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    Either Obama is a Republican or he’s in so far over his head that he’s drowning. I suspect the former. But, in either case, you’d have to work hard to convince me we’d be worse off with a Rethug at President. Obama is THAT BAD. And the fact that he has a “D” after his name is destroying the Democratic brand for generations.

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    I don’t see a problem unless Obama is re-elected. Not even any other Democratic President would have put up with this. Only Obama.

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    To be absolutely certain, we need to hear from Bill Kristol. If he says Obama’s going to be re-elected, I’ll know the Dems are toast. He’s never been right about anything. Kristol makes Erikson look like Edgar Cayce.

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    Nice spin. But Nancy will ensure that Dems cave “for the sake of the Presidency”. They always do. What Nancy would’ve said were she not going to deliver the necessary votes (if ANY are needed, since Rethugs have GOT to be beside themselves with how they rolled President Pushover)–”This is complete and utter bullshit and my people will not vote for it!” That’s what she should have said. She didn’t. She’ll deliver the votes.

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    If Obama had been President in the forties, we’d all be speaking German today. He won’t use the 14th.

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    If no one else steps up, I’m leaning toward Stewart Alexander, who should end up being both the Socialist and Green Presidential candidate for 2012. I don’t care if he’s viable or not. I’m done voting for evil–lesser or greater, evil is evil.

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    If only the cries of the people could penetrate the siren song of his corporate masters.

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    “Let them eat cake” has never ended well for their side. But I do sense a boat load of new jobs coming–in the guillotine building industry.

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    A smart President who cared about Democratic principles and the Big Three would simply invoke the 14th Amendment and be done with it. No need for your “rope-a-dope” apologist excuse making. That tells your supporters that you stand with them and your opponents that you won’t be blackmailed. No drama. Done. What move does the [...]

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  • As FDR argued about Social Security (and so it was with Medicare as well during LBJ’s presidency), it’s an insurance program; everybody pays in, everybody takes out. Once you begin means testing, it becomes a “welfare” program. And we all know how popular “welfare” programs are. Wait til your granny is plastered across the newspapers as a “welfare queen”. The right has long tried (and had some success) turning the word “entitlement” into a dirty word. But, as it is still an “everybody in” program, that’s a tough sell. Once they start means testing, calling it a welfare program, it’ll be gone within less than 10 years. With Democrats like Obama, it’ll be gone within 4.

  • So the Democrats–controlling the Senate and White House and having over two-thirds of the American people behind them–lose again. Myrtle the Turtle and Crybaby Cantor were national jokes for their stands just a day ago, but Obama gives them everything they wanted. All cuts, no tax increases. Unbelievable. You gotta hand it to these “Democrats”, there’s not a single principle they won’t sell out. I think, had Boehner demanded Obama’s children as part of the deal, Obama would have surrendered them without hesitation. I vote default.

    Remember when Waxman said that he talked to Rethugs and “to a person, they said the president’s going to cave”. Well, they were right. What’s most galling, though, is that the Dems will spin this as a victory and Obama’s only regret will be that he wasn’t able to end Social Security in the deal.

  • Blessed are the whistleblowers, for they bring us truth in a world consumed by liars.

    Give the man the Congressional Medal of Honor and let’s move on.

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    The deal was cut long ago–between Boehner and Obama during their golf outing. Nancy and Harry will do as they’re told. The rest is theater. In the end, I can pretty much guarantee that even supposed liberal champions like Sherrod Brown will vote for cuts to Medicare and Social Security if that’s what Obama wants them to do. They’re all frauds. The only principled individual left in Washington is Bernie Sanders. His is the only vote I’m relatively certain will be with the people. You might get lucky and have some bats#*t loon like Rand Paul get his filibuster on, but I doubt it. We’re screwed.

  • I live in North Carolina. MY vote actually matters because this is now a purple state (you saw how close it was here in ’08). Obama will not get my vote. Kay Hagan can only get it if there are NO cuts to the social safety net. I already informed her people that I am not fooled by the rotating villain strategy, nor by what descriptive words they choose (e.g. I know “reform” means cuts, I know “strengthening” means cuts). If cuts to the social safety net pass, regardless of how Kay votes, she’s dead to me. The whole party is. Forever and ever, amen.

  • I vote “all of the above”.

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    Actually, the answer is much simpler and more elegant. Instant Runoff Voting That way, no one could ever again be cowed with the lie that a vote for is a vote for . IRV is far more democratic than what we do now and would free people to actually vote for the candidates they want [...]

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    “rank and file fascist”

    Well said.

  • Right now, I’m leaning toward Stewart Alexander in the general. He should be the Socialist candidate and may well be leading the Green ticket as well. I’d like to hear more from him, but that’s where I’m leaning right now.

    But, yeah, the Democrats are a complete waste of time. The difference between the parties is that, with Democrats, seniors might be eating 9-Lives while, with Rethugs, they’ll be eating generic cat food.

  • Couldn’t agree more. Apparently–apologies to Abe–you can fool about 80% of any self-identifying group all the time. 80% of “conservatives” loved W., start to finish, and 80% of “liberals” will continue to worship Obama no matter what. Meanwhile, 20% of each group seems to care more about the actual policies (though from different perspectives) and those folks haven’t been happy with either Bush or Obama. I count myself among the liberal 20% (funny, I was considered a conservative Democrat back when Nixon was in office). Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

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