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    Are there any numbers for non-exchange enrollments?

    Not everyone was able to enroll through the exchange. There are folks who may have been previously turning down employer coverage because they didn’t want to/couldn’t pay the premiums (& other costs) and folks who did not sign onto a spouse’s/parent’s employer sposored coverage for the same reason.

    How many people opted to purchase a plan their insurer offered them after cancelling the 2013 one without going through the exchange?

    How many previously uninsureds became Medicare eligible?

    The rollout of ACA has been handled so poorly that it wouldn’t surprise me that no one bothered to contemplate any formula other than “estimated uninsured at end of 2013 = expected enrollments in exchange by end of March 2014.”

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    Congratulations Marcy!

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    Unfortunatley it might not be that easy. I’ll bet that the job loss is going to have to be one that included health insurance.

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    2.5%. Hardly.

    Our statement from BC has a line item for “federal & state taxes & fees current charges.” That dollar amount is 10.5% of our line item for “current charges.”

    Of course the taxes were lumped into the “premium” quote on HealthKludge.gov so the extra charges were hidden in the process until I saw an invoice. It all translates into increased premiums for crappier insurance with higher out-of-pockets costs and the privledge of having those premiums taxed. Such a deal.

  • I still think a lot of people dislike Congress as a whole but still support their Congressperson.

    Sadly, this is true. Not because people step back and analyze voting records, or bills sponsored, but for cosmetic reasons:

    “He keeps me informed. He sends me newsletters”
    “He hold town halls.”
    “His office is open every day.”
    “A friend of my neighbor needed help with their social security claim and was able to get help from his office.”

    Things like these have little to do with the Congress Critter, they’re staff run and would happen regardless of who the Member happened to be.

    Unless a constituent is passionate about an issue(s), and few are, they never bother to figure out how close their Congress Critter’s voting record would be compared to their own. And when their only point of reference is “the other guy is too LIBERAL for you” there’s not much hope of them ever making a true comparison.


  • because of problems with the federal health care website

    So much for all the fixes.

  • Those town halls are going to be choice. In 2009 they were filled with people misinformed by idiots like Rush and Sarah but not personally affected. In 2014 they’re going to be filled with folks who are paying more and getting less after being told to bend over and hold their ankles.

    I attended the one held by John Dingell that made the national news. 90% of the attendees shouted “you lie” every time he tried to say anything and then there were the people who tried storming the podium and ended up being carted out by the police. It was a fine preview of things to come.

    I’m curious as to whether any member of Congress, or their staffs, have actually been helpful to constituents during this HealthKludge.com debacle. I have two democratic Senators and both have apparently washed their hands of it.

  • Imagine the poor soul who ends up in the ER on Jan 1 and has to try and explain why they don’t have a health insurance card in their wallet. …”but I signed up on the exchange – really!”

    Or, imagine the soul who wakes up on Jan 2nd and realizes they need to see a doctor fast. Oh wait, I have to change doctors. Now what? No insurance card, no list of doctors, no list of urgent care facilities…. Try telling the receptionist at a new doctor’s office that HAP or BC said all that was mailed to you, but you still haven’t received it.

    Dealing with the web site is only the beginning of the clusterf**k.

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    Give you, your family, your employees the best Christmas present possible, health insurance!

    This quote boggles my mind. Instead of advocating health care as a right, Obots are reducing it to a privledge – just like right wing talking points. It’s like giving a ten-year-old a toothbrush for Christmas and telling them how lucky they are [...]

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    He chose instead to further entrench a predatory health insurance system in which care is elusive.

    Let’s not forget that the Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress in addition to the White House. It was a conscious choice to entrench, and not a compromise of any sort. Max Baucus is being rewarded with an Ambassadorship [...]

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    This is a smart political move in the administration’s continuing damage control.

    I disagree. It’s throwing people under the bus.

    ACA forced the cancellation of plans. (Some) People are having a difficult time finding a satisfactory replacement policy. Now we leave people who obviously want(ed) health insurance without any and do nothing to help them, or address the real cause of their problem.

    And, I’ll just venture a guess that at least a portion of the problem is the rising premiums for crappier plans. Until the administration owns up to that they can’t begin to fix anything.

  • This morning BC/BS of Michigan told me payments were due by 12/28. Of course, since I still have no invoice I’m still not optimisitc about anything.

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    And how many of those people on Medicaid are going to be blind-sided by estate reclamation?

    People are still going to go bankrupt because of medical bills and now people are going to have all their assets stripped away for health insurance premiums, even if they never get any health care. Both are just wrong.

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    And when the day comes (and we know it will) when the tax credits get reduced/eliminated, how many more unhappy people will there be? Right now the tax credit is helping to make up for an increase in premiums for many people/families.

    Our monthly premium went up $500 for less-than-comparable insurance. The cheapest silver plan available through healthkludge.com is $200 more a month than our 2013 premiums with higher deductable and higher max out-of-pocket and it is an HMO with two clinincs – one about 30 miles from our house and the other about 35 – and not many doctors.

    These plans are not affordable and I won’t be able to keep my level of covered care. Count me as unhappy.

    I believe quality health care is a right. This isn’t quality health care and it isn’t even quality health insurance.

