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    You know, the more I don’t watch this sitcom, the more every episode is like, “To the Moon, Mika!!” And Mika sez, “There’s just one thing that you’re overlooking, Joe: You’re going on a television show, a big television show. Millions of people are gonna be looking at you, and big money at stake. Why, you’re liable to get nervous and forget what you do know. Any person can do that.”

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    High Holidays from Colorado. We miss Timmeh Tebow.

    Like Hell.

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    Tebow shocks the nation today and no one notices. What? Tebow didn’t do anything? But anyway, Peyton Manning is now greater than Tebow in Denver. Which means Manning is the Second Coming greater, in fact, than Jebus AND the Beatles combined!

    OMG ItchyBrother, I had no idea of the sublimity that awaits one at Amazon. My life is now complete. I think it’s a good bet Cole Porter, Frank Sinatra, and ALL THREE freaking tenors weep when they think of the rawness of the talent exhibited on that album. And $63.59 is a bargain for the CD.

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    Andrew played stop, drop, and fibrillate wildly on a Brentwood sidewalk:

    Brutal, man. More, plz.

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    The relative obscurity of Mystery Achievement simply highlights the genius of that entire Pretenders album. I say relative obscurity based upon how the fat, bloated, drug-addled, viagra-fueled-Dominican-ho/boy-loving, turd called Rush Limbaugh monopolized a later Pretender’s song as the theme song for his worthless, reprehensible, immoral radio program. Believe me, you can trust me to report the truth. Because freedom.

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    Wow. TBogg nails Romney via an intervention to the cross of Panderer-in-Chief, presumptive. Awe-inspiring.

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    OT, somewhat, but worthy of snark.

    “Film dramaticizing bin Laden raid slated to air two days before November election”

    Read more:

    Looks like Ailes hired W as an editor. Is it too late to hire Breitcorpse on as well?

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    We’re all just TBogg’s bitchez here. Me, I like my Master’s discipline of contempt and derision. More, plz.

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    One simply does not walk into Oakland. One simply ignores their pitiful excuse for a JV high school team.

  • Broncs player Tbowed tonight during their outsourcing of Pittsburgh. The baby Jeebus was unavailable for comment. Also.

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    I don’t think Nordy gets out of the Cheetos aisle much. Actually, I think Jay knows what he writes and he’s writing stuff he is making up so it enters the media meme stream and becomes true despite demonstrable evidence to the contrary. It’s what good conservatives do.

    Speaking of gurly throwin. Tebow better watch his back, front, and sides–New Yorkers don’t take kindly to false gods.

  • About the whole, half our country is dependent on the government thing. I looked into that. Turns out, even zombies are dependent on the government. No, really. And as usual, FOX News was on it like drool on maggots Money quote from the government: “”People are so tuned into zombies,” he said. “People are really dialed in on zombies. The idea is we’re reaching an audience or a segment we’d never reach with typical messages.”

    And to think, we have Star Parker, fellatrix to the Kochs, to thank for warning America of the insidious threat to our amoral member. You go, girl!1!(;-$

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    Mars, bitchez!

  • Breitbart haz a journalgasm. Not bad for a stiffy.

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    I love the smell of yellow lemons people getting squeezed in the morning.

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    Is that Mindy’s real hair color? Something just like speaks to me maybe it’s not…

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    Oh crap. Sally Ride just passed. She had more nad and just plain human integrity than a bajillion x infinity and beyond of these a-hole crackers who get their testosterone buzz with make-believe shoot-em up.

    Flags at half-staff across America tomorrow, I hope.

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    I drove a UHaul out of Kansas 21 years ago from my hometown of Overland Park to points less topographically challenged to the west. I miss the big tornadoes and crickets at night. Once upon a time it was called Bleeding Kansas, when it suffered the consequences for wanting to be a free state not a slave state in 1861. Nicodemus, KS was settled by freed slaves and worth the trip to see it. Oh sad it has all turned out.

    Brownback washing feet? Not surprised. It happened to my Christian roommates when I was at KU. They literally washed each other’s footsies. I crawled ran away–the horrah. It’s just not something dudes do.

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    Birth control and Ayn Rand should, under no circumstances, ever be uttered or written in any sort of way that would presume usage of the former by the latter for said purpose.

    Cannot now be un-seen.

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    Baron Harkonnen stays up late at night imagining how many of his dittoheads actually believe the crap he shoots out of his pustules.

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