, back to Shakira…

  • Thanks for the referral, Hat and yes, such touching comments. It was indeed heartbreaking to read them which is why I could only force myself through about a quarter of them. My favorite of those I read:

    “Grandmothers of Alaska Unite! Bring our knitting needles and our bifocals and march.”

    Can you say “Hell’s Grannies”?

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