  • “Under the rule interpreting the law, insurers offering plans on the exchanges must provide a three-month grace period to individuals who have enrolled and who have stopped paying their premiums. In the first 30 days, the insurer must continue to pay incurred claims. But for subscribers who ultimately fail to pay premiums within the 90 days and whose coverage is terminated, payers are not required to pay for claims incurred during the last 60 days of the 90-day period,”

    I think there’s an error in the article. The 90 day grace period is mandatory for those applying a premium tax credit toward their monthly premium. If you are not applying a tax credit, or are not eligible for one, all bets are off. Your policy is cancelable for non-payment on day one of month two. There might be some state restrictions on cancellation in some places (hint – democratic governors and state legislatures) but don’t count on it.

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    The whole idea that regular people easily going to make the right decision when faces when incredibly complex insurance choices is fundamentally unsound.

    Before people can contemplate “the right decision,” information about their choices have to be available. The notion that you can compare plans online is a joke.

    An example: In the Silver category I had two BC/BS HMO plans available. Every piece of information you can see online at HealthKludge.com is identicle except for the plan name and premium. If you download the more extensive brochures from the BC/BS web site and compare them, they are identicle. I called BC/BS and asked the rep to explain the differences to me. She was dismissive and said the “only difference was the network of doctors and hospitals.” I asked how I could get a list of the doctors and hospitals for each and was told “you only get that after you enroll.”

    Translation: You are lucky we have to condescend to sell you anything. You should shut up, take what we want to sell you and pay whatever we ask. Go away you pest.

    The average person shopping on the exchange has how much time to try and understand insurance terminology? And, how much time to chase getting information that the insurance companies don not want them to have?

    I will venture a guess that the ACA does not mandate insurance companies giving you this information either.

  • Damn if I can come up with one. Nor is there a reason why other major players shouldn’t be history, or at least moved so far sideways that trips to the cafeteria are a major outing.

    If healthkludge.gov were a utility, the public utility commission hearings on what went wrong would have begun on 10/7. If healthkludge.gov were a publicly traded corporation, they would be filing for bankruptcy. If healthkludge,gov were a non-profit organization, their list of donors and supportors would be dried up by now.

    Might the reason be that Obama would lose what small amount of face he has left on the only possible accomplishment of his Presidency?

  • Krugman later said that the only people who would feel “rate shock” from increased premiums under Obamacare would be “young, healthy and high-income” Americans purchasing plans on the individual insurance market.

    “We’re really talking about a relatively small group of people who … are not the exactly the people you want to feel most sorry for,” he said.

    Ouch. I wonder what empirical eveidence he’s looking at. I have too much respect for him to suggest he hasn’t any, but I sure would like to have a look at what he is basing his statements on.

    I strongly suspect that he has personal reasons for very much believing (like many of us) that everyone is entitled to health care. Unfortunatley, he is coming close to being an ObamaBot that only advocates for health insurance instead of health care.

  • I’m not surprised that it takes a little bit of time either.

    Based on my experience in the tech industry I think eight is excessive, but in the event that is what it truly takes them then either 1) the data is so bad that much of the scrubbing has to be done by hand, or 2) there are not really many enrollments coming in so it’s not worth their while to try and scrub until there are some minimum amount of applications.

    I agree with your assessment about a train wreck-in-waiting. I also get angry to the point of tears how people are being misled on how long they have to enroll. HHS is making it sound as if you have until 12/23 to create a user id on healthkludge.gov and voila! coverage will happen. That’s so far from true it’s a toll call.

    Sadly, HHS and the administration are trying to put the onus on those signing up to make sure there are no problems with their enrollment applications; and, if there are problems the government can’t be held liable while the insurance companies wash their hands as well. Classic catch 22. And, very, very sad for people who tried to be diligent by enrolling (and even following up) but fell between the cracks of poor project management and a technologoical clusterf*ck when they have no health insurance on Jan. 1.

  • I did atempt to check but BC/BS of Michigan told me that it takes eight days for them to process the information once they receive it.

    I explained that I was concerned since there were reports of applications not being transmitted, or containing incorrect information, so I was trying to be diligent. How could I resolve a problem effectively if I had to wait eight days to potentially start all over? My coverage had been cancelled and I wanted to make sure the new policy was in place Jan. 1.

    She chuckled and told me I could have appplied directly with BC/BS.

    I went on to explain I wanted to apply a tax incentive toward my premium. Another chuckle. (I decided to pass on making the observation that she was creating the impression the Blues was not interested in customers whose incomes were within 400% of the poverty level.) Next she said something to the effect of “Didn’t the exchange give you a confirmation number, or something”?

    “No, the web site said to write down my exchange account number that I already gave you.”

    “Oh. Well, call back after eight days.”

    Hello. I would have thought that since I was committing to send them checks just as large next year as the ones I had written this year (and for years going back) and they would get a substantial subsidy from Uncle Sam, they would be a little more willing to work with me.

    So, bottom line – at least if you live in Michigan – you still might be out of insurance and there is little, or nothing, you can do about it. Calling the insurance company did not ocnfirm anything and it certainly did not leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling. I feel as if I am stuck in another loop.

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