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    Pw, thanks for raising this issue, again? I agree that there is misogyny on the left as well as the right. The 2008 campaign, the Obama campaign, was abusive to Hillary Clinton and then to Sarah Palin. There seem to be a lot of lefty men around who still don’t get it. There are some [...]

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    “The spirit of the “Sixties” was killed at the ’68 Democratic convention and it was killed by the national Democrats led by the Democratic mayor Richard Daley and his police state mentality. It’s the same wing of the party that gave our generation Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama which wanted to pull the plug on the “hippie” movement for all the same reasons (i.e. MONEY and more money) that Emanuel and Obama (and Clinton… and yes, even Jimmy Carter) diss the left.”

    That’s how I remember it, too, that and the assassinations of MLK, JFK and RFK. And the students at Kent State. And my four brothers who at any time could have been eligible for the draft. And thousands of body-bags returning from VietNam.

    It was a time when peaceful political protest on campus (a la MLK, Ghandi, etc.) was countered by violent protest from the State, and the State won. They were the ones with the guns and power to arrest.

    And meanwhile, there was sex, drugs, rock and roll entertaining the free spirits in Woodstock and SF/Bay Area. Thanks so much for the help, btw.