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  • Ruse, and a good one, punctuated with a impeccably choreographed announcement of the resignation of the
    director of the National Counterterrorism Center.

    Loosing continuity, big time, booga-booga!!

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    To antoine22: I was simply noting the obvious electoral questions and saving a few lines of editorial comment and dire predictions. To answer you question and expand my comment: If the GOP wins the presidency and holds onto the House, then a Dem majority in the Senate would be, theoretically, the only brake against rapid [...]

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    A Democratic “president obsessed with bipartisan-like process” translates into “a Democratic president acting like a Republican.” What is such a president to do? He will be defeated by an actual, card-carrying Republican. As we know, if the electorate is given the choice between Repub-lite and actual, rabid Rebup, the latter wins. Any doubts about this [...]

  • Isn’t the title “registrar” as opposed to “register”?

    So “the five targeted firms: Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and Ally Financial” are to pay FOUR times what they have offered or a total of 20 billion.

    BFD !!!

    For some of these blatant corporate criminals, their share of this “horrific penalty” is generally cancelled out by their most recent federal tax REFUND

    This does NOT, of course, begin to consider the additional billions they have received from “quantitative easing” a sort of mega-corporate welfare scam to award these monumental cretins for almost crashing the world’s economy with their toxic mix of hyper-greed and incompetence.

    These pillars of capitalism ARE the essence of the “something for nothing” attitude their media proxies relentlessly try to shift onto the middle class that is being destroyed by them.

    They are not doing much, either, for the private property rights they allege so vigorously to defend.

    The government shares equally in the massive crimes if it refuses to press criminal charges.

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    I propose a plausible mechanism for this phenomenon, if it exists.

    The radical-reich screams so loudly during the process of passage (through their corporate media propaganda network) that the populace simply concludes that the bill has passed.

  • I’ll become a member when you declare that your emphasis will be on the issues below and ONLY those issues.
    (They are difficult enough and cannot happen with dilution of attention and effort.)

    1) Constitutional amendment to strip corporations of a) personhood and b) the constitutional rights conferred to persons

    2) Public funding ONLY for every office down to, and including, mayor.

    3) Nationwide voting and vote counting with nothing more technologically advanced than pencil, paper and non-programmable, hand held calculator.

    4) Removal of our military from every one of our ~800 bases in ~120 FOREIGN countries.

    5) Abolition of tax-exempt status for religious institutions.

    When these issues come to pass, then, and only then, do we have any chance for survival of the system we can now only hollowly allege to have but still hypocritically beat the rest of the world over the head with, to wit I quote President Obumma: “we will not tolerate aggression across borders”

    I refer you to “Basic Statistics of US Imperialism”: